Panasonic AC Timer Always On – Why And What To Do?

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As a homeowner, you may wonder why your Panasonic AC timer is always on and how to tackle this issue. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Problems like bad AC components, connection and wiring issues, dirty air filters, and faulty thermostats can cause a Panasonic AC timer to stay on. Here are some things you can do when this problem occurs:

  •  Check every part of your AC unit.
  •  Clean your AC filter.
  •  Check your AC connection and wiring.
  •  Check your thermostat‍.
  •  Keep a close eye on the remote control.

It is advisable to deal with this problem as soon as you can. Keep reading to get detailed information on actions to take when your AC timer is always on.

A Panasonic air conditioning inverter mounted on metal brackets behind a building, Panasonic AC Timer Always On - Why And What To Do?

How Does AC Timer Work?

The function of a timer is to turn the AC on or off automatically. This function must be set before working. There are two types of timers: timers on and timers off. The AC is turned on using the timer's ON function after a predetermined amount of time and turned off using the timer's off function. 

The timer needs to be set manually by the user with a remote. The user needs to input the time after which the timer will turn the AC on or off. By turning on the timer function, you save electricity. For instance, if you turn on the AC timer and set it for two hours. The AC will automatically shut off after two hours. 

Why Is My Panasonic AC Timer Always On?

Air conditioning unit mounted on concrete brackets

If you notice that your Panasonic AC timer always stays on, check below for the possible cause:

Bad AC Components 

This is one of the reasons the AC timer stays on. Air conditioners may develop this type of problem when some parts of the unit go bad.

Dirty Air Filters

When the air filter is clogged with debris, the AC doesn't operate as efficiently as it should. In some instances, the dirty filter causes timer issues with light flashing. You can easily clean the dirt present in air filters. 

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Connection And Wiring Issue

The Panasonic AC timer staying on may sometimes result from lousy wiring connections. The air conditioner doesn't operate well when this problem arises. 

Faulty Thermostat

An Honeywell thermostat on a white background

When a thermostat is malfunctioning, the AC timer may stay on. When a thermostat develops a fault, it should get fixed as soon as possible to get your unit back in working order.

What To Do If My Panasonic AC Timer Is Always On?

If your Panasonic AC timer is always on, you can do the following to remedy the issue:

Check Every Part Of Your AC Unit

Inspect each component of your Panasonic air conditioning system. It would be best if you had a good idea of what might be the source of the issue after checking every part. Pay attention to any odd noises, loose parts, or other irregularities that indicate a problem with the air conditioner. 

Clean Your Air Filter

New air conditioning air filter on the table

The air filter is in charge of collecting dirt and debris, and a clogged air filter might impede airflow around the appliance. When this occurs, the air conditioner may have several performance-related problems. This will only make it harder for the air conditioner to cool your space.

Perform routine maintenance on the filter by cleaning it every two weeks so your timer doesn't stay on. You can clean the air filter with soap and a soft brush while it is being washed under running water. Change your air filters every three months for your AC system to operate at its best.

Check Your AC Connection And Wiring System


Cleaning mini split air conditioning unit

An AC timer staying on could be a result of bad wiring. Remove the housing from your air conditioner and check the cables and wires inside the system. Make sure all these connections are positioned correctly, without any damage. Examine the wiring both inside and outside the unit.

Make sure to replace any broken or exposed wires. You can contact an electrician or an AC expert. You can avoid wiring problems by having your air conditioner cleaned and inspected regularly.

Check Your Thermostat

Your AC cooling capacity can be affected when your thermostat goes bad. This problem may also be the reason your AC timer stays on. Turn on the thermostat's features for a brief test to see whether it's broken. If you discover everything functions well, something else might be the cause of the problem. 

Keep A Close Eye On Your Remote Control

A problem that causes the timer on the LED to blink can often be detected by checking your unit's remote control. Most of the time, the air conditioner will alert you if there are issues that require immediate attention. The AC sends warnings or error codes to the remote control.

In addition to warnings, the remote control can give you pointers on preventing future occurrences of the same issue. This helpful feature enables you to maintain the performance of your AC.

How Do I Turn On Panasonic AC?

Setting the timer on your Panasonic AC is easy. You can set it to "on" or "off" or both as you please. Your Panasonic air conditioner will automatically switch on and begin to cool after a few minutes when the time for turning it on is set. It is much like when you manually turn the air conditioner on. Follow these steps to turn on your Panasonic AC:

  • Press and hold the ON button in the air conditioner's remote timer frame.
  •  To change the time appropriately, press the up and down arrow buttons. Installation is complete when the air conditioner beeps and the control screen's clock indicator lights up.
  • When the air conditioner's timer light comes on, you are done installing the Panasonic air conditioner timer.

How Do I Turn Off The Timer On My Panasonic Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning inverters behind a building

Removing the timer on your Panasonic air conditioner will automatically cancel the previously set timer to turn on or off your AC unit. When this is done, you will have complete manual control of turning your AC unit on and off. It is easy to remove the timer on your Panasonic AC. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Press CANCEL on the remote.
  • Check if the timer indicator is still showing in the off and on timer areas on the control's display. 

The timer lamp in the Panasonic air conditioner will turn off if there is no other timer set, and you have successfully stopped the timer on your Panasonic air conditioner.

Why Does My Panasonic AC Keep Turning Off?

Changing the air conditioning temperature using a remote

If your Panasonic air conditioner keeps turning off, it likely has a short cycling problem. Short cycling is used in HVAC to describe situations where a heating or cooling cycle ends too soon, and the HVAC unit often switches on and off. 

This is called short cycling, when air conditioners switch on and off before lowering a room's temperature to the desired level. 

Short cycling can be bad for many reasons, including higher energy costs and unwarranted damage to the HVAC system. Malfunctioning components or damaged parts may bring it on.

Some common causes of short cycling include dirty condenser coils, faulty or broken capacitors, low refrigerant, electrical issues, faulty thermostats, dirty air filters, and frozen evaporator coils.

How Do I Turn Off Auto Mode On My Panasonic AC?

If you want to turn off auto mode on your Panasonic air conditioner, you must press the mode button on your AC remote and follow the display on the remote to navigate from auto mode to any other mode you choose. 

Selecting another mode for your air conditioner unit will automatically remove the auto mode set on it prior.

What Is The Difference Between Sleep And Timer In AC?

The difference between sleep mode and timer on the air conditioner control is clear. With your AC unit on sleep mode, your AC will remain on but will gradually start to increase its temperature over time. 

The sleep mode functions as if your unit is gradually going off. Your AC unit on a timer will automatically turn on or off.

To Wrap Up

A Panasonic air conditioning inverter mounted on metal brackets behind a building

If you have an issue with your Panasonic air conditioner timer, you need to check it to know where the problem is coming from. You can either tackle the problem by yourself (if it is something you can handle) or contact a professional for help.

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