How To Use Ozone Generator In Your Home

Bring fresh air inside your home by using an ozone generator. Do you want to get rid of bad odors, bacteria, germs, and other pollutants from your home? Maybe you would want to invest in a quality ozone generator. We have gathered more information regarding ozone generators and how to use them at home.

To properly use an ozone generator in your home, there are three points that you need to remember:

  1. Take extra precautions by removing and/or covering interior items before turning on the generator.
  2. Regularly maintaining the machine, such as cleaning it, is necessary to keep the generator in good condition.
  3. Take note of all the possible dangers of using ozone generators to handle it safely.

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Ozone generators placed on the table in office room to cleaning and disinfection during corona-virus epidemic - How To Use Ozone Generator In Your Home

How does Ozone Generator Machine Work?

Ozone Gas Generator For Air Freshening And Kill Germicidal. Illustration show how to working Ozone Gas Generator by use high electric charge for kill Germicidal in air.

Ozone generators are essential for every home, office, or you can use them inside your car. It helps remove unwanted odors and other pollutants that may harm our health. You always want a clean environment right? 

It works on a certain principle called silent corona discharge. This is a process wherein the electrical discharge splits the oxygen molecules into thin air creating an individual atom. Later on, these atoms will join together with the other oxygen atoms forming the O3 ozone. 

As a result, the ozone generator machine disinfects indoor environments and removes all unnecessary viruses, germs, and bacteria. 

Unlike breathable oxygen in the air comprised of two oxygen atoms, the ozone has three. Moreover, the O3 molecular bond is highly reactive and unstable compared to the stable two oxygen atom bond. 

That is why the three molecular oxygen molecules present in the ozone detach and reattach to the chemical structure of different microorganisms to make them ineffective. 

Using Ozone Generators inside your Home 


If you ever wonder how long should you run the ozone machine generator, it depends on the type of disinfectant you will use. A mild ozone treatment could eliminate smoke, gas, and similar fumes or impurities. On the other hand, you need long hours of treatment to kill heavy smoke, mold, germs, and bacteria. 

Before you start operating the ozone generator, clean up and empty your room, including removing any live plants. Then run the generator for at least six hours in a small room. Alternatively, for the entire house, it takes up to 30 hours to operate the ozone generator. 

Ozone generators placed on the table in office room to cleaning and disinfection during corona-virus epidemic.

How long does it dissipate?

Before it dissolves back to oxygen, and if it has a higher concentration, the ozone will last in the air for at least four hours. On the other hand, lower levels can last one to two hours.

It is highly suggested to wait for four hours after you utilize the ozone generator before you return it to the area. This is after you have opened the door to ventilate the room. After that, you can safely go inside the disinfected room. The ozone scent will persist after a few days, even after the bad odor has gone.

It is safe to use an ozone generator machine with a timer. You can program it before you start operating, and it should switch off after the task has been completed. Otherwise, cover your nose and mouth before you enter the room to switch off the machine. 

What are the possible dangers of Ozone Generators?

ozone machine on white background. disinfection concept.

The ozone generator machine should be used with proper handling and safety precautions. Although it is safe to use in most industrial and medical fields, strict safety standards should be observed. When using at home, there are possible dangers that you should be aware of.

  1. Killing mold and bacteria requires very high output. Therefore, use it with caution. You should not use it all the time, especially in most residential areas.
  2. When we are exposed every day to ozone, we are at risk of respiratory diseases. Ozone has a characteristic that reacts with organic compounds, causing pollution and other bad elements from the air, and this is the same with organic matter inside our body causing several complications. This includes cough, asthma, chest pain, and other related respiratory infections.
  3. Ozone exposure has a serious effect on children and pets, too. As we inhale the ozone, it could attack our immune system and present us fighting infections. While we are exposed to the lower levels of ozone, we might not recover easily. Prolonged exposure can lead to severe complications and death.
  4. Apart from humans and pets, indoor plants can be affected, too. Ozone has a toxicity level that causes reddening, darkening, and total death of certain plants. Not just that, your furniture covers, plastics, wire coating, and all synthetic materials could still be at risk of deterioration due to ozone concentration.

Safe Ways to Utilize Ozone Generators at Home 

You need not worry about the possible dangers of the ozone machine as long as you know the right safety precautions. So now, let us move on to the safe ways in which ozone machines are to be used.

Well, the safe way is to use it in an unoccupied area. Make sure that there are no people, pets, or any objects in the house or inside the room before you start using the machine.

Hand with surgical gloves turning on ozone machine generator

Low levels of ozone 

In some cases, you can use the machine at low or safe levels. This includes the sanitizing process to get rid of bad odor or smoke. There are times that you can still use the space while the machine is in progress. However, you can’t do that anymore if the area requires a higher ozone concentration level for killing bacteria, mold, and the like.

Take all valuables

Not just remove, but take note to cover all the valuable items inside the room before turning on the generator. In this way, it keeps the machine safe and usable as it carries out the disinfection process.

Maintain it by regularly cleaning the machine every two to six months. Do not run the generator in a very humid environment. The moisture can destroy the machine.

How to Appropriately Use the Ozone Generator Machine? 

Are you wondering what to do if you choose to operate an ozone generator machine? In our previous discussion, we have recognized the potential hazards of an ozone machine and the safe way to utilize it. Additionally, you can:

Hire Professionals 

So, you know now that everything should be done the right way. In all circumstances, we advise hiring an expert and a cleaning firm that offers an ozone machine. Professionals are equipped with the machinery and training to correctly use these machines.

Get rid of dirt 

To get started, get rid of all the sources of dirt and clean as thoroughly as possible. It is good to use liquid cleansers to remove all unwanted stains and residue. You can also dust normally hidden surfaces.

All of this will help you improve the removal process of odors. You might find that ozone treatment is not that necessary as you complete your cleaning regime.

Can I rent an ozone generator?

If for example, you operate in a hotel with a restaurant, an ozone generator machine is a good investment. If you are a homeowner, it is better to rent than to own these machines. You would want to use it as needed and it will help you save money.

First-time ozone generator users

There are many types of ozone generator machines available on the market. So if you are a first-timer renter or buyer, make sure you are knowledgeable enough before you start operating it. You must follow directions carefully.

Close all windows and other sources of air that could enter the room or the area to be sanitized. Turn on the machine once you follow all the prescribed instructions. After that, leave the area and let the ozone machine do its job.

There are machines with timers, not all units have this feature. Allow the machine to switch off after the indicated time. Allow the machine to disperse the ozone before entering the room. This may take a few hours so please wait patiently.

In conclusion

Ozone machine generator inside the living room floor.

Ozone generator machines are safe in killing all the sources of bad odor, dirt, germs, bacteria, and other elements that could harm our respiratory system. This is a great investment for larger areas such as hotels, restaurants, and big offices.

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