Do LG Air Conditioners Use Freon?

It's good to relax in a room with an LG air conditioner. But have you ever wondered how it cools the air? Do LG air conditioners use Freon? If you were curious, we researched the answers to these questions.

Yes, LG air conditioning units use Freon for their cooling system. Refrigerant may be interchangeably called Freon, which is a trademarked company that produces R-22. However, because many manufacturers produce refrigerants, LG may use other products than Freon.

Throughout this article, you'll learn how air conditioners work to cool the air. We'll discuss if they use Freon, and cover what Freon is. We're ready to share with you some useful ideas. So, join us in reading!

Air conditioning unit mounted on a wall, Do LG Air Conditioners Use Freon?

Do LG Air Conditioners Use Freon?

Freon is a trademarked company famous for producing gas and liquid chemicals, including refrigerants. Most air conditioners use a refrigerant to enhance their cooling capacity. Thus, LG air conditioners use Freon. But this does not exempt LG from using other brands of refrigerants.

LG smart air conditioning unit

To explain it briefly, a refrigerant is a fluid that absorbs heat and converts it into cooler temperature. It circulates through the AC's cooling system, and helps produce a more comfortable environment.

The quality of a refrigerant is based on its environmental impact. That's why it's important to learn how refrigerants differ.

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Types of Refrigerants

We will cover the types of refrigerant used for LG and all other air conditioners in general. Keep in mind that refrigerant requirements may differ depending on the AC unit. See below to gain ideas on what might be best for your AC.


This refrigerant is probably the most widely used. It contains temperature enhancing chemicals like hydrogen, chloride, fluorine, and carbon. However, there are many claims that say R-22 is harmful to nature. So, manufacturers phased out R-22 and banned it from various parts of the U.S.

If you used R-22 before, consult a technician to see if you can switch to another type of refrigerant. A sudden change may cause motor malfunctions.


 R-410a is thought to be a safer type of refrigerant with a higher cooling capacity than R-22. It has the same chemical composition as R-22, except the chlorine is removed. Also, R-410a is energy efficient. It improves the performance of AC motors and lessens the risk of overheating.


R-32 is one of the newest refrigerants. It's considered to have lower emissions of greenhouse gases. The GWP, or Global Warming Potential, refers to the rate of how harmful gas emissions are to the atmosphere.

The R-32 got a very low rate of GWP. That's why manufacturers are working hard to improve their refrigerants and achieve a low GWP rating.

However, this does not mean that all other refrigerants are not okay to use. The refrigerant used will depend on the cooling capacity of an AC unit.


This could be the future of refrigerants. R-454B was first developed in 2018 and is still currently under development. It is a non-ozone depleting substance, so it is a gas emission that cannot harm the ozone layer.

Since R-454B is a developing product, wait for the manufacturer to make it available in your area. However, there are still ongoing studies on R-424B.

Hvac specialist refilling freon on the air conditioning unit

Do LG Air Conditioners Need Water?

There is a base pan that can hold a half an inch of water that comes from the condenser. This water helps improve the air temperature, yet you don't have to add water to the base pan.

Can You Change the Refrigerant Type?

You can change the refrigerant type if you assess the condition of an AC. See below for things to consider when changing the refrigerant.

stockpile of refrigerant tanks


Safety for refrigerants refers to its packaging, transportation, installation, and storage. Be critical when choosing a refrigerant, from its tank to its chemical components. The tank should be sealed and new.

Check if it has flammable contents, so you can prepare a cool, dry place for the tank. Also, review the GWP rating and heat capacity.

Setting the air conditioning unit level

Energy Efficiency

Make sure the refrigerant is not wasting too much energy. Inspect its compatibility with the AC motors because they affect electricity consumption.

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If the refrigerant is taking terribly long to cool down the temperature, it's most likely wasting energy. Try using refrigerant for the AC for three hours, then see if the room becomes cooler by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the refrigerant is energy inefficient.

Also, check how long the refrigerant will circulate throughout the AC. Let's say you refilled the refrigerant today. Count the days from the first refill to the next refill. If it seems that the air is becoming hotter, it's a sign to refill the refrigerant.


