How To Reset A Fujitsu Air Conditioner

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Like any other air conditioner brand in the market, Fujitsu made their product easy to reset. Resetting a Fujitsu air conditioner helps prevent the AC unit from malfunctioning. After all, this sounds new to you. Well, worry no more because we have done some research and have the answer for you.

Using your Fujitsu remote, look for the tiny 'RESET' button found in the remote bottom portion. Gently tap the small button using a pen to reset your Fujitsu AC unit.

In addition, ensure not to damage the reset button because it is sensitive and can easily become damaged.

That's sound easy enough? Keep reading to know the answer to some other significant queries relating to this post. With that said, Let's answer them below!

Hand with remote control directed on air conditioner, How To Reset A Fujitsu Air Conditioner


Why Is My Fujitsu Air Conditioner Light Blinking?

Whenever a light blinks or 'LAMP' shows in your Fujitsu AC unit. This means there's a particular issue occurring in the unit that needs a quick fix. For example, a lamp indicator will flash when removing the intake filter during its ongoing operation.

Fujitsu air conditioning outside the building

Furthermore, this safety feature will shut down the plasma filter operation, preventing it from running without a filter. Right after, the green light will flash, telling you to reinsert your filter in the AC.

How To Reset A Filter Lamp?

Fujitsu AC indoor unit includes a filtered lamp safety warning feature; it tells you when the air filters need cleaning. After cleaning the filter, you should reset its lamp indicator to update the system for its following notification.

Hand holding rc and adjusting temperature of air conditioner mounted on a white wall

To reset your Fujitsu filter lamp, you'll have to:

  1. Tap the Filters' RESET' key.
  2. The Filter lamp on the indoor unit display panel will go out.

How To Set And Reset Fujitsu Timer?

Setting your Fujitsu timer correctly will determine how precisely your AC unit will respond to your command. Moreover, you must set your AC timer to its current time to correctly set the AC unit's other settings.

Sleep Timer Operation

Tap the 'SLEEP' key whether your AC unit is operating or not.

To set and adjust your Fujitsu timer correctly, you'll have to:

  1. Tap the 'START/STOP' key. You can move to step two if the AC unit is already running.
  2. Tap the 'TIMER MODE' key to move to the 'OFF' timer or 'ON' setting.
  3. Use the (+) and (-) keys to adjust your desired time setup.

If you wish to reset or cancel the timer, use the 'TIMER MODE' to reset your setting. Moreover, If you want to stop your AC operation while the timer is running, tap the 'START/STOP' keys.

NOTE: The signal coverage limit of your remote is around 22 feet away from your AC unit. Also, ensure that nothing is blocking the signal transmitter on the remote and the AC unit.

See this visual tutorial on YouTube:

Identifying Fujitsu Basic Error Codes

Identifying the Fujitsu AC unit error codes helps the user understand the issues their AC unit is facing. As a result, the users can immediately respond accordingly to whatever the error code displays.

The following are some basic Fujitsu error codes:

  • Code 12 - Communication error.
  • Code 22 - Abnormal Indoor capacity.
  • Code 41 - Indoor thermistor error.
  • Code 51 - Fun motor 1 of your indoor unit error.
  • Code 58 - Intake grille alignment error.

How To Register My Fujitsu Account To FGLair™?

Fujitsu uses FGLair™ technology that allows you to control your Fujitsu air conditioner unit with a smartphone from anywhere in your house or even while you're away.

Young man using smart application to adjust temperature of air conditioner

To correctly register your account, you'll have to perform the following steps below:

  1. Press the FGLair™ app icon.
  2. Set your 'Country/Region.'
  3. Once you've set your country or region, press 'OK.'
  5. Provide and enter your exact information in the email address and password.
  6. Read carefully and understand the terms of the service agreement.
  7. Once you've agreed to their policy, check the box by tapping them.
  8. Press the 'SIGN UP' key; they will send a confirmation email to your email.
  9. Hit the 'CONFIRMATION LINK' in your email to create your account.

