How To Use The Battery Backup On My Gas Fireplace?

During winter, you may experience power outages that will not allow you to use your heating appliances. But modern gas fireplaces have a battery backup that you can operate without electricity. We've done research, and in this article, we'll help you understand how to use the battery backup of a gas fireplace.

If your gas fireplace has a battery backup, you should add the required batteries to the battery tray before activating it. Put the battery tray back into the access panel and close the furnace door. Then turn on the fireplace as usual. Remove the batteries once electricity is restored to your home.

Before using your fireplace, you should know what type of ignition system it has and the location of the battery tray. You also need to use the correct batteries for a reliable power supply. Continue reading to learn about the proper use of the battery pack and more important information.

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Why Is There A Battery Pack In A Gas Fireplace?

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As technology advances, heating appliances like a fireplace upgrade their features and functions. Traditionally, there has been no need to supply a gas fireplace with electricity because it has a standalone ignition system.

Although it can generate electricity, the heat generated from the fireplace is only minimal. Nowadays, there are modern gas fireplaces that need electricity to start the ignition. Electricity generates a spark to start the pilot flame.

However, there can be unexpected power outages during periods of cold weather, and it can be a hassle to try and heat your home. As a result, gas fireplaces now have battery backups in case the  electricity goes out .

You should only use the battery backup during a power outage. You cannot use the battery pack continuously as a power source, because it has a short lifespan. 

Types Of Pilot Ignition Systems For Gas Fireplaces

Before you use the batteries, you should first identify the ignition system of your gas fireplace. There are two types of ignition systems. Each type differs in its requirements for a battery backup. Keep reading to learn about the two types.

1.   Standing Pilot Ignition

If the gas fireplace has this system, it will not need electricity. It can generate light from the thermopile/thermocouple. This type of system has no connections with the home electrical system. So if there are power outages, you will have continuous heat from the fireplace. 

There can be times you need to light the pilot flame manually. You should connect the fireplace with batteries if you have trouble starting the ignition.  

2. Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI)

This ignition system requires electricity to create a spark every time you use it. It only lights up the pilot flame when you need it. The fireplace connects with the home electrical system to get its power supply. 

How To Use A Gas Fireplace With A Battery Pack


After you determine what type of ignition system your fireplace has, you can proceed to use the battery backup. You should check the product manual to know what type of batteries you need to use. You should access the battery tray first to insert the batteries. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the furnace door. Remove the access panel following the directions from the product manual.
  2. Find the location of the battery tray, which is normally underneath the furnace. When pulling the tray out, be careful not to tug the wires out. 
  3. Insert the required batteries into the tray.
  4. Then, return the battery tray. You will hear a beep indicating that the fireplace is ready to use.
  5. Return the access panel and close the furnace door.
  6. Turn on the fireplace as usual. You can either push the ON button on the fireplace or remote control. 

When the electricity comes back on, remove the batteries from the tray. Once you remove them, turn on the fireplace. 

What Type Of Batteries Do Gas Fireplaces Need?

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The type of battery required will depend on the fireplace model and manufacturer. You should refer to the product manual for the unit's specific battery needs. 

Most battery backups require four AA batteries. Others will require six AA or two D-cell batteries. Buy high-quality batteries from trusted brands to provide the necessary power for the fireplace. 

How Long Do Batteries Last In A Gas Fireplace

With regular use, the batteries will last around six months to one year. It depends on how long you use the batteries when there is no electricity. Creating a bigger and prolonged flame also reduces the life of the batteries. 

You should remove the batteries once the power is restored in order to prolong their life. If the batteries do not work, you should replace them often. You should can change them once a year. In addition, remove the batteries during the warmer months to extend their life.  

What To Do When The Battery Backup Is Not Working?

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You should check if you are using the battery pack properly. The incorrect placement of the battery on the terminals will keep the backup from working. 

The battery backup can also fail due to damage. The flow of electricity cannot pass through broken, pinched, or disconnected wires. You might have pulled or disconnected the wires of the battery tray.  

Another reason the battery backup might not work is the conditions around it. The temperature can be too hot for the unit and can cause the melting of small parts and wire connections. That is why removing the batteries is a must.

Fixing the damage might not be feasible for inexperienced owners. There are electrical connections involved that need technical knowledge. Let a professional check your fireplace's issues so they can provide the proper solution.

Can You Manually Light A Gas Fireplace?

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If there are issues and you need to use the fireplace, you can light up the fireplace manually. The process of manually lighting it will vary depending on the ignition system of the unit. Before trying any of the methods below, refer to the product manual. Read the steps for each process below.

Using A Fireplace Key

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the fireplace outer cover.
  2. The fireplace unit has a key that you insert into the gas valve knob.
  3. Prepare a long lighter before you turn the key.
  4. Put the head of the lighter on the burner and light it up.
  5. After lighting, turn the gas valve knob 1/2 counter-clockwise. 
  6. Return the outer cover of the fireplace. Adjust the fire by turning the knob. 

Using The Control Panel

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the control panel of the fireplace. For most models, it is behind the front screen.
  2. Turn the control knob to OFF for five minutes to clear out the gas. 
  3. Afterward, turn the control knob to the pilot position only when you are ready to ignite the light.
  4. Press and hold the center of the control knob down. Then hit the ignition switch until the light ignites.
  5. To keep the flame on, hold the control knob for 30 seconds.
  6. Once the pilot light ignites, turn the knob to ON.

Benefits Of A Battery-Powered Fireplace

Demand is growing for battery-powered fireplaces. Although the battery backup is temporary, it still helps during times of power outages. Listed below are some benefits:

  1. Battery-operated fireplaces are cheaper than traditional fireplaces. You also do not need a chimney as an exhaust because it does not discharge smoke.
  2. You will not worry about soot or ash overfill. There is no mess because the fireplace does not use an open flame.
  3. The fireplace is easy to use, and you have more time to relax. 
  4. Installation is also easy. You can install it yourself as long as you refer to the product manual. 

If you use the battery pack correctly, you can continue enjoying the benefits of the gas fireplace.

In Summary

Using the battery backup of a gas fireplace is easy. You need to access the battery tray and install the required batteries. Once you put them in the tray, there will be a beep. This sound tells you that the fireplace is ready to work.

Don't forget to return the access panel and close the furnace door before turning on the fireplace.

The backup helps generate electricity during power outages. When the electricity comes back on, you should remove the batteries. The life of the batteries is short, so you can preserve them for future use by removing them.

When troubleshooting the battery backup, always refer to the product manual. You can get comfort from battery-operated gas fireplaces if you know how to use and maintain the battery backup. 

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