Roca Toilet Flush Not Working—Why And What To Do?

Roca toilet comes in various designstraditional to modern that suits your need. However, some issues appear while using an item like this toilet. What happens when it doesn't flush? What to do, and why is the Roxa flush not working? Learn to fix it from the gathered information from experts.

The Roca toilet flush is not working because the toilet valve gets pushed closed and needs to unlatch the toilet valve. It usually happens in new constructions. Or, the tank doesn't have enough water, so the tank stopper can take control of the water flow, sealing the waterways and causing the flush to halt, hitting higher water levels.

You can fix your Roca toilet flush by following the recommendations above. But, being familiar and knowledgeable with your toilet parts and systems can avoid more mishaps in the future. Continue reading the details for your Roca toilet.

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Why Does Roca Toilet Flush Not Work? [How To Fix?]

Toilet Valve Pushed Closed

It's alarming when the toilet doesn't flush, at home or in commercial toilets. One reason is the toilet valve got pushed to close. Follow the easy guide below to ">fix it:

  1. Try to press the flush button a few times to check if there's a chance to flush or if the buttons are loose.
  2. Lift open the water tank cover.
  3. Pull open the stuck valve at the bottom of the water tank.
  4. Then, the water must flow all right.

Low Water Level

The internal mechanics of a modern flush toilet.

Sometimes, the water level is not enough to flush. Or, the tank stopper we'll get in the way. Follow the easy guide below to fix it:

  1. Try to press the flush button a few times to check if there's a chance to flush or if the buttons are loose.
  2. Lift open the water tank cover.
  3. Adjust the fill valve to a higher level.
  4. Let the tank fill with water to its adjusted level.
  5. The flush must be working by now.

Manual Flush

Some other causes why a toilet won't flush are clogged, the lift chain not working, or the rubber flapper or doughnut washer in the toilet tank not establishing a solid seal. The only option in the meantime is to flush your toilet manually.

A good old trick will do it. You can grab a bucket full of water and then flush it into the bowl. You can also fill water into the water tank. Or, take off the rubber flapper or doughnut washer to let the water pass through to clean the toilet.


hand dismantling the flush mechanism of the toilet tank

Sometimes, replacement of some parts of the toilet mechanism is needed if some fixes do not work. Check some damaged or worn-out parts of your Roca toilet that may be causing the issue. You may buy spare parts online or from your local hardware shop.

In this case, it is likely to replace the flush button. A faulty flush button will surely not let you flush your toilet. Look at the step-by-step guide to replacing it:

Tools To Prepare

  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A matching grips
  • A clean towel

Replacing A Toilet Push-Button Flush

  1. Turn off your toilet's isolation valve or shut down the valve with a W mark underneath your kitchen sink.
  2. Lift the water tank cover and place it somewhere safe.
  3. Detach the refill tube and remove the broken button by unfastening the nuts.
  4. Wipe the rim where the button is installed for clean installation later.
  5. Empty the water from the tank by flushing it. It's alright if there's some water left.
  6. Pull out the cistern to install a new flush button by carefully unscrewing the tank attached to the wall.
  7. Remove the two wing nuts and bolts below the cistern to pull out the whole cistern.
  8. Remove the pipe attached to the tank to empty the tank.
  9. Put the water tank cover and wipe the lid and any leftover water on the cistern path.
  10. Check the condition of the rubber flapper or doughnut washer and if they need replacing.
  11. Remove the flash valve by wiggling to the side framing the hole.
  12. Unfasten the doughnut washer and place the new seal high for the tighter bottom.
  13. Install the new valve by the cistern. Return the doughnut washer.
  14. Reverse the process from the previous steps, starting with re-installing the cistern.
  15. Position the fill valve without any stuck issues.
  16. Fit the new flush button.
  17. Lastly, open the water valve; everything should work well.

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Roca Toilet Systems

Hand is fixing a toilet cistern at home

Roca has launched different toilet mechanisms, from simple to complicated ones. Discover more of the Roca toilet systems. The Roca toilet mechanism consists of the water inlet and the flush valves.

Different Roca toilet flush units are available, from single to dual to touchless. Complete sets are also at hand for customer convenience. It is compact with the inclusion of a bottom inlet system and dual flush system.

  • D8 - dual flush system
  • A dual flush system, double push-button
  • A single flush system, pull handle
  • A single flush system, push-button
  • Touchless dual flush system
  • Cable-operated dual flush system
  • Dual flush systems, two push buttons

How Do I Make My Toilet Flush Stronger?

Hold " target="_blank" rel="noopener">press the toilet flush lever button to make your toilet flush stronger. It acts to produce more water to flush. Make sure your water tank has enough water level.

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How Do You Fix A Toilet That Needs To Be Flushed Twice?

Your toilet must be flushed twice because the toilet flapper or doughnut washer is loose or not adjusted well, and much water continuously flows. You can balance it quickly if you have an adjustable toilet flapper. But, if not, pull out the flapper and install it again. Make sure it's properly fit. Or, you may buy an adjustable one.

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Why Is My Toilet Flushing Slow?

It can be that your toilet tank water level is short, your toilet is clogged, the pipe is ruling out, or there's an accumulation of calcium and other solid minerals. Look at the areas where these reasons can be visible. Clean your toilet or let the water level get higher.

Why Does My Toilet Swirl But Not Flush?

Your toilet swirls but is not flushing because of a malfunctioning toilet flapper. It is set underneath the tank beside the overflow tuber. It serves as an opening where water flows to flush the toilet. Check the rubber flapper and replace it if needed.

Can Bleach Unclog A Toilet?

Unclogging a toilet with bleach and hot water is acceptable. It is one of the cheapest methods if you do not have a plunger. It is also a safe method. It works to disinfect and break down waste materials present in the toilet bowl. Thus, it helps the toilet clear out solids or matters that caused the clogging.

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Can I Put Bleach In My Toilet Tank?

Never put any cleaning products containing bleach into your toilet tank, as it will wear down the internal system of your toilet. Your toilet lifespan will get shorter. It is preferable to use white vinegar with water to clean the inside of your toilet tank rather than pouring bleach into it. 

How Often Should You Replace A Toilet?

A toilet does not need frequent replacement unless it is damaged or faulty. In general, change your toilet around after 50 yrs. It can last that long with regular maintenance and proper care.

How Much Should It Cost To Have A New Toilet Installed?

Flush toilet

Installation of a new toilet highly depends on its design, system, and placement difficulty. On average, it should cost you around $400. It can cost you more with an estimated 2 to 4 hours of installation.

Summing Up

open toilet tank,repair toilet toilet tank that drains water, old toilet

Roca toilet does not flush due to the toilet valve being thrust closed or a low water level that makes the tank stopper tight close. It can also be because of clogging or the build-up of solid minerals. These causes may be subtle. But replacement is recommendable for any damaged parts.

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