Mr Heater Vs Reznor: Which Heater To Choose?

Mr. Heater and Reznor are both well-known heater brands that have been around for a long time. When choosing a heater, it is best to go with the one that promises good quality and performance. But it can be tricky to decide which of the two brands is actually good for you. In this article, we have researched and collected all the information you need about the brands.

Reznor is the better choice if you’re looking solely at the quality of the product. The brand is a leader in the heating industry and garners many positive reviews from contractors and homeowners alike. But if your budget is limited, Mr. Heater comes at half the price of Reznor. This brand is the more popular brand of the two because of its affordability and availability.

Choosing the correct brand for yourself should not only be based on which brand is popular with the consumers. Looking at the characteristics that each brand offers is the best way to find what fits your need the best. Read on as we discuss all the details that can help you decide which brand will work best in your favor.

A collaged photo of a garage heater, Mr Heater Vs Reznor: Which Heater To Choose?

What Are The Similarities Of Mr. Heater and Reznor?

Both heater brands have been around for decades and are trusted to provide top-quality heaters for the market. Despite this, there are not many similarities between the two brands and each has its own selling point. When comparing each of their products that are considered to be contenders, the only similarity of Mr. Heater's Big Maxx and Reznor's UDAP series is that both come with a conversion kit from natural gas to liquid propane. 

A collaged photo of a garage heater, Mr Heater Vs Reznor: Which Heater To Choose?

And while the user reviews differ between each brand, both provide excellent customer service. Mr. Heater's website has a dedicated page on their product recalls and provides quick assistance to their customers who need product replacements.

What's The Difference Between Mr. Heater And Reznor?

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Mr. Heater and Reznor have a number of differences in their products. Below are the qualities you must look for when searching for a heater to purchase. Let's discuss both brands' attributes in each of these aspects.

Brand Reputation

Both Mr. Heater and Reznor are customer favorites but Reznor is more preferred by contractors and homeowners due to their product's good quality and their heater's professional design. A lot of Mr. Heater reviews include customer complaints about control board failures, issues with the heater's fan board, and problems with the ignitor. These are the result of the brand cutting some corners in production to meet their product's affordable price. 

Safety Features

Mr. Heater Big Maxx comes with a fully enclosed direct drive fan and Reznor's UDAP series has a finger-proof guard feature enclosing the large fan on the back of the heater for safety measures. Reznor also has a safety shutoff switch that will automatically cut off the gas supply if it overheats.

Product Lifespan

While there is no guarantee how long a heater would last, a Mr. Heater can last an average of 3-5 years according to the brand's users. This result varies depending on how often the heater is used, and the frequency of the unit's maintenance.

On the other hand, Reznor guarantees high-quality heaters that are meant to be durable and some users claim that their heaters lasted for more years than the brand competitor with no issue. Reznor matches their confidence with their product by offering one of the best warranties in the industry.

Warranty Coverage

Mr. Heater offers a 1-year limited warranty, excluding their line of unit heaters which has a 3-year warranty.  These limited warranties mean that they offer part/product replacement but do not include installation and any other service. It is possible for them not to cover your unit with a warranty if they deem that the issue is reasonable wear and tear, or if it is due to the owner's improper care. 

To claim Reznor's warranty, no product registration is needed and all you need is the unit's serial number. Their UDAP/UDAS models have a warranty of 10 years for the heat exchangers and 5 years for part replacement. Similar to Mr. Heater, Reznor does not cover any costs procured during the installation or any other service required. 

What Should I Look For When Purchasing A Heater?

A yellow portable heater inside a garage

Find Out The Appropriate BTU For Your Space

When choosing the best heater for your space, knowing its specifications is important when deciding how much BTU you would need. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it represents the amount of energy you need to heat up a certain size area. For example, a 3-car garage or a 32 x 22 feet workspace would benefit well from a 50,000 BTU heater. 

Pick A Heater With A Lower Noise Level

Generally, electric heaters are silent compared to natural gas or liquid propane heaters. Mounted heaters facing the edge or corner of a room tend to produce more noise than if it is pointed toward the center of the room. This is because the closer it is to the wall, the more echo it will produce. 

A white garage heater hanged inside the garage heater

Make sure that the heater you choose is suitable for the purpose of the space you'll install a heater in. For example, a personal workspace such as an office or a reading nook will suffer the disadvantage of a noisy heater. On the other hand, a car garage or a simple storage room will definitely not require a quiet atmosphere. 

Choose The Correct Size Of Heater For Your Space

The size of your heater is important because the wrong size can cost you higher utility bills than a right-sized one. If you choose to save on money and buy a 25,000 BTU heater for a space that requires 50,000 BTU, chances are not only will the heater fail to heat the room properly, but it will also use more energy, and in turn, will cost you more money in the end. 

What Size Of Heater Should I Purchase?

A heater that is not the correct size tends to work more, which can decrease the expected lifespan of the heater. Choose the right size of heater for your room to save on repair and parts replacement in the future. 

What Do I Find Out The Correct BTU For My Space?

For spaces such as a large garage or a workspace, a heater with 50,000 BTU is recommended. Smaller rooms such as a bathroom or a bedroom will require much less. Heaters designed specifically for small spaces are usually slimmer and more compact than their heavy-duty counterparts.

Below is a list of average room sizes and the appropriate BTU.

  • Family Bathroom (43 sq. ft.) = 1,890 BTU
  • Living Room (340 sq. ft.) = 7,465 BTU
  • Double Bedroom (120 sq. ft.) = 4,666 BTU
  • Small Garage (200 sq.ft.) = 10,500 BTU
  • 1-car Garage (240 sq. ft.) = 13, 000 BTU
  • 2-car Garage (320 sq. ft.) = 18,800 BTU
  • 4-car Garage/Basement (720 sq. ft.) = 38,200 BTU

Be advised that there are other factors to consider when calculating the appropriate BTU for your space. Your climate area, ceiling height, and level of room insulation should also be taken into account because all of these aspects influence the amount of BTU that your space would actually require. Online BTU calculators are helpful for finding out the correct temperature fit for your specific needs.

Can I Install A Heater Myself?

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For industrial-sized units, paying a professional to install them for you is the safest option. However, most units built for home use are ready to be installed upon purchase and these products come with a manual and a guide that will provide you with instructions on how to do it. 

To Wrap Up

A collaged photo of a garage heater

Mr. Heater and Reznor both have their pros and cons and it's ultimately up to the specific needs of the buyer in order to decide which heater brand is the best fit for them. We have discussed what makes a good heater, and what, no matter the brand, is suitable for what your space demands. A lot of aspects are involved when deciding which type of heater to choose, so it's best to deliberate carefully so that your purchase will be worth it. 

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