Will Ozone Machines Remove Pet Odor?

You may have heard of ozone machines for cleaning and sanitizing, but how far can they go with air sanitation? Most pet owners are looking for a better solution to eliminate pet odors, and if you're one of them, you've come to the perfect place! We looked up what you need to know about ozone machines in this post.

Yes, an ozone machine can eliminate pet odors. However, it's essentially effective for odors in the air, so clean off the odor source from any objects. Ozone machines can successfully remove unwanted odors, but any misuse can be harmful. Follow the instructions and safety protocols.

Despite its effectiveness, using an ozone machine will have pros and cons, depending on where and how you use them. Keep reading to learn more about operating an ozone machine safely and the benefits and drawbacks.

Switching the ozone machine on, Will Ozone Machines Remove Pet Odor?

Can You Use Ozone Machines For Pet Odor Removal?

An ozone machine can remove pet odor from spreading in your home. Unwanted odor is a common struggle among pet owners, mainly because these smells tend to linger even after cleaning. Ozone machines oxidize odor molecules, so they no longer carry the unpleasant smell.

Before using ozone machines for pet odor, it's also best to identify the cause of the smell since some of their scents do not oxidize, such as their urine. In cases like these, other methods would work better to get rid of them, like thorough cleaning or using deodorizers.

Regardless, an ozone machine helps safely refresh the air from viruses and odor when you use it with proper precaution.

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The Benefits - What Are They?

Listed below are a few things that an ozone machine can help you solve.

Kills Bacteria

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You can remove bacteria such as mold and mildew using an ozone machine without requiring structural changes or removal. It also does the same to objects around your home that may carry viruses or germs.

Since it moves in the air, it can reach narrow or tight spaces. So, it takes less work to get the job done. Most home ozone machines are also affordable, making it a cheaper way to eliminate these bacteria.

Disinfects Through Oxidization

An ozone machine primarily uses oxidization to get rid of harmful substances. It does this by reacting with the molecules in the air, then changing their structure to remove the dangerous components. As a result, it keeps the air fresh and thoroughly disinfected.

Controls Smell

One of the top reasons homeowners look into ozone machines is their odor-removing properties. It breaks down the particles that carry or make odor through the same process it uses to attack bacteria.

If you're dealing with smoke, read this post to see how ozone machines affect it: Will an Ozone Generator Get Rid of Smoke Smell?

But on the tier list of eliminating viruses, germs, or smells, an ozone machine is usually used as a last resort compared to other options due to the effects of ozone concentration.

The Drawbacks - What Are They?

Moving forward, here are some cons that come with an ozone machine.

Potentially Unhealthy Levels

Ozone machines are standard with water purification, but they must reach higher levels to eliminate air pollutants effectively. These exceed public health standards, meaning the increase in ozone levels poses a health risk to those in the area.

Owing to the potential harm, experts suggest considering other options to cleanse the air before using an ozone machine.

Harmful Exposure

Although most manufacturers promote the device to be safe for humans, too much exposure to ozone can affect people, pets, and even plants. The risks of being in an area with high ozone levels include irritation, asthma, and other respiratory complications.

It also masks air pollutants, particularly those that produce odor, by impairing human smell. And so, it's crucial to control any possible exposure.

Safety Protocols When Using An Ozone Machine - What To Know?

The major downside to using an ozone machine is the possible harm it could cause. So, it's necessary to follow safety precautions and steps before, during, and after using the device.

Read this post for a step-by-step guide on how to use an ozone machine: How To Use Ozone Generator In Your Home

Here are a few things you should remember:

Keep The Space Unoccupied And Closed

Low concentrations of ozone don't require you to evacuate the location. However, experts recommend leaving the area regardless of the concentration levels to prevent risk. It also applies to pets and plants in the room.

If you have to be in the room, wear protective gear and use the right equipment. You should also close the space while the ozone machine is in operation.

Follow The Machine's Instructions

While an ozone machine comes with simple operation, manufacturers include important notes along with its instructions. Following these accordingly will lower the chances of harming you and your surroundings.

If the machine doesn't come with instructions and notes, you can look up safety rules and specific guides online.

Let The Ozone Completely Dissipate

Ozone will stay in the air for 30 minutes to 4 hours before dissipating into breathable air, depending on the concentration level. Note that lower concentrations take less time, but it's safest to wait up to 4 hours before returning to the room.

Pre-set the time if your ozone machine comes with a time, so it shuts off automatically when it runs long enough. If not, manually shut it off with your nose and mouth covered, then begin the countdown for it to dissipate.

Cover Valuable Items

Some materials do not react well with ozone, so cover up any valuables it may reach. You can either enclose them into non-metallic or non-paper containers or cover them with a cloth.

Ozone Machines For Removing Pet Odor - What Products to Try?

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You can contact a professional to work an ozone machine in your home, but you can also purchase one yourself. Here are a couple of ozone machines available for pet odor removal.

Odor Free Villa 3000 Ozone Generator

Odor Free aims to eliminate odor in different locations, but you have to use it in unoccupied areas only. The device comes with a timer of up to 12 hours and covers up to 3000 sq ft, with other variants for smaller or bigger spaces.

Click here to get the Odor Free Villa 3000 Ozone Generator on Amazon.

Morrrer Portable Ozone Machine

The main advantage of the Morrrer ozone machine is its portability and size, making it easy to bring during travel or in the car. They promote it as being capable of removing most odors around a home, along with purification and disinfection.

Check out the Morrrer Portable Ozone Machine on Amazon.

Airthereal MA5000 Ozone Generator

Airthereal markets its ozone generator to deodorize tough odors in homes, offices, and other locations. While it has an easy operation, their machines require the space to be unoccupied during use.

Get the Airthereal MA5000 Ozone Generator on Amazon.

Do Ozone Machines Eliminate Odor Permanently?

Ozone machines mainly eliminate odor-causing bacteria in the air rather than those attached to other items, meaning they cannot permanently remove odor unless the source is gone.

For example, if the primary source of the odor comes from a rag left unclean, the smell may return until you clean the rag. If the scent is part of its remains, ozone machines can solve this.

Here are a few more ways to better air quality indoors:

Control The Source

The most effective is by controlling or eliminating the source of air pollutants, which you can do by:

  • Minimizing product use
  • Practicing frequent cleaning and housekeeping practices
  • Managing moisture and humidity levels

Improve Ventilation

Air ventilation comes with several benefits other than improving air quality. Good ventilation will lower the humidity levels, better air circulation, lessen odor, and more.

Some methods include installing exhaust fans, opening windows, and increasing ventilation systems.

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Air Cleaning

Cleaning the air is effective in removing harmful particles instead of eliminating pollutants. However, it can enhance results when combined with better ventilation and source control.

For this, you can use air filters, ionizers, gas absorbing materials, and such tools or devices.

Check out the Airdoctor 4-in-1 Air Purifier on Amazon.

Are Ozone Machines Safe To Use Around Pets?

You can use ozone machines around human and pets, but most professionals do not recommend this. High exposure to the gas produced by these machines has harmful effects on living beings. And so, it's best to avoid being in a space where an ozone machine is in use.

At low levels, it's less likely to harm animals, but it's a may affect them at higher concentrations. Although the health impacts of ozone is still unclear, it's best to practice safety.

The Verdict

Switching the ozone machine on

Ozone machines refresh the air by removing odor, bacteria, viruses, and other air pollutants. It works against pet odor but becomes extra effective after eliminating the primary source of the smell.

Despite the results, professionals suggest following proper safety precautions when using an ozone machine and prefer choosing it as an option when other methods fail.

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