Rheem Vs. Ruud: Are They The Same?

Do you get confused whenever you hear both Rheem and Ruud? Do you think they are the same? Very well, let us explain the difference between the two since we have already researched it for you.

Rheem and Ruud are brand names. And the Rheem Manufacturing Company produces them. The similarity of the two brands is that they fully commit to innovation, reliability, and efficiency.

And suppose you want to understand these brands and their differences better, we suggest you continue reading until the end of this article as we might be able to help you choose excellent HVAC units.

Difference between two company rheem and ruud, RheemVs.RuudAreTheyTheSame?

A Family of HVAC Brands

Most companies tend to lean toward consolidation as their marketing and sales strategy. This process is about parent companies absorbing many brands. For example, Proctor and Gamble own four competing dish soap brands. Paloma industries bought Rheem Manufacturing Company and, with this consolidation, also took ownership of Ruud.

Before Paloma bought Rheem Manufacturing Company, it had already made its name famous in the HVAC industry. Identically, Ruud also did it before Rheem bought it. Both of them are indeed leaders for quality and innovative products.

Rheem and Ruud were already creating a name for themselves before even getting into air conditioning, let alone joining the same firm.

History of Rheem's HVAC Systems

Rheem Manufacturing company since year 1925

This manufacturing company started in California in the year 1925. Originally, Rheem was a manufacturer of steel drums, and over the years, they made other types of products. Moreover, their starting year of manufacturing HVAC products is about the same as Ruud.

Rheem Manufacturing Company is indeed strategical. Ruud was their competitor, but they turned it to their advantage.

In 1960, they acquired Ruud and used its Kalamazoo plant to make their entire air conditioning units and heating products. This specific strategy made a tremendous profit for Rheem.


Why Rheem Is Considered The Best AC Brand By Forbes

Because of Rheem's excellent customer service, quiet operation, and pricing, Forbes considered it the top air conditioner brand in 2021.

In addition, the Rheem brand already has a hundred years reputation for providing quality air conditioners, outstanding customer care, and a suitable product cost. That is also why Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave them an A+ rating.

The sound of an air conditioning unit from Rheem is on a level with other top brands and expensive air conditioners. Moreover, some of Rheem's high-end models highlight the EcoNet app for monitoring on the phone. Rheem air conditioners are equipped with Copeland variable speed compressors, as well.

Rheem Is Committed To Quality

The Rheem brand earned the top ranking because of its commitment to quality. Up until today, Rheem continuously welcomes innovation and technology upgrades to meet consumer demands.

Essentially, every Rheem brand user benefits through smaller and quieter air conditioning units, increased energy efficiency, and reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

History of Ruud's Cooling, Heating, and Water Heating

You may have possibly heard about Edwin Ruud before. A Norwegian mechanical engineer came to America more than a hundred years ago. He successfully made the first automatic water heater back then.

That particular success pronounced the origination of the value and innovation that led to Ruud air conditioning and heating equipment in 1950. At that time, Ruud has expanded and became one of the most extensive quality cooling, heating, and water heating manufacturers in North America.

Over the years, the product line tried to expand, improve and change its designs and technology significantly. And as of today, Ruud employs highly trained workers to achieve excellence and quality products.

The only remaining factors that won't change throughout Ruud's history are its commitment to producing the long-lasting, reliable, and most efficient equipment that customers can buy.

Ruud Is Well-known For Its Quality

Ruud well known on heating and cooling water solution

Ruud is leading the heating, cooling, and water heating solutions industry.

They offer products that cover commercial and residential heating and cooling. Additionally, it provides tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, standard storage-style water heaters, accessories, and replacement parts for all those categories, making it a multiservice provider.

All Ruud products can meet and exceed its meticulous industry's reliability, efficiency, and quality standards. All of its raw materials to its finished products are ensured to have the highest quality.

Furthermore, Ruud products pass through testing in various government and third-party labs. This process helps to ensure that the quality standards are strictly met.