Worker refilling freon to the air conditioning unit

You want to get a high-quality refrigerant at a low cost. See if the purchase price is reasonable for its type and quality.

The cost of a refrigerant refill or replacement ranges from $100 to $350 on average, depending on the type, location, and labor cost.

The price may be higher if there's a need to repair something in your AC. Also, the refrigerant may go to waste if the AC has an issue.

How Much Refrigerant Does an AC Need?

Technicians toolbox on top of a Carrier ac unit

For every ton of cooling capacity for an AC unit, 2-4 pounds of refrigerant are required. Ideally, you can fill the refrigerant tank up to 80% only.

For instance, you can fill a 50-pound tank with 38 lbs of refrigerant. This is to ensure the quality of the refrigerant is contained properly.

Types of Air Conditioners

Mini split ac unit for the living room

Since we're discussing types of refrigerants, it's important to understand different air conditioner types, whether generic or branded. See these common types below.

Split AC

Mini split AC inside the bedroom

A split AC has two separate units: condensing and handling. The condensing unit is usually installed outdoors, while the handling unit is inside the room. These two units are connected by a refrigerant line.

Modern split AC units are quieter in comparison to other types. They're good for heating, filtering, and dehumidifying functions.

Wall-Mounted AC

Window air conditioning unit

Wall-mounted AC units are common in working offices. These are physically mounted on walls with a steel bracket. Unlike the split type, wall-mounted units save a lot of space with little to no wires visibly exposed.

Keep in mind that you should mount it at least 7-8 feet above the ground.

Window AC

Refilling refrigerant to the air conditioning unit

A window AC is convenient to install from one window to another. The condenser fan that releases the hot air is at the back of a window AC. So, it's a two-faced unit that you can place between your room and the outside space.

However, ensure to seal its edges to prevent insects or rain from entering the room.

Signs Your AC Needs a Refrigerant Refill

Now that you're familiar with AC and refrigerant types, it's best to know when your AC unit needs a refrigerant refill. Refer to the signs below.

Feeling the air conditioner air blow

Constant Air Temperature

If the air is constantly hot, it might be a sign that your unit doesn't have enough refrigerant. Also, hot air may be present because of a contaminated air conditioner, which reduces cooling capabilities.

Visible Ice

If you see ice inside the unit, it's because of accumulated moisture. The evaporator will be too cold, freezing any remaining moisture. The absence of refrigerant will cause the AC to lose control over temperature.

How to Refill Refrigerant

Refilling refrigerant is easy. You should learn how to do it yourself in case a technician cannot come quickly, especially in extremely hot weather. However, it's best to seek an expert's advice.

Prepare these tools below:

Gloves and a Mask

Remember that direct contact with the refrigerant is dangerous. So, wear some protection.

See this safety maks on Amazon.

Refrigerant Tank

Make sure the refrigerant tank is in good condition. The tank should be undamaged.

Refrigerant Gauges

These are pressure gauges to estimate the amount of refrigerant in an AC. Measure and use the correct amount needed.

See this refrigerant gauge on Amazon.

Leak Detector

You need a leak detector to ensure that the refrigerant does not get wasted. If your AC unit has a refrigerant leak, contact a professional for assistance.

See this refrigerant leak detector on Amazon.

You can now continue to the next steps if the tools are ready:

  1. Turn the AC off at the breaker and thermostat. This is to restart the cooling system.
  2. After a few minutes, turn the AC on again. Wait for at least 15 minutes to stabilize the AC.
  3. Open the refrigerant tank by twisting the canister and attach the yellow hose. Attach the blue hose to the AC.
  4. Open the blue valve and watch until it reaches the recommended temperature on the outdoor unit plate.
  5. Close the valve and detach the hoses.
  6. Use a leak detector before you leave the AC.


Air conditioning unit mounted on a wall

We've learned that LG air conditioners use refrigerant. That's why we reviewed different refrigerants and explained why they're important.

Also, we've discussed changing a refrigerant type and signs that you need a refrigerant refill.

And last, we've provided steps for refilling refrigerant. Remember, it's important to assess your AC's condition to know the best refrigerant to use.

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