Lennox Air Conditioner Tonnage: How To Find Yours Out

An air conditioner, like Lennox, is a nice way to cool down the room temperature. But how does this happen? What is a tonnage and how do you find it in a Lennox air conditioner? You don't have to worry. We've researched the answers for you.

You can identify the tonnage of a Lennox air conditioner by looking up the model number. You just need to be familiar with the format. The second cluster will tell you the tonnage by dividing it into the BTU per ton of AC. Refer to these steps below:

  1. Find the model number.
  2. Identify the second cluster.
  3. Divide the second cluster by 12. The answer should be tonnage.

Be ready, as you'll learn a lot from this article. We'll show you how to find the tonnage in your Lennox air conditioner. We'll elaborate on how tonnage works and its purpose in the cooling system. Of course, we'll talk more about related matters relating to Lennox air conditioners. Let's continue reading!

High efficiency modern AC-heater unit, energy save solution in front of brick wall, Lennox Air Conditioner Tonnage: How To Find Yours Out

How to Find Tonnage in Lennox Air Conditioners

Tonnage is a term that identifies the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. This is important to estimate how much tonnage an area needs. See below for the detailed steps on identifying the tonnage of a Lennox air conditioner.

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1. Find the Model Number

Regardless of brand, all air conditioners have a label and a unique model number. The format will differ by manufacturer. However, Lennox air conditioners have the same format.

You can find the model number abbreviated as "M/N" beside the rating plate or nameplate that is usually printed on sticker paper. Or else, the label should be anywhere on the external part of the air conditioning unit.

If the label is nowhere to be found, then it's possible that the unit is fake or unauthorized. Remember to check the legitimacy of the seller before you purchase the unit.

2. Identify the Second Cluster

The model numbers of Lennox air conditioners are separated by dashes. You just need to look at the second cluster from the left to identify its capacity. Let's look at an actual model number from Lennox below:

M/N: HS26-060-1P

The second cluster is 60, which indicates the cooling capacity of the unit. Now, let's proceed to compute the tonnage.

3. Calculate the Tonnage

The basic measurement of tonnage is the British Ton Unit, or BTU. The BTU measures how much heat energy is required to raise the water temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.

Let's take a look again at the sample model:

M/N: HS26-060-1P

The 60 in the model is short for 60,000 BTU. Based on the sample model, the capacity is simplified from 60,000 BTU to 60 just to fit in the format, since a single ton unit is equal to 12,000 BTU. That's why the formula for finding the tonnage based on model should be like this:

Tonnage = Capacity ÷ 12

Substituting the values, the equation will turn into this:

Tonnage = 60 ÷ 12

= 5

Answer: The Lennox air conditioning unit with model number HS26-60-1P has a tonnage of 5.

Now that we found out that the tonnage is 5, we can also compute the area a 5-ton unit can cover. A 1-ton unit can cover an area of 600 square feet, or 20 BTU per square foot. With this formula, we can find how much of an area a 5-ton unit can cover.

Area = Tonnage x 600

= 5 x 600

= 3,000 square feet.

Therefore, a 5-ton unit can cover or cool down an area of 3,000 square feet.

You may watch this video about finding the tonnage on a Lennox air conditioner:


What is RLA?

RLA, or Rated Load Amperage, is a number declared by the manufacturers to tell the rate of the AC's cooling capacity during operation. You can rely on RLA in case you're struggling to find the tonnage in your AC.

Do not confuse RLA with LRA, as they're completely different. LRA, or Locked Rotor Amperage, indicates the necessary number of amps when starting the AC. RLA is about five times higher than LRA. So,

to use RLA when finding the tonnage, you simply need to divide it by 5 or 6, depending on the manufacturer. Read the user's manual about dividing the RLA. The quotient will be the estimated tonnage.

What's the Essence of Tonnage?

The main purpose of tonnage is to have the correct size of AC unit in your area. This is to avoid consuming too much energy when the AC is oversized as well as prevent the AC motors from getting damaged when the AC is undersized.

You should measure the area and simply divide it by 600. That will tell you the tonnage you need. The equation looks like this:

Tonnage = Area ÷ 600

For instance, the area measures 2,470 square feet. The solution will be like this:

Tonnage = Area ÷ 600

= 2,470 ÷ 600

= 4.12

Therefore, the tonnage requirement to cover the area of 2,470 square feet is 4.12. However, there's no exact 4.12-ton unit. So, you can round it off to the next tonnage possible, which is 4. That's why you can use a 4-ton unit of an AC for such an area.

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How Much Refrigerant Does an Area Need?

You need 2-4 pounds of refrigerant in every ton of an AC. So, you can simply multiply the tonnage by 2 to get the minimum amount of refrigerant needed.

However, the refrigerant requirement will vary on the unit. Consult the manufacturer if you want an accurate amount of refrigerant. While this is necessary to get an exact figure, multiplying the tonnage by 2 can still give you a rough estimate.

Let's say the tonnage is 4. If we multiply 4 by 2, we'll get 8. Therefore, you need a minimum of eight pounds. Since the range is 2-4, we can multiply the tonnage by 4 to find the maximum. So, we'll have 4 by 4, which is 16. Overall, you need 8–16 lbs of refrigerant for a 4-ton unit.

Additionally, a 1-ton unit can cover an area of 600 square feet. So, to find the refrigerant in an area, we can multiply 4 by 600 and we'll get 2,400 square feet. Therefore, you need 8–16 lbs of refrigerant in an area of 2,400 square feet.

Does Lennox Offer a Warranty?

Yes, Lennox indeed offers a warranty. They have a 10-year extended warranty for qualifying parts. However, you should register your product within 60 days of purchase. The terms and conditions may vary.

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Ways to Extend AC's Lifespan

Extending your AC's lifespan is like taking care of a useful investment. We're sharing with you some ways you can do it to make your AC last longer.

Let it Rest

Do not overuse the AC. You should let it rest at least a few hours a day. Remember that the components, like the condenser fan, evaporator, and compressor, are all working silently to improve the temperature. Give them rest so they can be efficient again in the following days.

Also, resting your AC saves energy. You can lower your consumption and end up paying less than usual. You see your AC improves from time to time if you monitor its condition. 

Allow Proper Air Circulation

Having an AC in the room is not enough. You should allow proper air circulation by checking the vents. There should be no obstacles or even dirt on them. You can clean the vents at least once a month to give way to continuous airflow.

See this vent cleaner on Amazon.

Check for Leakages

You should check for leaks, like those from the hoses or vents. Sealing them will prolong the AC's effectiveness.

You would also want to check the refrigerant lines. Those are crucial parts of an AC. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need to consult a technician to repair the leak.

Change Filter

Air conditioner repair and maintenance and a man holds an air conditioner filter in his hands

Don't wait for the filter to be worn out and lose the efficiency of the AC.

It's important to change the filter not only for the AC but for your health as well. Worn out filters have reduced usefulness. See the steps below for changing the Lennox AC filter:

  1. Open the front panel and pull the filter.
  2. Insert the new filter.
  3. Change the filter every 90 days.

See this AC filter on Amazon.

You can watch a short clip here on changing the Lennox AC filter:



High efficiency modern AC-heater unit, energy save solution in front of brick wall

In this article, we've discussed how to find out the tonnage of a Lennox air conditioner by reading the second cluster of the model number.

We briefly explained what RLA is and defined the essence of tonnage. We provided some examples that helped us comprehend the tonnage better.

Also, we learned how much refrigerant an AC needs and if Lennox has a warranty. Always keep your AC in good condition to prolong its lifespan.

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