Lennox Vs. Bryant: Which AC To Choose?

Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? You may have already narrowed your choices to the two most regarded AC brands, Lennox and Bryant, but you are still determining which one to purchase. If you're looking for some guidance, you're in the right place because we've researched their pros and cons, and here's what we found.

Regardless of your chosen brand, Lennox and Bryant will give you the same quality performance, durability, reliability, and low repair cost. You only need to consider the most important features specific to the unit you purchase. For instance:

  • If you want a quieter AC, Bryant is known for its smooth and quiet operations.
  • If you're looking for an energy-efficient unit with a high SEER rating, Lennox would be the superior choice.

Air conditioners are a big purchase, and we understand the need to be sure about your investment. Read on as we help you make better and more informed purchasing decisions. Let's break down these two brands to see their best features.

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Choosing Between Lennox Or Bryant

Lennox and Bryant are reliable brands that many customers trust because both are pioneers in the heating and cooling industry. The differences are in their features because one edges the other over specific areas. For instance, regarding SEER rating, specific Lennox models can go as high as 28, while Bryant's most efficient is only 26.

A higher SEER rating means a more efficient cooling system. The average SEER for home air conditioners is 16. Considering both Lennox and Bryant are more than 20, both brands have efficient cooling systems. However, this still depends on the type of unit chosen.

One way to choose between a Lennox or a Bryant air conditioner is to compare their general features and services. Here's a quick comparison based on data from their websites and reviews.

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Lennox Air Conditioners

  1. Warranty - "Lennox Your Way" warranty varies on the product type, but generally, they give 5 to 10 years on covered components and compressor plus 20 years on the heat exchanger.
  2. Energy Efficiency - Lennox products have the Energy Star seal. Some of its products are included in the 2022 Energy Star Most Efficient list.
  3. Cost - Their website does not show prices because purchases are directed to their authorized dealers; however, Lennox products are slightly pricier than Bryant's.
  4. Sound Rating -  All Lennox products operate under 70 decibels, with the lowest decibels at around 59, depending on the AC unit.

Bryant Air Conditioners

  1. Warranty - Bryant's warranty gives 10 years standard parts limited warranty if you register within 90 days; otherwise, you get a 5 year warranty.
  2. Energy Efficiency - Products have the Energy Star seal; some of their latest products are listed in the 2022 Energy Star Most Efficient awards.
  3. Cost - No prices are shown on their website because purchases are directed to their authorized dealers. However, according to forum reviews, Bryant products are cheaper than Lennox.
  4. Sound Rating - Bryant air conditioners can go as low as 51 decibels.

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Are Bryant And Lennox The Same?

Lennox and Bryant are not the same, but both brands provide high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioner (HVAC) products. Both brands are pioneers in the HVAC industry.

Lennox is associated with Heatcraft Refrigeration because they purchased it in 1973. After that, they also acquired the Bohn, Larkin, Chandler, Climate Control, and Armstrong brands.

On the other hand, Bryant is operating under its parent company, Carrier Global Corporation, which is why many of its product lineups are similar to Carrier.


Lennox International Inc. is a company founded in 1895  by David Lennox. It started as a machine repair service for railroads but evolved into producing furnaces, eventually leading to numerous advancements in building HVAC  systems.


Bryant Heater Manufacturing was founded in 1904 by Charles Bryant in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was sold to Dresser Industries in 1934 and underwent numerous acquisitions and mergers until it was finally bought by Carrier in 1955. Today, Bryant is currently still operating under Carrier Global Corporation.

Is Lennox A Good AC Brand?

Lennox is a high-end brand famous for its energy-efficiency features. This brand is a good choice for those concerned about high energy bills due to prolonged use of air conditioners. If you live in a place with predominantly hot and humid weather and you will be using the unit often, Lennox is the practical choice.

Lennox has three tiers of air conditioners:

  • Dave Lennox Signature Collection
  • Elite Series
  • Merit Series

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection has high SEER ratings among its current units. The SL28XCV has a rating of 28, and the XC21 rating is 21. These are also the most expensive models because of their superior features, including the SilentComfort Technology that reduces operating noise. Lennox is not known for silent operations, so having this noise reduction feature is a significant improvement.

Elite Series

The Elite Series is a mid-range product with a SEER range of 15 to 20 and Comfort-enabled technology. The Merit Series is their more affordable line with a SEER rating of 13 to 17 and single-stage cooling. While still durable, reliable, and affordable, the Merit line is louder than others, operating at around 70 decibels.

Is the sound significant? Yes, because it directly affects the level of comfort inside the home. Additionally, some communities have noise ordinances, especially where houses are built close to each other.

Is Bryant A Good Brand Of Air Conditioner?

Bryant is a perfect brand for an air conditioner. It has the same high-quality standards as its parent company, Carrier, because its components and assembly are from the same source and manufacturer.

Consumers know Bryant to be the more affordable counterpart of Carrier products. However, it won't have the latest features that often come with the latest Carrier product line. Nevertheless, Bryant is still equal in durability and efficiency.

Bryant's latest models use inverter-driven compressors, making them highly energy-efficient and with noise levels as low as 51 decibels. It is an ideal choice for bedrooms, a baby's room, a library, a laboratory, a lecture room, or any place where low noise levels are necessary.

Bryant has three types of air conditioners:

  • Evolution System
  • Preferred Series
  • Legacy Line Central Air Conditioners

Evolution System

The Evolution System is their elite line, offering the highest efficiency and performance. Their most popular unit in this line is the Evolution Extreme 26 Variable Speed Air Conditioner.  It has a SEER of 26, variable speed, and a sound rating as low as 51 decibels.

Preferred Series

The Preferred Series offers a single or two-stage compressor type and a SEER rating of 14 to 17. Two-stage cooling means the compressor performs two levels of operations. The high setting is for hot days, and the low is for cooler days. Additionally, its sound rating is between 66 and 72, which is very far from the Evolution line.

Similarly, the Legacy Series has higher decibels, between 72 and 76, and delivers up to 16 SEER ratings. It is important to note, however, that some Legacy models are not allowed to be installed in some regions because of the minimum efficiency standard requirements of the Department of Energy.

How Long Does AC Last?

Both Bryant and Lennox air conditioners can last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance and sometimes with a few minor repairs down the road. It is essential to learn how to maintain AC units and troubleshoot them when encountering minor operational problems.

To help with standard AC troubleshooting, check out this article: "Lennox Air Conditioner Troubleshooting."

Both Lennox and Bryant have low repair costs. However, Lennox tends to be more expensive because its replacement parts need to be genuine Lennox products. Other generic features won't work on it. Both brands give up to 10 years of warranty on parts. However, the labor and service are not inclusive, and you may need to shell out several hundred for the service fee.

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In Conclusion

There is no need to overthink too much when deciding between a Lennox and a Bryant AC because their differences are minimal. The information we gathered shows that both brands are superior in performance, durability, and reliability.

We hope this article has helped you decide which AC unit to buy. For more information on brand comparisons, you may check out these other great articles:

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