How To Reset A Trane Electric Furnace

Trane furnaces are affordable furnaces that can be a reliable source of heat during the winter months. However, like other furnace brands, they can have functional issues from time to time. This is where a manual reset can help. But how do you reset a Trane furnace? Is the process the same for every model? We have researched Trane furnaces, and in this post, we will answer these questions for you.

Here's how to reset the following Trane furnace models:

Trane XE80, XR80, and XR90:

These furnace models typically have the reset button housed near the burner. The button will usually be located in the rollout switch and connected by two wires on opposite sides. The button is about the size of a coin. It may also be red.

To initiate the reset, you'll need to press the switch once. If you can't locate the switch, pull out your user manual to find its exact location. And, of course, you can always do a manual reset at the circuit breaker.

Trane XV80 and XV95:

Turn off the power and open up the control panel to access the reset buttons on these models. Next, lift the cover to the blower compartment, and you should see the reset button sitting next to the blower motor and blower wheel.

Look for a small yellow or red button on the side of the motor, and then press it down if it is not already depressed. If this does not reset the furnace, try to reset it at the circuit breaker switch.

If you are new to dealing with furnace issues, it helps to first look at your owner's manual to locate the reset button and other main function buttons. This will make it easier for you when it's time to troubleshoot the furnace. Continue reading to learn more about Trane furnaces and when a manual reset may be needed.

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Where is the reset button on an electric furnace?

The exact location of the reset button on an electric furnace will vary by model and brand. However, you will find that it's usually located somewhere close to the control panel. To access it, you'll need to remove the front panel of the furnace.

You may find that many models have limit switches where the reset button is located. The button is often located on top of the switch and will need to be pressed to initiate the reset. It's always best to reach out to an experienced technician if the reset and other troubleshooting don't fix the issue.

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When should I reset my furnace?

There are several occasions where a reset can help to restore the setting to the furnace to help resolve operational issues. Here are a few common reasons you may need a reset.

The furnace is no longer blowing hot air

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If the furnace is not blowing hot air, there can be an issue with the blower motor, thermostat, or heat exchanger. However, after repairing the issue, it's best to perform a manual reset to restore factory settings to the furnace. Sometimes, operational issues will trip the reset button.

The furnace is cycling on and off

If the weather outside is very cold, constant cycling may be necessary for the furnace to keep your home at a comfortable indoor temperature. Otherwise, this could be a sign of a serious problem with the furnace.

The solution is typically to replace an air filter or fix a faulty thermostat. After which, it's best to reset the furnace to give it a quick reboot. After resetting the furnace, try to initiate a new heating cycle.

The blower is constantly running

The most common reason for this is that the thermostat is set to a "Fan ON" setting. This will cause the blower to run constantly, and over minutes, the blower motor will wear down and fail to produce hot air.

In this case, the limit control switch will shut off the furnace as the temperature increases.

When this happens, you can reset the thermostat to prevent the limit switch from kicking on again. However, before doing so, take the thermostat off the "Fan On" setting and place it on an auto or pre-program setting.

This will allow the fan to run only when the HVAC system reaches a certain temperature for heating.

The furnace is making noises

Suppose you hear a high-pitched squealing, loud banging, or humming coming from the furnace. In that case, it is usually a sign that a component has either broken or is on its way towards shutting down completely—and oftentimes, it may cause the furnace reset button to trip.

This is usually the case when the blower motor or fan starts to fail. However, you may also hear unusual sounds coming from the heat exchanger. After the part has been replaced, it's helpful to perform a manual reset on the furnace to prevent it from being tripped.

The electronic ignitor is faulty

Over time electric furnaces can develop issues similar to gas furnaces. If your electric furnace is over ten years old, the electronic ignition may fail at some point.

If it does, it'll need to be replaced completely. And after it's replaced, the contractor will typically reset the furnace to remove any previous settings.

What does resetting a furnace do?

A technician repairing a furnace

The reset button on a furnace is a safety feature that shuts down the furnace when the unit detects a problem. The most common problems include the furnace being tripped due to overheating or issues with the circuit breaker.

However, the reset button can also be tripped when there are other operational issues, including blower motor or fan problems, heat exchanger issues, and electric ignition issues. Here are more scenarios when the reset button may trip:

A lack of fuel

If your gas furnace is having issues with the gas valve, the issue can be addressed by checking the gas line to ensure that there are no issues.

In some cases, you may need to reach out to your gas supplier. However, the lack of fuel can often cause the reset button to trip, as the exchange will not be able to produce any heat.

Closed or blocked gas valve

This is one of the biggest causes for the reset button to trip. A closed or blocked valve will cause it to trip continuously, as there will be no gas for the furnace to access.

Sometimes it could be because the valves have been closed during a repair. Other times it can be because the valves are faulty and need to be replaced.

Blower overheating

Heater exhaust fan inside of furnace

If the blower overheats, the furnace will not receive enough airflow, causing the reset button to trip. The biggest way to fix this is to check the air vents and the air filters and clean them as needed. Note that a furnace that continuously overheats can also be a fire hazard.

The flame sensor is dirty or faulty

A dirty flame sensor is often coated with debris and dirt and can cause the furnace to shut off due to the reset being tripped. You can easily clean the sensor by wiping it off with sandpaper or a hard-wired brush.

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Why is there a red light flashing on my Trane furnace?

If your Trane furnace is flashing red lights, it means that there is an issue with the furnace. The sequence of the flash can mean a few different things. Let's take a look at the most common ones:

  • Two blinking flashes mean that the system has experienced a lockout due to a serious component failure.
  • Three blinking flashes indicate that there is an issue with the draft pressure.
  • Four flashes on a Trane furnace means that it is experiencing problems with the temperature limit circuit.
  • Five flashes indicate that a flame has been detected from inside the furnace, and it's best to shut off the furnace completely. In this case, contact an HVAC technician.
  • If you see six flashes, it means that there is an issue with low voltage or power to the furnace.
  • If the red light flashes continuously, it often means that the circuit board is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Why is my Trane furnace light blinking 4 times?

Four flashing lights typically indicate that there is an issue with the temperature limit circuit.

Wrapping Things Up

As you can see, there are a few reasons why a reset button on a Trane furnace may trip. It's best to check your user manual to find out how to reset your specific Trane furnace model.

Suppose you see flashing lights on the furnace. In that case, this is usually a sign that the unit is experiencing operational issues. You'll need to refer to your user manual to figure out how to troubleshoot.

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