How To Reset A GE PTAC Unit [In 3 Easy Steps!]

Did you know that some premature problems of the GE air conditioners will only need a simple resetting procedure to fix them?

We know resetting may sound so complex to you because this isn't the thing that will happen so often.

So how do you reset it anyway? Leave all your questions to us! We did plenty of research and have the steps and other helpful information below!

Follow these steps to reset your GE PTAC unit:

  1. Press and hold the HEAT and COOL keys altogether.
  2. Turn the master switch ON while you keep holding both HEAT and COOL keys.
  3. A red light will show next to the 'OFF' key that tells you finally reset your PTAC unit.

That was easy, was it? Well, continue reading because there's so much vital information waiting for you to unwrap. We'll walk you through several resetting guidelines about your GE PTAC. Let's dive in!

A GE PTAC unit installed under a window, How To Reset A GE PTAC Unit [In 3 Easy Steps!]

What Is A GE Zoneline Lock Out?

You'll find the GE Zoneline air conditioner models in some commercial buildings, hotels, and motels as their primary heating and cooling source.

These units, such as the AZ45 to AZ65 models, have a feature that can lock out the unit.

This protects the air conditioner unit from accidental settings changes made mainly by hotels or motels guests. When the system is locked out, there is no way to alter the temperature or control settings.

PTAC unit outdoors on a cart

How Do You Lock And Unlock The GE Zoneline?

Locking features are common in most HVAC brands, especially in GE PTAC units. Knowing this procedure is necessary to ensure the main host of the system has total control of the entire system.

You'll need to tap and hold the DISPLAY SHOW/HIDE keys for at least 10 seconds to lock the AC controls securely.

After locking the control settings, you will observe the following setting changes on the unit's panel:

  • An LED will flash along its thermal level display when pressing any key after locking the system.
  • The thermal level, which is locked, will flash about five times.
  • The screen will go to SLEEP MODE.
  • The operating system will not respond if you try to change the locked-in operation inputs.

Meanwhile, simply repeat the locking process if you want to unlock the lock mode setting. After opening the control again back to normal, you will then control the system normally again.

NOTE: According to GE, you should let the system rest for several minutes before trying to switch to other modes.

Where Is The Reset Button On A GE Air Conditioning Unit?

Temperature is set to a comfortable setting of 70 degrees

You'll need to search the reset button in the outside unit of the air conditioner for the entire house. It will have two cables sticking from the top and a little button that is presumably red.

A short copper tube linked to the refrigeration line of the system will be attached to the pressure switch's opposite side.

How Do You Program A GE Air Conditioner To The Constant Fan Setting?

Setting your GE air conditioner into a constant fan setting is often crucial in regulating proper airflow in some living centers.

This is convenient, especially when the specific indoor fan demand needs to operate 100% all the time.

Kindly follow our instructions below to set your GE fan to constant settings correctly:

  1. Remove the front grill to access the AUXILIARY SETTINGS.
  2. The AUXILIARY SETTINGS key may be a red color on the right side near the caution sticker.
  3. Move to the control panel and tap the MODE key until the OFF sign flashes.
  4. Then, tap the AUXILIARY key, and an AU sign will show on the panel display.
  5. Tap the MODE key continuously until the number 4 pops up.
    • The 4u is the default set up for constant fan OFF.
  6. The + and - signs are the key to controlling the constant fan to ON and OFF.
    • Pressing the + sign will set the constant fan to ON, corresponding to a 4n indication on the panel.
    • Pressing the - sign will turn the constant fan set up to OFF mode.
  7. To save your progress, press the red AUXILIARY setting key.

NOTE: This type of setting will ensure that the fan always serves proper heating and cooling. As long as there's power supplying the air conditioner unit.

Why Isn't My GE Air Conditioner Cooling?

Suppose you run the AC unit with an outside temperature at or under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling power of the air conditioner will reduce significantly.

As a result, your indoor coil will freeze up, thus lowering its cooling efficiency.

Furthermore, when the temperature outside reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit or below, it will also cause the compressor not to turn on simply because it is not ideal in operation under freezing point outdoor thermal level.

However, remember to check the system's other factors when facing poor cooling performance.

How Do You Stop A GE AC From Leaking?

Water leaking from the air conditioner drips from the cooler

Your indoor air conditioner has a rear fan blade with a "slinger ring." This gathers water in the base pan and pushes it at the condenser coils.

As a result, this boosts the device's effectiveness and aids in drying out the pan.

If the water will spray outside the room, there's no problem. However, if it's pouring water inside your room, it might have an issue with some components in the system.

Here below are a few things that may need fixing to avoid this kind of issue occurring in the long run:

  • Check your air conditioner system whether it is evenly balanced or level.
  • Always follow proper filter cleaning maintenance and system cleaning regular servicing.

Why Does My GE Air Conditioner Beep But Doesn't Turn On?

Don't worry if your GE air conditioner unit starts beeping. It's a good sign and indeed normal. This sound shows that the equipment is set up and operating normally.

Here is a quick explanation of the meanings of the various beeps:

Beeps Once

If you switch on the air conditioner for the first time, the LED light will show for a few moments. Following the process, a "88" sign will pop up in about two seconds.

You will notice one beep when the device restarts during a blackout or power shortage. In addition, a single beep will sound whenever you hit a key on the settings menu or the remote.

Double Beeps

This indicates an unresponsive command or when pressing any key but failing to apply the process.

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Multiple Beeps

A continuous beep from your GE air conditioner indicates an issue with one or more parts. This may be due to the failure of the compressor, capacitor, fan motor, or electronic control board.

Suppose your GE air conditioner beeps but won't switch ON. Most likely, it's having an issue with the electrical control board.

Troubleshooting A GE Air Conditioner That Isn't cooling

You should consider a few factors if your air conditioner is not cooling effectively. This is very critical because this will determine not only your overall satisfaction but its operational efficiency as well.

Follow our troubleshooting guidelines below to fix your AC's poor cooling performance:

Inspecting Proper Installation

  • Ensure that your air conditioner is proportional to the size of your room.
  • The air conditioner's airflow registers must be free from anything that blocks its operation.

Checking The Thermal Level

  • Always observe proper operational settings to avoid affecting your cooling efficiency.
  • If the indoor temperature is at 64 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
    • The thermostat will not switch on the compressor, so be mindful of keeping an eye on that.
  • Consider the indoor space's temperature before you turn ON the air conditioner.

Examining The Coils And Air Filter

  • Conduct a routine check-up in your system coils, especially when the thermal level outside is 70 degrees.
  • Ensure to clean the AC air filter every 30 days.

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Check Your Operational Settings

  • Set always to the lowest temperature setting on your electronic or digital thermostat.
  • Mind that a dirty air filter and an oversized AC unit will result in less effective cooling operation.

NOTE: Always refer to these troubleshooting guidelines before you hire or contact an air conditioner specialist.

In Closing

Resetting the GE PTAC unit is a very simple type of troubleshooting its system. This simple yet beneficial process will solve some underlying problems that cause your PTAC system to run less effectively.

We hope you will use all this significant knowledge to keep and care for your GE air conditioner unit.

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