Oxbox Vs. Trane—Which To Choose?

Oxbox and Trane are top manufacturers of air conditioning systems, so it could be difficult for you to decide what is the best brand to install. Rest assured! We're here to help you narrow down your selection.

Here's what we uncovered below about each manufacturer's AC systems.

If you are considering affordability, Oxbox is your best choice. The air conditioner coming from this brand is durable, yet Oxbox has a limited AC product collection. The brand offers reasonable warranties.

In contrast, Trane offers a wider product range but at higher costs. Trane's quality air conditioners are full of advanced features that could be perfect for your cooling needs. You'll also have ample warranty coverage. 

We would like to clarify first that we will only focus on reviewing both brands' air conditioner units. We will explain to you in detail about both brands' best AC features and unit prices. That said, let's continue!

collab photo of an oxbox aircon and a trane aircon comparison, Oxbox Vs Trane - Which To Choose?

Oxbox And Trane: Brief Reviews

Oxbox is a new company in the HVAC industry. Maybe you'll be surprised that Oxbox was originally introduced by Trane back in 2019. Oxbox is part of Trane Technologies' distribution channel.

Yet both brands aren't the same, as Oxbox internal components like the compressor aren't the same that Trane uses. That is why Oxbox air conditioners are considerably affordable.

In contrast, Trane's long career began in 1885 at a locally owned plumbing business in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

James Trane and his mechanical engineer son Reuben came up with the ground-breaking invention of steam heating.

In 1984, American Standard Companies, Inc. took over the management of Trane. After four years, the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Brand was born.

Furthermore, since June 2008, Trane was under the management of Ingersoll Rand. This transition leads to the company's engagement into a multi-brand commercial provider that serves clients in several international markets.

Oxbox And Trane: Quality Assurance

Since the first initiation of Oxbox in the HVAC business in 2019. The brand never stops enhancing its product to deliver a competitive, high-quality, and affordable air conditioning unit.

Oxbox's air conditioning unit is durable and has a high corrosive resistance since the casing is painted with galvanized steel.

As a result, their AC unit is ideal for withstanding extreme outdoor thermal conditions of about 115 °F.


Meanwhile, Trane uses an aluminum coil in their air handler, which is far more durable than the standard coil.

Plus, Trane's AC has been certified Energy Star approved. Knowing all of it is beneficial when you opt for a Trane AC unit.

Both Brands Notable Features

Despite that Oxbox is still in the developing phase, their HVAC products already have good features. The AC units utilize an Electronically Commutated Motor or ECM.

This means, that the Oxbox AC system will operate with great airflow efficiency without high energy consumption.

Additionally, Oxbox also has unique airflow controls that can convert the airflow vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.


On the other hand, one of the features that Trane offers to its clients is its TruComfort™ technology. This technology precisely monitors the temperature changes and then alters the motor speed to match the airflow demand.

Furthermore, ComfortLink II Communicating Capability is another best feature that Trane showcases. This eliminates the hassle of manually updating and monitoring your indoor units.

Via Trane's Telephone Access Module, you can easily change your HVAC settings and get system notifications remotely through your smartphones.

SEER Rating Ranges

One of the major downsides of Oxbox is its few selections of product lines. As of now, you can only choose three SEER rating ranges from Oxbox SEER: 13,14, and 16.

In comparison, Trane has access to a variety of SEER ratings. You can find their AC has a maximum SEER rating ranging from 14.5 to 22. Trane has a wide equipment range to suit your home.

Noise Level Comparison

Your complete cooling comfort doesn't always depend on how big your air conditioner should be. You should also consider how quietly the system will operate.

An air conditioner's decibels or dB ratings are what dictate how silent the AC will work.

Remember that the lower the dB rate, the quieter the air conditioner will run. Oxbox AC systems have a significantly high dB value at a 76 rate. In contrast, Trane produces its quietest equipment with a 55 to 75 dB rate.

Both Brands' AC Product Lines

The Oxbox Notable Models

Oxbox strives to deliver a high-performing AC unit to the market. The brand has only three straightforward air conditioner models with averages of 1.5 to 5 tonnage sizes.

