My Molekule Air Purifier Has A Burning Smell – Why? What To Do?

You enjoy clean, fresh air because of your Molekule air purifier. But, it can be alarming when it starts producing a burning smell. What could be causing this? To help you fix this problem, we researched to bring you solutions.

Your air purifier may produce a burning smell due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty wiring
  • System overheating
  • Faulty UV light filter
  • Saturated carbon filter
  • Off-Gassing

Keep reading to know why your air purifier has a burning smell and how to eliminate it. Also, learn about other unpleasant smells that your purifier may emit. Included are ways to maintain it for optimal operation. You'll also know the factors determining the cost of repairing your appliance and the actual cost estimates.

An air purifier in white wall, My Molekule Air Purifier Has A Burning Smell - Why? What To Do?

How To Fix An Air Purifier That Is Emitting A Burning Smell

When you acquire an air purifier, you expect it to improve the air in your environment. It's beneficial for those with respiratory issues. It can therefore be frustrating when it starts producing a burning smell. 

But, instead of worrying too much, it's best to know what is causing this so that you can solve the problem. Some of these problems are:

Faulty Wiring

If the wires are broken, or the coating has come off, it may give off a smoke-like smell. Stripped wires rub against each other, causing them to heat up and produce a burning smell. An electrical fault may also occur if something is blocking the fan's rotation in your gadget.

To find out if the wires are faulty, open up the appliance and inspect the wires. Replace all those that are damaged. Also, during your routine cleaning, always inspect the wires to ensure they are in good condition.

System Overheating

Without adequate ventilation, the air purifier may not cool off. This can lead to the electrical parts in your gadget overheating and producing a burning smell. Before taking it to a technician, try improving the ventilation in your home and see if the smell will disappear. 

Faulty UV Light 

If the UV light in your appliance is damaged, a burning smell will be emitted each time you turn it on. During cleaning, ensure the light is still in good condition. 

Saturated Carbon Filter

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The carbon filter is responsible for removing gasses. But, if these gasses accumulate on the filter, it will start to emit these gases, which smell like something is burning.  

To clear the smell, clean every 3-4 months by rinsing under water that's running gently. Vacuuming it once a month and replacing it once a year is recommended. 

Off-Gassing Plastic

If your appliance has a plastic covering, and it happens to overheat, the plastic can produce a burning smell. If burning plastic smells persists, your appliance may have faulty wires or a short circuit. Call a technician to check it. 

Other Smells Produced By An Air Purifier

Air purifier on wooden floor in comfortable home. Fresh air and healthy life.

Other than a burning smell, your air purifier can produce other unpleasant smells that, include:

Sweet Smell

sweet smell coming from your air purifier is brought about by the carbon filter, meaning it is working well. 

Plastic Smell

If you have recently purchased your air purifier, there is a high chance that it will smell like plastic, like a new car. When you start using it, the parts inside warm up and release a plastic smell. However, don't confuse warming up with overheating. The former will produce the smell of plastic, while the latter will produce a burning smell. 

Your appliance will produce this smell for only a few days and eventually disappear. But, if it persists, you may have to contact your dealer to check what could be wrong.

Musty Smell

A musty smell from your appliance means it has gathered a lot of dust. The air filters are responsible for blocking out dust, debris, and foreign particles. If they are not cleaned as per their schedule, the air purifier may start releasing these particles producing a dusty smell. 

Smell Of Chlorine

Air purifiers that use ions and ozone to clean the air produce a chlorinated smell. Ionization is a technology that emits ions, which render contaminants in the air harmless. They remove mold, bacteria, odors, and more. Ozone is a strong oxidant that eliminates pollutants from the air.  

Wet Dog

Air purifiers can clean the air in humid areas. But, if the humidity levels are extremely high, your gadget may release a smell like that of a wet dog. If you live in such an area, you may have to buy pellets that absorb humidity. 

Sour Smell

Some air purifiers are designed to remove formaldehyde from the air. Due to this, your appliance may produce a sour smell. 

How To Maintain An Air Purifier

An air purifier is a gadget that helps improves the quality of the air you breathe. But, for it to work efficiently, your input is required by doing the following:

Ensure Your Area Is Clean

Keep the area in which you place the air purifier clean. Ensure there is no dust around it. Doing this prevents your air purifier from working harder than it ought to. Instead, it will concentrate on removing the invisible contaminants in the air. 

Wash Or Replace The Air Filters

Replaced a new filter into the air purifier machine

The air filters are responsible for blocking out unwanted substances from passing into your environment. They can clog without cleaning and replacing the filters, reducing their efficiency. It can be detrimental to the occupants in your home that suffer from respiratory problems.

Check the manual of your model, and keenly follow the washing and replacement instructions for the air filters. For example, for the Molekule brand, it is recommended to replace the pre-filter every three months and the PECO filter every six months. 

Close Doors And Windows

It's best to place your air purifier in a room with closed doors and windows. This keeps out contaminated air. Furthermore, clean air cannot escape from the room. Overall, your appliance will work more efficiently.

Factors that determine the repair costs of your air purifier

Several factors determine how much you will pay to repair your air purifier, which includes:

Repair Type

A simple repair such as replacing a filter will not cost you much. Repairing a motor is more expensive. Furthermore, repairing a motor is better done by a professional, meaning it will be costlier. 

Unit Size

A larger unit is more complex to repair than a smaller one. Larger appliances have bigger and more expensive components than small ones. 

Quality Of Appliance

Higher-quality models are difficult and complex to repair. In most cases, it is best to buy a new unit. Repairing it can be more expensive than purchasing one. 

Cost Of Repairing An Air Purifier

How much does it cost

The average cost of repairing an air purifier is $409. It can cost as low as $65 or as high as $1640. Generally, it depends on which part you need to be repaired. Replacing an air filter is not expensive, while repairing a motor can be costly. For example, to fix a motor costs around $550, and between $25 and $50 to replace a HEPA filter. 

You can be charged a one-off fee for service. For example, to replace an air filter and the cost of making a call to the dealer can cost you $50. Normal routine maintenance can cost you an average of $120.

There are some minor repairs that you can handle by yourself, such as replacing an air filter or washer. This makes a lot cheaper. But, in other cases, you are better off hiring a professional to handle the job, such as repairing a motor, which can be quite complex.

In Closing

photo of a modern type air purifier inside the children bedroom beside the bed

Generally, air purifiers can produce all kinds of smells. The most alarming is a burning smell, which indicates something is wrong. But once you know what is causing this, you will be able to fix it. A sweet smell means it is working well.

For an air purifier to work optimally, your input is required, such as ensuring the room is clean. The cost of repairing your appliance depends on several factors. Some you can fix yourself, while others need a professional to handle. 

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