What Ruud Offers

The HVAC economy is not about product lines anymore; it is about quality and product solutions. In other words, it is about how you use the numerous products and that they should meet your standards.

Ruud products offer each application:

  • Newly constructed units
  • Major renovation, simple restoration, and replacement of water heating units
  • Commercial and residential housing water heating unit options
  • Institutional, manufactured, and industrial housing water heating unit options
  • Commercial hot water and domestic hot water applications
  • Commercial heating and cooling applications
  • Domestic cooling and heating applications

Trust that Ruud is reliable and cost-effective on whatever heating and cooling solutions you need. And remember that Ruud is a multiservice brand that will not disappoint you.

Ruud Products Are Readily Available

The good thing about the Ruud brand is its readiness in stock. You can find its accessories and replacement parts strategically across Canada, the USA, and Mexico for quick delivery anywhere in North America. In addition, they also have international distributors that reach numerous countries worldwide.

Excellent Customer Service

The number one priority of Ruud is their customers. To ease your mind, they provide accurate and timely support as much as possible.

All consumers count on Ruud's assistance for product information and warranty details. However, contractors and plumbers depend on the brand for application support and technical aid.

Rheem Vs. Ruud

Rheem and Ruud are some of the most famous and recognizable brands in the cooling and heating industry. They are so identical that whatever you choose between them will do. It will just depend on which is closer to your liking and standards.

We share this guide to help you judge and spot the differences between Rheem and Ruud's brands. Also, to assist you in making a better choice for your HVAC situation.


Both of these brands have a solidified reputation when it comes to quality.

Look for each product's Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating to identify which is better. This rating will tell you how efficient the product is. And keep in mind that the higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient the equipment is.

According to Energy Information Administration, the energy used for heating and air conditioning consumes more than half of your total energy.

The SEER ratings of Ruud products range from 16 to 19.5. This range may be small compared to other home cooling brands, but it is already efficient enough.

The Rheem brand has the same SEER range as the Ruud. However, you should note that most of its units utilize a double-coil system. And using such a system means they are significantly quieter than the other products on the market.

And as for Ruud, its coil system varies, which means that the noise level will also differ from model to model.


Rheem and Ruud offer various models of their six product lines. Every unit is comparable concerning power usage and can keep up with each other.

Specifically, the two of the most promising air conditioning lines on the market come from Rheem and Ruud. Rheem has its Prestige Series, and Ruud has the Ultra Series.

Air Conditioning Prices

The pricing of both brands with their units depends on several factors. The installation cost alone is already high.

Before hiring a professional, you should consider getting a free estimation to know how much the unit and installation will cost you.

Rheem Pros

  • Has energy star rating
  • Confirmed as high quality
  • Steel construction
  • Quiet compared to others

Rheem Cons

  • It has a limited variety
  • A bit pricey
  • Limited warranty
  • Has a limited SEER options

Ruud Pros

  • Popular in commercial and household properties
  • Confirmed as high quality
  • Has a broad range of SEER quality
  • Rated by energy star

Ruud Cons

  • Pricey
  • It has a limited variety
  • The units are bulky
  • Has a limited SEER options

Ask A Professional

Always consider asking for a professional's help and advice.

Professionals can assist you in checking your home. They can evaluate your home with improper features such as poor insulation, high ceilings, and a window that receives too much sunlight. They can figure out what your house needs.

Yes, you can do the measurements, choose the brand, do the shopping alone, and do everything you want, but it is better to ask for a second opinion from an HVAC professional. Doing so will help you choose the most suitable HVAC units for your home.

In Conclusion

Difference between two company rheem and ruud, RheemVs.RuudAreTheyTheSame?

Always consider the quality and efficiency of the HVAC units you are going to purchase. Don't go for a unit that costs less but compromises the quality and energy efficiency. You don't have to settle for less if you can have one of the bests.

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