These are the Oxbox AC models produced under the 13 SEER rating collection:

  • J4AC3018B1000A
  • J4AC3024B1000A
  • J4AC3030B1000A
  • J4AC3036B1000A
  • J4AC3042B1000A
  • J4AC3048B1000A
  • J4AC3060B1000A

The following are the Oxbox 14 SEER rating AC models:

  • J4AC4018A1000A
  • J4AC4024A1000A
  • J4AC4030A1000A
  • J4AC4036A1000A
  • J4AC4042A1000A
  • J4AC4048A1000A
  • J4AC4060A1000A


Finally, the Oxbox 16 SEER rating AC collection:

  • J4AC6018A1000A
  • J4AC6024A1000A
  • J4AC6030A1000A
  • J4AC6036A1000A
  • J4AC6042A1000A
  • J4AC6048A1000A
  • J4AC6060A1000A
  • J4AC6061A1000A

Note: The Oxbox 13 SEER models are currently only available in the northern regions as a mandate by the DOE (Department of Energy).

The Trane's Iconic AC Collection

Trane presents their air conditioner with a large variety of premium AC models, making them the global choice among homeowners. These models contain certain vital modern features and qualities that you won't find in their rivals.

Here take a look at Trane's best AC models:

  • The XR13 model
  • The XR14 model
  • The XR16 model
  • The XL16i model
  • The XR16 Low model
  • The XR17 model
  • The XV18 model
  • The XL18i model
  • The XV20i model

Oxbox And Trane's AC Per Unit Price

One of the natural concerns among many homeowners is the average unit cost expended. Regardless of whether you're buying an HVAC unit for the first time or just for a replacement.

Oxbox Average Unit Cost

In Oxbox you will find a less expensive AC units from their SEER 13 up to 14 and 16. The fact that the brand has only a limited product portfolio.

You can expect their unit prices to be between $1,581 to $1,735.

Trane's Average Cost Per Unit

Meanwhile, Trane makes reliable and high-end caliber units. Due to this, you can expect them to be more expensive than Oxbox. Considering they have been around for a long time, thus their HVAC units come at a costly price.

  • The XR14 model: $2,250
  • The XR16 model: $2,452
  • The XL16i model: $2,650
  • The XR17 model: $2,850
  • The XV18 model: $3,215
  • The XL18i model: $3,550

Note: The tonnage size of each unit you wish to install will determine Trane's pricing per unit.

Warranty Coverage By Both Brands


Oxbox has simple yet favorable warranty offers to its users. The warranty terms of Oxbox include:

  • 1-year complete replacement (This term only applies to that residential coil, compressor, and heat exchanger that becomes faulty within a year only.)
  • 5 years of standard parts warranty
  • 10 years compressor replacement warranty (Any Oxbox product you purchased from a certified Oxbox dealer since January 1, 2021, up to the present is covered by their warranty.)

The good thing about Oxbox warranty terms is that there are no registration rules to enjoy them.

In contrast, Trane offers the greatest warranty protection for their customers' appliances. However, to qualify for their limited warranty, you must first adhere to Trane's 60-day registration requirement.

You are only eligible for a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer of defective parts, not labor. You must be aware that versions like the XL and XV also come with 12 years of extended warranties.

Your limited warranty rights can be transferred to the new owner if you intend to sell your house.

Simply submit the transfer papers within 90 days and pay the additional $99 one-time transfer fee to complete the process.

Additionally, you won't be qualified for a warranty transfer unless you register your Trane unit after August 1, 2011. The registration of any products done before the designated date is void and non-transferable.

To Wrap Things Up

collab photo of an oxbox aircon and a trane aircon comparison

Throughout this article, we discussed considerations when purchasing an air conditioner. Addressing both brands' notable features and prices will let you know what AC unit is best suited for your home.

Also, knowing that Oxbox is one of the products endorsed by Trane is truly an advantage.

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  1. OXBOX is a relatively new company . Their Platform appears to be the same platform that American Standard (owned by Trane) used prior to 2019. The Platform was branded AmeriStar and looked Identical to the OXBOX casing.. Components however.. are not the same used by Trane and American Standard.. That is why they are cheaper. The photos in this Article are of completely different brands. The left being an old goodman unit, and the right being a builders line carrier most likely. Oxbox annual Revenue is a tiny fraction of Tranes annual Revenue. Of all brands Trane is the best. If there were a better system.. I would sell it, until then.. Stick with Trane.

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