Can You Place An Air Purifier On Carpet [Is It Safe]?

You perhaps purchased an air purifier and now wonder where to put it. If the thought of placing your air purifier on a carpet crossed your mind, but you are unsure if it is safe to do, we've got you covered. We've researched this concern, and here is the answer.

It is safe to place your air purifier on the carpet as long as there's nothing blocking its opening. Smooth airflow can achieve the best air purification.

The location of your air purifier is crucial. Continue reading as we will discuss other safe places to locate an air purifier in your house.

Is It Safe To Put An Air Purifier On The Carpet?

Modern air purifier in the bedroom by the bed

Air purifiers serve a preventive role against viruses, allergies, and undesirable odors. It is best to purify the air around us if we want to shield ourselves from harmful effects. 

An air purifier can deliver the clean air you want if it has adequate airflow and the proper kind and filter quantity. An air purifier needs a powerful motor and fan to force the air through a better filter. Also, the type of air purifier you select ultimately determines the precise particles eliminated.

Placing your air purifier can boost its performance. In terms of placing it on a carpet, you can put it there, which is entirely safe. Just ensure there aren't any obstructions in the openings that absorb dust and dirt so your air purifier can function well. 

Also, an air purifier will not damage your carpet because it doesn't contain water that can leak. However, it is recommended to place it above the ground or on elevated areas.

Carpets collect a lot of debris within your house and release it into the air. Thus, having an air purifier won't make the carpets absorb as much dust because the air purifier has removed impurities from the air. Just make sure to regularly clean your carpets using a vacuum to prevent dust accumulation.

Always remember that excessive humidity might be damaging to us as well. Humidity levels that are too high can encourage the growth of mold, which is harmful to our health.

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Where Should You Not Put An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers efficiently and securely eliminate dangerous substances from our living spaces. However, incorrectly placing an air purifier can result in the same symptoms as contaminated air.

Here are the locations in your house where you should avoid placing your air purifier:


If you place your air purifier right next to you while you sleep, it will draw impurities from the air to your side of the bed because it works as a reversed fan. In other words, rather than blowing air away from it, it draws it toward it. Thus, you won't be able to breathe clean air.

Corner and Walls

You can lose the efficiency of your air purifier if you place it in a corner or near the wall because you might block its opening, which is used for adequate air inflow. We advise against positioning the machine immediately beneath the shelves or behind furniture, as well.

Hot Areas

Placing your air purifier in hot areas near the sun can cause malfunction due to overheating. 

Large Room

When determining where to place your air purifier, consider its range. Do not consider putting it in a large room if your air purifier can only purify a small space. You can waste money by operating an air purifier that is too powerful in a small space.

Room Where You Prefer Silence

My third argument should greatly worry you if you prefer having silence in a room when you read, study, or sleep. Some air purifiers are simply unbearably loud. A silent air purifier is necessary if you are sensitive to noise.

Damp Surfaces

Never place your air purifier on damp surfaces to avoid getting electrocuted.

Near Appliances

Place your air purifier away from other appliances, as they might interfere with each other's functionality. The machine can be placed close to smaller equipment without any issues because air purifiers are known to be computer-friendly.

Best Places To Put Your Air Purifier

Air purifier beside a plant near the bed, Can You Place An Air Purifier On Carpet [Is It Safe]?

Thus, placing it in its proper place will further improve its performance. Airflow is the most crucial factor to consider when putting in air purifiers.

These are the best locations to place your air purifier:

Near Window

Modern humidifier near window in bedroom

The most polluted home areas are where you must install your air purifier. Put the air purifier near a wide open window. Always remember that ventilation is one of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding where to place an air purifier. 

Just ensure that you place it in the safest area to avoid the sun's extreme heat. You may also place it near the entrance, preventing pollutants from entering your home. This placement is also best for families with pets because they keep coming in and going out time by time.

Another thing to think about is the purifier's size. If you want to receive cleaner air for your entire house, a larger system is excellent. If not, you could require a few more compact or portable purifiers, one for each room.

Across the Room

Air purifier on blue background with filter for cleaner removing fine dust

The air purifier will keep your area clean and stop airborne particles from arriving directly at you. Place it across the room and not directly to you. The best action to take here is to put it in a location with more space.


Modern air humidifier on table in kitchen

You will know how much pollution your kitchen can produce if you have a fully functional kitchen. Aromas from the kitchen and mold growth in your home may contaminate your air. The ability of an air purifier to remove odors from your indoor air is one of its best features.

Placing an air purifier in your kitchen can neutralize the toxins before they spread throughout your house. Place the air purifier close to the smell's origin.


Air purifier in cozy white living room for filter and cleaning removing dust

Having an air purifier ton your bedroom allows you to fall asleep quickly. Also, air purifiers can always travel with you and keep you breathing clean air.

Wherever you go in the house, good air quality is vital. An air purifier will always be an excellent addition to almost any room in the house.

Does An Air Purifier Have To Be On The Floor?

It is not a must to put your air purifier on the floor. However, it is preferable to put it on elevated areas like tables. The air that you want clean the most in your home is the air that you are breathing, not the area near the floor.

In Closing

Air purifier beside a plant near the bed

The positioning of your air purifier affects its performance. Air purifiers are portable and may be placed almost anywhere in your house, but keep in mind the advice we stated above.

Always read the safety precautions in your air purifier's manual. We are confident you will succeed now that you know the factors to consider before deciding where to place your air purifier. Also, don't hesitate to consult your doctor if you suffer from any underlying health conditions.

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