LG Mini Split Vs Mitsubishi: Which To Choose?

LG and Mitsubishi are well-known brands that manufacture air conditioners. You may want to get a mini split AC but are wondering which to choose. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Mitsubishi and LG Mini Split are both excellent choices for HVAC systems. But the Mitsubishi mini split has an edge over the LG. It offers a more extended warranty period.  

However, your choice should be based on the brand that best meets your needs. Keep reading to get detailed information about the Mitsubishi and LG mini split.

Comparison of LG and Mitsubishi Mini Split, LG Mini Split Vs Mitsubishi: Which To Choose?

Which Is Best LG Mini Split Or Mitsubishi?

Choosing the better mini split between LG and Mitsubishi will come from a complete evaluation of the perks and benefits both offer and weighing them alongside each other to see which trumps the other. 

Below are the differences between Mitsubishi and LG mini split based on cost efficiency, air quality, noise level, warranty, and cost efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

An LG smart inverter mounted on the stone wall of a house

LG mini split is one of the most affordable AC units available. Mitsubishi mini split is also cost-efficient; you can spend a little on maintenance.

LG mini split will cost about $2,590 to $4,135 to buy and install. This price may vary depending on the size and the location the product is purchased.

The Mitsubishi mini split will cost about $3,500 to $4,500 for purchase and installation. The prices may be lower or higher depending on the unit size.

Air Quality

LG ductless mini split emits good air. It has a component that prevents unwanted particles in the air from circulating in your home.

Mitsubishi ductless mini split has an air purifier with a natural air effect. It filters out dust, dirt, and odors to avoid viruses and bacteria entering your home.

Noise Level

LG mini split has a noise level of about 39 decibels, slightly louder than a whisper. Mitsubishi has a noise level of about 32 decibels.


 LG mini split has a 5–7 year warranty after purchase. Mitsubishi mini split has a 12-year contract after purchase. Most companies cover faults and component defects that usually occur without misuse.

How Long Can LG Mini Split And Mitsubishi Last?

Mitsubishi air conditioning unit mounted on metal brackets, How To Clean Mitsubishi Air Conditioner [Inc. Outside Unit]

LG and Mitsubishi mini split can last for 10 to 20 years, depending on how frequently it is used and how it is maintained. But, Mitsubishi mini splits are known to have a greater lifespan than LG.

Here are things you can do to prolong the life of your mini split air conditioner:

Clean The Outside Of Your Unit

To prolong the life of your mini split, you should clean its various components. After cleaning your unit's filter, pipes, and condenser coils, cleaning the outside of the system is essential.

If the outer part is blanketed with dust or other debris, particles may enter the system and damage some components.

Clean Or Replace Air Filters

Mini-split HVAC systems depend on air circulation all over their indoor and outdoor components to function well. So, cleaning or replacing the system's filters regularly is essential to help airflow within the unit.

The system may fail to function correctly if the filters are covered in dust and dirt due to a lack of cleaning. This may lead to an increase in electricity bills. Also, the system may get damaged, shortening its lifespan.

A dirty filter reduces the air quality of your home since the system cannot get rid of pollutants, mold, and toxins.

To clean your air filters, you must remove them from your unit's interior. Then, carefully clean them using a clean cloth. After cleaning and ensuring the filter is dirt-free, you can return it to the unit.

If you find it challenging to do the cleaning or notice that the filter is already damaged, it is advisable to get a replacement. This cleaning should be carried out at least once every month.

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Clean The Pipes

You can also prolong the life of your mini-split by clearing the pipes. The pipes inside a mini-split system serve as a path between the inside and outside of the system. They are essential as they emit cold and hot air throughout a room.

If the pipes are not properly maintained, dust and other particles may build up on them, blocking the temperature-controlled air from circulating in a room.

Which Model Of LG Mini Split And Mitsubishi Is Best?

The best model for the LG mini split is the Prestige HYV1 Series. This mini-split is considered the most efficient among all the mini-splits produced by LG. It is a wall-mounted unit that offers a good cooling and heating experience.

The best model for the Mitsubishi mini-split is the five-zone mini-split. This mini split lets you choose all five indoor zones. With this mini split, you can decide the unique capacity that your room size requires.

Do Mini-Splits Work In Cold Weather?

A disassembled mini split AC unit

Mini-split heat pumps can function in cold weather. But they work well only if a gas furnace or electrical resistance coils, which are heat sources, have been utilized.

Even when it is very cold, the air still has some heat. Circulating refrigerant can capture heat in the cold air with Mitsubishi's cold climate mini-split heat pump technology.

This brand has initiated an advancement called Flash Injection Circuit to ensure this process can function in cold weather.

Almost all mini splits have the ability to maintain operation at a low temperature of about 5 °F (-15 °C). But when the temperature reduces below 47 °F (8 °C), they rapidly lose their heating capacity.

Who Makes LG Mini Split And Mitsubishi?

LG Electronics, Inc. manufactures LG mini splits. The product is distributed to several parts of the world's market. South Korea is where LG has its major company. 

Mitsubishi mini splits are made by METUS, which stands for Mitsubishi Electric Trane US. This corporation manufactures mini-split units of different sizes, types, and models.

Mitsubishi mini split has been around since 1950. In 1959, the first batch was sold. LG mini split, on the other hand, has been around for over 50 years. 

Are LG Mini Splits And Mitsubishi Pre-charged?

Most ductless mini splits, including the ones produced by LG and Mitsubishi, come pre-charged. But some mini splits, like the one of 12k, don't usually come pre-charged.

So, they need to be appropriately vacuumed and charged.

Generally, all line sets will need recharging. Not minding if that happens in the factory or when the technician is installing brands like Mitsubishi or LG.

Are There Different Sizes Of Mini Splits?

Mini split type ac in living room, How To Clean A Mitsubishi Mini Split [ A Step-By-Step Guide]

There are different sizes of mini splits available in the electronics market. This is because room size varies, and one size won't complement various room sizes.

Some sizes of mini split may be too big or too small for some rooms, releasing too high or too low a temperature.

So, mini splits are made in different sizes to fit or go with varying room lengths for better and more effective utilization.

Are LG Mini Split And Mitsubishi Reliable?

In terms of reliability, both the LG mini split and the Mitsubishi mini split are reliable. They both have unique qualities that users prefer.

They also come with air filters that offer the circulation of respiratory-friendly air in your home. Also, they don't make a lot of noise when running. They are affordable and durable.

Mitsubishi mini splits may be cheaper than LG, but they are also cost-efficient to help you save money.

Additionally, they are recognized as one of the high-ranking mini split brands as they offer their users good air quality. They come with a 12-year warranty, which is also a high proof of reliability.

To Wrap Up

A comparison of LG and Mitsubishi Mini Split, LG Mini Split Vs Mitsubishi: Which To Choose?

Choosing a mini-split unit between the LG and Mitsubishi brands may seem difficult as they both do their primary work: cooling and heating. However, it would be best if you made a choice depending on your needs.

Regular maintenance needs to be performed for your mini-split system to last longer.

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