Mr. Cool Follow Me Not Working – Why And What To Do?

The Follow Me feature on a Mr. Cool air conditioner can provide you with the utmost comfort by maintaining consistency in temperature. If the feature isn't working and you want to know how to fix it, you are on the right page! We researched this issue, and here's what we found.

If the Mr. Cool "Follow Me" feature is not working, it is probably due to an obstruction between the remote control and the air conditioner. Since this feature requires the remote to constantly communicate to the unit, you should remove anything blocking the remote control from the air conditioner. 

Remember that the remote should be within the air conditioner's line of sight. This can be frustrating, but there are ways to still maximize this function despite its limitation. Let's discuss each of them.

An air conditioning unit mounted on a white wall, Mr. Cool Follow Me Not Working - Why And What To Do?

Remove Obstructions

Mr. Cool's "Follow Me" feature gives so much ease in setting up a uniform room temperature, but it also comes with a limitation.

Aside from acting as the thermostat, the Mr. Cool remote control also communicates to the air conditioner. It signals the unit to work on maintaining the temperature where the remote control is located.

Changing the mini split air conditioning unit temperature using a remote

This communication is made possible through their built-in sensors. The room should be free from any objects that restrict the unit from receiving signals from the remote control.

Remove any obstruction such as dividers or partition walls, as these may bar the communication between the remote control and the air conditioner. 

Install Remote At High Location

An air conditioning remote hanged on the wall

You may think that it's a good idea to carry the remote around with you so that, wherever you are, you can still get that same coolness you set on your air conditioner.

But in many cases, people forget about the remote control and place it somewhere that's out of the unit's line of sight, such as under the couch or beneath throw pillows. 

Instead of holding the remote all the time, you can install a remote holder in areas you think are hotter or cooler than the temperature you require.

Install the remote holder at a high position within the unit's line of sight, without any obstructions.

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Replace The Remote Control's Batteries

Changing the battery of the air conditioning remote

Sometimes the remote is unable to communicate to the unit even when there are no objects in between them. This is commonly caused by faulty batteries.

It's a good idea to replace the batteries of the remote control at least every 6 months or as needed.

To do this, slide down the battery cover at the back of the remote and remove the old batteries. Then, insert the new batteries.

Make sure that the (+) and (-) are placed correctly. Put the cover back on.

To test if the remote is properly working, there should be an answering beep from the air conditioner every time you use the remote. Also, the transmission indicator light should illuminate.

Note that removing the batteries from the remote will also erase all the current programming.

Reset The Unit

If the "Follow Me" feature is still not working, try resetting your air conditioner.

To reset the unit, do the following:

Turn Off the Unit

Before doing any troubleshooting, including resetting your Mr. Cool air conditioner, make sure the unit is off. Turn it off using the thermostat.

Disconnect The Unit From The Power Source off a section of the house electricity on the circuit breaker

After you have turned off the unit, find your home's breaker box. If this is your first time accessing the breaker box, it is usually a plastic or metal box and may be installed in the garage or basement.

Once you have located the box, flip the switch designated for your air conditioning system from on to off. Then wait for at least a minute before switching it back on.

Turn The Unit Back On

After 30 minutes, you may now turn your air conditioner back on using the thermostat. The unit should be fully reset.

Check The Settings

The resetting may have cleared all the previous temperature settings in your air conditioner unit, so you may have to set it again to your preference. This should take only a couple of minutes.

You have already exhausted all the tips to get that "Follow Me" feature working. If it is still a problem, you should contact a licensed HVAC technician to diagnose the issue and perform troubleshooting.

In the meantime, you may want to find the root cause of your house's uneven temperature. If you can address this issue , you may find that the "Follow Me" feature is unnecessary. This can solve the problem for good! 

Common Reasons Of Uneven Temperature

Blocked Vents And Registers

Blocked vents and  registers restrict your house's airflow, leaving the house with cold or warm spots.

To be able to get optimal airflow, remove anything that may block the vents, such as furniture and decorative objects.

Also, vacuum the vents regularly, as hair and dust can accumulate on them and hinder the distribution of air inside your house.

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Dirty Filters

Washing an air conditioning filter using a power sprayer

Cleaning the filter is basic when it comes to HVAC maintenance. It is a simple thing to do but also very easy to forget.

Make sure to schedule a cleaning or replacement of your air conditioner's filter at least every 3 months, as dirt may build up and block the airflow. It can eventually cause your house to be drafty.

Incorrect Air Conditioner Size

A white mini split air conditioning unit mounted on a wall

The size of your air conditioner should be appropriate for the area it is intended for. If your air conditioner unit is too small for your house, it will leave other spots in your house warmer or colder.

Ductwork Leaks

Ductwork leaks are also common culprits in an uneven temperature situation. To check for leaks, turn your air conditioner on, then place your hand against the duct, especially at the joint sections.

If you feel air coming out, then the connection is loose. Schedule ductwork maintenance and have all leaks sealed.

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Why Is My Mr. Cool Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Another reason for an uneven temperature in your home is when your air conditioner is not cooling enough, causing some parts of your house to be warmer. 

If your Mr. Cool air conditioner is not cooling, you may want to check when your last maintenance was. Sometimes the air conditioner just needs some cleaning and part replacement.

Also, check the outdoor components such as the vents and make sure nothing is obstructing the airflow.

Why Does My Mr. Cool Keep Freezing Up?

A dirty mini split air conditioning unit

A frozen air conditioner is another reason why only the areas near the unit may be cooling while the other areas are warm.

Just like any other air conditioner, the most common reason for a frozen Mr. Cool air conditioner is a restricted airflow.

To fix this problem, you have to make sure that the unit is totally shut off and let the ice melt naturally. Then remove all obstructions around the condenser, air handler, and inside the duct.

Next, change the filter and make sure that the coils are not dirty. Once everything looks good and the ice is melted, turn the unit back on.

If this does not solve the problem, it's best to call for a licensed technician to check on your air conditioning unit and have the problem diagnosed accordingly.

In Closing

An air conditioning unit mounted on a white wall

Make sure to follow the tips mentioned in this post for troubleshooting when your Mr. Cool Follow Me feature isn't working. 

The feature can help you maintain a perfectly warm home during a cold January and a cool home come summer.

Remember that it is also important to address the root causes of your home's uneven temperature. You may be able to get rid of the need to bring the remote control wherever you want to lounge! 

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