Rheem Vs. American Standard: Which Brand To Choose?

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Nowadays, you can find tons of reliable and high-class HVAC brands on the market. Rheem and American Standard are definitely among them. Now, if you're thinking about purchasing a Rheem and American Standard HVAC system, well don't skip this page! We did extensive research regarding this topic and found the answer below.

Rheem and American Standard are both reputable brands globally that produce high-quality HVAC products. However, Rheem sells its products at a price that may come within your budget. Though American Standard products have a costly price tag, they are full of features that perfectly fit your home. 

As we know, both brands also venture into several other business industries outside of HVAC. On this topic, we only focus mainly on the HVAC products of both brands. So with that said, let's dive in!

Collaged photo of Rheem and American Standard air conditioners, Rheem Vs. American Standard: Which Brand To Choose?

Rheem And American Standard At A Glance

Undoubtedly, Rheem has a great image in several business varieties, especially in the HVAC industry. The company's journey starts in Emeryville, California in 1925, led by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem. Even though the company has produces a variety of products throughout its nearly 100-year existence.

Rheem is currently the only producer of HVAC appliances, water heaters, pool and spa heating devices, and industrial refrigeration products globally. It is also the largest producer of water heating items in North America.

Air conditioner mounted on a concrete padding

Meanwhile, American Standard is a household name in various industries, including the HVAC system. The American Radiator Company and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing became one after unifying in 1929.

Thus, the two businesses collaborate and formed the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. In 1967, the company changed its brand name to American Standard Corporation after several productive decades.

Rheem And American Standard Quality

Rheem's full commitment to serving you the best quality air conditioner products is unlike any other. In fact, Forbes includes Rheem in their newest report as the best air conditioner brand in 2022. Additionally, all of their HVAC products are Energy Star certified.

In contrast, American Standard also passes the U.S standard quality and acquires the Enerty Star certification. This is truly a positive indication when considering buying your HVAC appliance. Moreover, their high-performance air conditioner units have great features that purposely design for your comfort.

Best HVAC Features By Both Brands

Rheem equipped their mini split AC with heat pump technology to effectively comfort you in the winter and summer seasons. Also, controlling your thermal needs is now easy with their new EcoNet® Smart Thermostat features.

Changing the thermostat via phone

This simplifies your monitoring and precisely regulates your home's temperature demand via Wi-Fi. What's more, with this feature, you can command your HVAC system through the Smart Thermostat using your voice.

American Standard produces their HVAC systems with unique technologies to bring comfort to your house. It features a Comfort-R™ in its heating and air conditioner system to reduce the humidity in your home much faster.

The compressor in their HVAC uses a variable speed that enables it to function so efficiently. Furthermore, through the AccuLink™ Zoning Systems, you can remotely control and manage your air conditioning system easily.

Both Brands Durability Assurance

In terms of durability, Rheem never stops innovating its products through extensive testing to produce high-performance and efficient HVAC Units. As a result, their products have the most durable and reliable performance on par with their rivals.

In comparison, American Standard also has a trump card in their arsenal that makes their furnaces very robust and durable. The company manufactures its furnaces with heavy steel casing making its longevity last even longer. This can be a good point, knowing that it can endure even the most severe climate condition it may experience.

A Rheem Air conditioner on the side of a house placed on a plastic pad

Noise Level Comparison

Surely you don't want to spend your night getting traumatized by the annoying sound of your air conditioner unit. That's why we include this in your selection to keep your relaxing moment as quiet as possible.

Aside from being one of the greatest AC brands this year, Rheem is also known for its quiet operation. They have a good decibels rating on their product line ranging from 55-72.

On the other hand, American Standard surprisingly outclasses Rheem in producing an extremely quiet air conditioner. Their Platinum series with AccuComfort™ Variable Speed has an astounding 4 decibels sound level.

SEER Rating Face Off

The overall consensus tells that Rheem is indeed a good option for making decent HVAC appliances. Along with their good reputation in the business comes their wide range of SEER value. Among the product line that Rheem manufactures, most have a SEER rating ranging from 13-20.5.

While American Standard presents their products with utmost SEER efficiency ranging from 14.5-22 ratings. This rating will indicate how cost-effective the HVAC unit is in terms of energy consumption. Remember that proper ventilation and regular service of your HVAC unit will always determine its overall efficiency.

Electricity meter photographed up close

Both Brands Key Product Portfolio

Today, you will find Rheem's in a wide variety of product portfolios. Starting with their high-end collection, which is perfect for most residential settings, all the way to their mid-grade and affordable type series.

Here are Rheem's three main products portfolio:

  • The Classic Series.
  • The Classic Plus Series.
  • And the Prestige Series.

As part of the American Standard company's mission, it always pushes to enhance its product. Throughout their almost century of constant product development, they proudly exhibit their three ultimate reliable series:

  • The Silver Series.
  • The Gold Series.
  • And the Platinum Series.

Rheem's Unit Price Tag With Installation Cost

Rheem offers a wide range of products at relatively reasonable unit costs, including installation. That's why some homeowners prefer to select Rheem due to its cost-effective and durable series.


Rheem's lower-end series per unit and installation will cost you from $4,900 up to $7,890.

Classic Plus

This is the mid-range collection of Rheem with the per unit cost, including the installation, around $5,360-$8,300.


As the highest and premier series of Rheem, its unit cost, along with its installation charges, is around $5,880-$9,260.

American Standard Unit Price Tag With Installation Cost

The designs and standards of the products sold by American Standard are of the highest caliber. As proof of their long history of outstanding service. You may expect their models to cost you extra money, along with the installation cost.

Series Silver

Even though these models belong to the company's lowest series class, they have only a few key characteristics available in their premier class. Given this, its average price, including installation, is between $5,800 and $8,000.

Gold Series

This is the mid-tier series produced by the American Standard with revolutionary features built into its system. The average unit with installation fees included can range from $8,000 to $12,800.

Platinum Series

The typical pricing for the company's greatest models, including installation charges, may range from $8,000.

Warranty Coverage Comparison

Rheem offers their product users good warranty coverage if you register your appliance. Visit the Rheem website to register and learn the full details of your warranty coverage.

Furnace Warranty Coverage

  • Your Rheem gas furnace unit is covered with a 10-year components warranty.
  • If you are using a heat exchanger then you'll enjoy Rheem's limited lifetime warranty.

Air Conditioner And Heat Pump Warranty Coverage

  • Both your AC and heat pump can qualify for their 10-year limited components replacement warranty.

There is no labor coverage for services, including detaching and installation services. Any extra fees or expenses incurred during the process will be charged to you.

American Standard provides a straightforward yet fair warranty offer to its devoted customers as long as you'll register your equipment within the company's registration period of 60 days upon installation.

  • You'll be eligible for a 10-year limited warranty if any defective components result from the manufacturer's mistakes.
  • If you don't register your equipment within the specified time, you'll only get a 5-year limited warranty.

In Conclusion

Collaged photo of Rheem and American Standard air conditioners

Deciding which brands to choose between these two notable and well-known HVAC brands is so challenging. In the end, it's all up to you to make up your decisive selection. Since these two iconic brands produce durable, reliable, and highly efficient equipment.

What matter most is that you should select the brands which you'll find the best fit for your home requirements. We hope that you can now choose properly which brands of HVAC products you wish to have.

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