See this visual tutorial to register your Fujitsu account on YouTube:

What Causes The Fujitsu AC Unit To AUTO Restart?

Like other air conditioner brands, Fujitsu protects its AC unit from unusual events in the AC system. An AUTO Restart safety feature will activate and stop the AC unit from operating to prevent damaging the unit.

Generally, a power failure or electrical interruption will cause the AC unit to AUTO Restart. In addition, when you use another electrical device nearby, your AC will also cause the AC unit to malfunction.

Thus, the AUTO Restart will trigger automatically.

NOTE: You can still use your AC unit's previous settings once it resumes its operation.

How Do I Manually Turn On My Fujitsu Air Conditioner?

Ensure to turn 'OFF' your AC unit before you touch anything from it to avoid unnecessary injuries. This process depends on your Fujitsu AC model, but you must inspect the grille on your AC unit.

Some Fujitsu panels are simple to open; you need to slide and pull them towards you. You'll notice the power button in the upper right corner when you open the panel.

It's a tiny circle key. When you see it, gently press it to switch on your AC unit.

NOTE: With this method, you cannot adjust the AC's thermal level. This is temporary access to your AC unit to run. It's always best to contact your AC technician and let them troubleshoot your AC unit.

How To Troubleshoot A Fujitsu AC

Fujitsu air conditioner units are great equipment, but they aren't wearing and tear-free. Throughout the AC's continuous service, such equipment is prone to malfunction if you don't regularly maintain it.

Close Your Doors And Windows

Child hand closing plastic vinyl window

It is most likely due to an open door or window if you suffer cooling delays. Your air conditioner is working hard to keep up with the cooling task to serve in your home.

However, the hot outside air makes it appear like the machine is failing.

Keeping Away The Unwanted Heat Sources

Are you still having cooling problems? Perhaps there are too many heat sources nearby your room. Stoves, burners, heaters, stoves, and even laptops might cause the cooling process to be delayed.

Insulate Your House Well

By controlling and neutralizing thermal levels, insulation makes your home pleasant and cool. Insulating your home will minimize the amount of indoor air that leaks and the outside air that enters.

As a result, you can cool faster and maintain your house temperature.

Inspect Your Thermostat

Ensure that the thermostat is on. If the monitor is blank, the batteries are most likely dead. Try to replace its old battery to check whether this solves the issue.

Check out these batteries on Amazon.

In some cases, power interruption can result in your thermostat resetting itself. When this occurs, you must readjust the settings to ensure that your AC operates appropriately.

Clean Your AC filter

Suppose you notice that your Fujitsu AC unit is having difficulties cooling your home. You have to inspect your AC filter if it becomes dirty.

Cool air cannot get through when the filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, making your home uncomfortably too hot. Moreover, replacing your filter regularly will help reduce your power bills by up to 5-15%.

Woman cleaning air conditioning system

Check this Fujitsu filter on Amazon.

See this vacuum cleaner on Amazon.

To clean your Fujitsu filter correctly, you'll have to:

  1. Ensure to shut off or unplug the AC unit.
  2. Open the AC filter panel by lifting forward on both sides of the grille.
  3. Remove the filter from the AC's open panel by gently pulling it out.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean all debris in your filter.
  5. Before reinserting the filter, ensure that it is well dry and clean.
  6. Reinsert the filter back in alignment with the panel.
  7. Ensure both sides of the grille is properly in place.
  8. Plug and turn 'ON' again the AC unit.

PRO TIP: Fujitsu recommends cleaning your air conditioner's air filter once every two weeks under normal usage.

To Finish

Simple resetting steps can help prevent significant issues or costly damages to your Fujitsu AC unit. Also, getting to know the functions of your remote control help keeps your house desired comfort.

This post taught us how to reset your Fujitsu AC unit. You also know how to reset a filter lamp flashes in your AC unit. Moreover, we also share the steps to clean your AC filter.

Now that you know all of this helpful information, we hope that you'll use this knowledge to maintain your AC well.

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