Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Not Responding To Remote – Why? What To Do?

The Mr. Slim air conditioner became a game changer because it is versatile and uses a remote as it warms and cools your living space. But it can refuse to respond to the remote like any other air conditioner. So we consulted experts and found answers to help you out.

The most common problem causing Mr. Slim AC not to respond to the remote control could be either; the remote being faulty or the air conditioner malfunctioning.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to resolve both issues and get your air conditioner working in no time. Therefore, keep on reading.

Why Mr. Slim's Remote Isn't Working And What To Do

Lowering and Turning Off Air Conditioning to Conserve Eletricity Energy

The Mr. Slim series has both ducted and ductless air conditioners. They consume less energy, have minimal noise, and are compacted with multi/single heat pump units.

To find out why Mr. Slim AC is not responding to the remote control, you should troubleshoot the problem by:

Checking The Operating Distance

It would be best if you had a direct path from the remote sensor to the sensor on the unit's interface for it to function. The unit might not respond to the remote control if this path is too long.

You should get closer to the unit and press the remote control. If the indoor unit responds, use it at this distance and angle.

Low Batteries

Dead or faulty batteries could also lead to the remote control not working. If the batteries are the problem, they will need to be changed.

To ">change them, slide the remote control down to uncover the other buttons and the remote control batteries from the split system. Pull harder when it stops to slide the plate fully, and there will be a visible battery hole that nests the batteries.

Replace the batteries and look for rust on the metal components. Go through the user guide once more to confirm that you are utilizing the proper batteries. Moreso, check the remote control to verify that you have put them correctly.

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Sensor Issues

A young woman confused that air conditioning is broken

If you are sure the remote control has good batteries, then it's time to check the sensor. Mr. Slim's remote control transmits messages of infrared light. Although infrared light is invisible to the human eye, it can sometimes be seen with smartphones, camcorders, or digital cameras.

When you push a button on your remote control, a light should appear on your device's lens, screen, or camera/camcorder. It means the remote is sending the proper IR signal.

Failure to notice the light means you could be utilizing a smartphone or an iPhone that blocks IR signals. Replace the remote control if the light remains on even when no one is pressing the buttons. However, use the same model remote to replace it.    

Occasionally, examine the sensors because they may not be able to detect the remote control signal if there is dirt or filth on them. Another frequent cause of sensor remote control damage is moisture. It may malfunction if exposed to liquids such as spilled drinks or other beverages.

Why Is My Mr. Slim AC Not Working? What To Do?

If you have checked the remote and ensured it is functioning as it should, it is time to inspect the air conditioner for any malfunction! Experts recommend resetting the air conditioner to troubleshoot any issues.

However, if the AC doesn't work even after resetting, the scenario on the air conditioner could be:

Lack Of Electricity

Mitsubishi air conditioners can stop working if there is a problem with your home's electrical supply. You can check other large appliances around the house, like the washing machine, refrigerator, or microwave, before assuming it's an issue with your air conditioning unit.

Surges of power cause the air conditioner to go into a self-preservation mode. Ensure you have a proper power supply to your indoor unit and that the switch is not flipping.

Condenser Freezing

If your Mitsubishi air conditioner isn't performing correctly, the condenser may freeze, and your air conditioner may cease functioning entirely. Through regular maintenance and services, you can easily avoid this issue.

If the condenser is frozen, immediately contact your air conditioning professional to fix the issue.

Low Refrigerant

Alternatively, the refrigerant might be low and will need a top-up. You can resolve a minor issue quickly and cost-effectively.

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Too many electrical gadgets on one socket could cause problems. Chances are that you won't have this issue again if you use one plug for your Mitsubishi air conditioner. You might be required to alter the setting if you make the same error.


Woman Cleaning Air Conditioning System

One of the most crucial components of your air conditioner is the condenser. If dust, dirt, or other microscopic particles block your air conditioner, it won't function properly. Examine the condenser to remove any obstructions and ensure that your air conditioning filter is also in good working order.

Strain On The AC

A lot of strain on your Mitsubishi air conditioner could make it also stop operating. For instance, you won't get any cooling if you try to cool a large hall with a small air-conditioner. As a result, it will overheat and cease completely. Alternatively, a huge AC for a small space won't give the desired cooling or warming results.

Old, Dirty Filter

An air conditioner's filter removes all the dust and dirt particles from your space, providing you with superior, cleaner air. If the filter is dirty or not changed regularly, your Mitsubishi Air conditioner will work harder and stop altogether. Check the air filter and replace it if it's unclean or more than a month old.

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Mechanical Issues

Technician repairing air conditioner

You need to call the mechanic if your Mitsubishi air conditioner has mechanical issues. However, only consider it a mechanical issue if none of the abovementioned fixes are successful. If all the above problems are addressed but to no avail, you may need to consult the manufacturer.

Additionally, check the air conditioner functions regularly to ensure you curb any problems. Contact the manufacturer to buy a new remote or unit after you have a professional inspect the system.

How To Reset A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi ductless mini split system being inspected for summer air conditioning operation, Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Not Responding To Remote - Why? What To Do?

By resetting the device, you avoid any potentially severe problems. To reset the air conditioner, you should:

  • Turn off the electricity to the outside unit and the indoor AC unit.
  • Wait anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Restart the indoor and outdoor units by turning the power back on.

Use the remote to adjust your air conditioning or turn on the thermostat. For more details, read the following post. How To Reset A Mistubishi Air Conditioner [In 4 Easy Steps]

Can You Use A Different Remote Control?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can use different remote controls if the Mr. Slim air conditioner responds to them. 

Nevertheless, the best option to use is the original remote control. If it is damaged and you cannot find a replacement, use a universal remote control for your Mr. Slim AC.

Universal remote work with any AC once programmed. Additionally, you can program it to work from your smartphone.

Turning The AC Using The Remote Control

Homeowners are always searching for ways to save on energy bills around the home. Any electric appliance consumes power even when not in use.

Turning off the air conditioner using a remote control doesn't help reduce the electric bills. You should turn the AC off at the plug point to make a visible change. Once no electric current is flowing, keeping the AC on standby, then you will economize on your bills.

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Are You Using The Mr. Slim Remote Correctly?

When appliances are new, you might not have time to read the user manual thoroughly. Sometimes, you might assume that all remotes work the same. Avoid guessing and use the Mr. Slim remote correctly; otherwise, you'll be misled to believe it isn't working.

The three visible ">buttons on the outside are for power and increasing or decreasing the temperatures on the unit. You have additional buttons underneath the slide panel for other functions. Once you pull the slide panel off completely, you'll find the batteries.

Can You Turn On AC Manually?

Of course, you can turn on your AC manually. Mr. Slim's air conditioner has an ON/OFF button in the indoor unit. Ensure the power supply is on before you switch it on, and turn it off by pressing the same button. Read your user manual and look at the unit to see the button location.

In Closing

Mitsubishi ductless mini split system being inspected for summer air conditioning operation

Mitsubishi Air conditioners are one of the market's most recommended and functional systems. When the AC does not respond to the remote, do not panic and check the functionality of the remote. Try resetting the air conditioner and look for any other causes for the malfunction.

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