Rheem AC Not Turning On – What To Do?

Air conditioners keep our homes cool during summer. We cannot do without this appliance, but sometimes it fails us. What can you do if your Rheem AC does not turn on? We've consulted the experts, and here's what they recommend. 

When your AC fails to turn on, you need to first understand what the problem is and then provide any of these appropriate solutions:

  • Repair the thermostat.
  • Repair the motor.
  • Repair the power outlet.
  • Add refrigerant.
  • Clean the air filters.
  • Turn on the switch.
  • Clean the condenser.
  • Turn on the circuit breaker.
  • Unclog the drain pan.
  • Size your AC correctly.

Keep reading to find out why your AC does not turn on and how to solve this problem. Also, learn how to troubleshoot through a reset button plus the general costs of repairing an AC.

Vintage digital thermostat trouble ac is not turning on, Rheem Ac Not Turning On What to do?

What Do You Do When Your Rheem AC Does Not Turn On?

As we have mentioned, we cannot do without the air conditioners in our home. They not only keep us cool or warm, but they have added benefits such as improving the air quality, reducing triggers that would bring about respiratory issues, and helping keep out insects and parasites that would cause ailments.

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But, what would you do if your appliance simply will not turn on? The following are the solutions to common problems that might occur:

Repair The Thermostat

The thermostat is a vital component of your AC system that is in plain view of everyone in the home, yet it's sometimes overlooked. If it malfunctions, the power connection to the unit will be absent. It will, therefore, not send the signal to start your AC.

It could be due to lack of power, a circuit breaker tripping, the switch may have been turned off, or the thermostat has been damaged.

When you call the technician, they will look for the main problem and solve it either by repairing it or replacing it if damaged.

Repair The Motor

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The motor is the main component of an AC unit. With several capacitors in the motor, the start capacitor can go bad over time, hindering the power signals from being sent to the AC unit to start. 

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In addition, the contactor switch in your compressor unit can also wear out over time, halting the movement of the voltage power to the condenser unit, causing the fan not to work.

Repair The Power Cord Or Outlet

Sometimes the problem can be so minor. When the power cord is worn-out, it may start to fray until it finally malfunctions.

Or, the electrical outlet could be damaged. If you suspect this, plug in other appliances and check if the outlet still works. If it does not, you may have to replace it.

Add Refrigerant

adding refrigerant or adding refrigerant for more cooling power

A refrigerant leak can cause your AC not to start. It could damage the unit if the problem is not resolved in good time.

To know for sure that this is the problem, other signs you may have to watch out for are ice forming on the unit or running in short bursts.  

Once you discover this is the issue, do not attempt to refill the refrigerant because this is done at the factory. They fill up the appliances with the right amount before selling them out to retailers.

Instead, call an HVAC technician who will add the refrigerant or replace it.

Clean The Air Filters

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When dirt and debris clog the air filter, ice forms on the evaporator coil. Subsequently, it will freeze the unit until it stops working. 

The solution is to clean the air filter. Start by vacuuming it with a hand vacuum and then wiping it with a microfiber cloth around the frame. Afterward, spray it with water.

If you need a thorough clean, soak it in a solution that is one part white vinegar and one part warm water for an hour. To rinse, spray with water again, and then let it dry before putting it back. 

Turn On The Switch 

Your AC has an ON/OFF switch, which, when switched OFF by mistake, your appliance will not turn ON.

We normally expect the problem to be serious to the extent we overlook tiny issues like the switch just being turned  OFF. 

When the unit does not turn ON, the first place to check should be the switch. 

Clean The Condenser

clean dirty condenser coils on an air conditioner system

The external unit of your AC is known as the condenser. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will get dirty with time. This causes it to use more energy to release heat outside.

Your condenser will start to draw in too much current, which will cause the circuit breaker to trip so that your AC refuses to turn on. When it reaches this point, do not attempt to clean it yourself.

Allow a professional to clean it because they will meticulously clean it, taking precautions not to damage the parts inside.

Turn On The Circuit Breaker

Power tripping at the circuit breaker can cause the AC to turn OFF. This is a safety measure to protect your unit due to a power surge on the electric grid.

When you check and find this has happened, leave it for a few minutes and then switch it ON. Your AC should start running.

However, if it keeps tripping, do not turn it ON until an expert checks and fixes it.

Unclog The Drain Pan

Your AC not only conditions your house but also removes moisture from the air. It collects in the drain pan.

There is an extra drain that drains the main drain pan. Cleaning them regularly will prevent clogging from taking place.

This triggers the float switch to turn the AC OFF because it is a safety mechanism to prevent the unit from being damaged.

Therefore, your AC will not run until the drain pan is cleaned. A dry or wet vacuum can be used to suck out the clog, though it can be very messy. You might have to call a professional if you don't want the mess.

Size Your AC Correctly

Did you purchase the correct AC size? If it is not the right size, it will have to work harder than usual, and may eventually break down. 

Buying a large AC that is more than required, will continuously turn on and off, increasing the wear and tear. 

A small unit, on the other hand, will run for long before it can cool or warm your home

How To Reset Your Rheem AC

Checking air conditioner condition if its well working or not

Did you know that your Rheem AC has a reset button? When the power goes OFF, it will take a little while before  your AC goes back ON. 

Since you need to use the AC and don't want to wait, you will have to press the reset button because you want it to work immediately power is back. 

So, what is this button and how do you reset it?

Follow the steps below:

1. Raise the temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a measure to prevent your unit from turning ON as you reset the button. 

2. Open the panel of the unit. You will find a red rubber button at the bottom of the case where the copper lines are.  

3. Press the reset button, and then set the thermostat to the level you desire. Your AC should be able to start running.

But, if it does not turn back ON because the power surge destroyed the capacitor, ask a professional to replace it.

In such a case, don’t attempt to do replace it yourself, unless you have the electrical skills. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Rheem Air Conditioners?

Repair cost depends on the damage or issues of an ac being troubleshoot

Repair costs vary depending on the model of the Rheem, the complexity of the project, and the parts required, among other factors.

In general, air conditioners cost between $3,150 and $4,000 to install. 

If we look at the parts of an AC, the labor costs cost per hour range from $175 to $400 to replace a contactor switch, between $50 and $600 to replace a blower, and finally from $50 to $100 to replace a drain pan. 

In Closing

Vintage digital thermostat trouble ac is not turning on

Your Rheem air conditioner may not turn due to various reasons. For it to run again, find out the cause and then find the corresponding solution.

When the power goes out, your AC may not turn back on immediately and may need to be reset by pressing the red button inside the unit. 

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