Shark Air Purifier Vs Blueair: Which Is Better?

Are you thinking of getting an air purifier? An air purifier eliminates dangerous particles that can harm you, cause serious illnesses, and cause major problems in your house. We've done the research and have the information you need to decide between Blueair and Shark air purifiers.

Shark and Blueair are two of the top brands in the industry, but they both come at a cost. It will ultimately come down to what you're looking for in an air purifier.  If you prefer low-maintenance air purifiers, pet-friendly or noise-free, these two check those lists. Each brand has its own advantages and drawbacks so take time to read more about these below.

Blueair and Shark Air Purifiers are renowned for their dependability, air purifying quality, and ease of use. They can compete against one another in terms of performance, but they also have their share of differences. Read on to discover more.

A comparison between Shark and Blueair air purifier, Shark Air Purifier Vs Blueair: Which Is Better?

Shark Air Purifier Vs Blueair

These air purifiers have large filters that utilize mechanical and electrostatic filtration to reduce overall noise levels. However, there are several distinctions between Shark Air Purifier and Blueair. Take a look at the comparisons made below.

Shark Air Purifier

Air purifier on wooden floor in comfortable home


  • Six fans are included with this air purifier to maintain clean, evenly distributed air.
  • It makes your house more pleasant and comfortable by assisting in the removal of allergens and undesirable odors.
  • Available in white or black
  • Additionally, touchscreen devices are easy to use for tracking your clean air progress percentages.
  • Aesthetic design
  • It cleans a room quickly and effectively, and its controls and display are simple.
  • They include several filters that can be used to target specific contaminants.


  • No compatible iOS or Android app
  • Because of its air quality features and lack of CADR ratings, Shark air purifiers have garnered many evaluations.
  • For use at night, fans could be too loud.
  • No connectivity to apps or WIFI
  • There are no typical certifications like ETL, AHAM, CARB, or FCC
  • Shark filter replacements are pricey. Depending on how quickly the filter wears down, changing it might cost you the same amount as buying a new air purifier every year.

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Unrecognisable woman controlling the air flow of purifier


  • The Blueair has an elegant appearance, which blends in nicely with minimalist interiors.
  • Blueair's filters are silent because of unique technology, even in higher settings.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • The pre-filter removes larger particles, such as dust, so an inner carbon filter may gather smaller particles and gases that give off an unpleasant odor in your home.
  • Because Blueair filters have Bluetooth, they can be operated with an app on your phone.


  • Some dissatisfied reviewers with sensitive senses claim that the carbon filter does have a smell.
  • The application occasionally has issues syncing with the app, and filters controlled over your home WiFi aren't always easy to use.
  • It's also not economical, and replacing the filter every few months increases the price even further.
  • After using this product and sleeping in the room with the air purifier running, customers wake up with dry sinuses.

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How Do I Choose An Air Purifier?

People are choosing the air purifier at the department store

To eliminate interior pollution, air purifiers use a variety of methods. Some are even harmful to your health, while others operate better. We conducted a thorough study on this subject to provide the right information and assist you in selecting an air purifier.

To make it easy for you to select the best air purifier for your requirements, we have put together a list.

Consider these:

  • Noise
  • Size
  • Location
  • Types of filters
  • Expenses
  • Automatic Operation

The best approaches to enhance interior air quality are to eliminate the sources of pollution and add fresh, clean outdoor air during ventilation. Room air purifiers can be helpful when those alternatives are difficult or insufficient. For more details, keep reading.


You should evaluate an air purifier's usability as well as its performance before making your decision. Since these devices will be running constantly, they should be nearly silent as well. Before making a purchase, you might be able to find the decibel levels of a model on its box or internet listing.


Consider the square footage of the room you wish to filter when selecting the appropriate size air purifier for your requirements. The best air purifiers for people with allergies and asthma can clean the air in a room at least four times each hour.


Since you spend most of your time in bedroom, we recommend installing your air purifier there. You might need to buy extra units for different rooms because portable air purifiers are primarily made to clean the air in only one area.


To efficiently clean the air, air purifiers use a variety of technologies. Select the product you want with the filters you prefer. Before moving on to the next stage of filtration, the pre-filter removes big particles like pet hair. Pet owners should use air purifiers with powerful pre-filters to remove pet hair from their homes.


Some manufacturers offer washable filters. The filters still need to be changed, but less regularly. Additionally, washable filters are more costly and frequently equal in price to replaceable filters over time.

Some air purifiers feature apps that remind you to change the filter and order replacement filters for you when it's time. Many air purifiers have filter reminder lights that turn on when it's time to change your filters.


Air purifier OLED display and high precision laser PM 2.5 sensor show the real time air quality Air purifier OLED display

Not all air purifiers are sensitive enough to change their speed in response to the interior air quality. Smart air purifiers employ precise real-time sensors to monitor the level of pollution and alter the air intake speed to deliver good air quality with the least amount of noise.

An air purifier's capacity to automatically alter performance intensity provides the added advantages of a longer filter lifespan, lower energy usage, lower noise, and better sleep. For maintaining interior air quality when a quiet setting is required, some air purifiers additionally offer a "quiet mode."

How Do I Stop My House From Being So Dusty?

Your air conditioner may completely stop functioning if the condenser coil is unclean. It happens when soil-borne moisture forms and then freezes while the air conditioner is running. As a result of the ice buildup, your home's air cannot be cooled since heat cannot be transferred.

Follow these suggestions:

  • Use an Air Purifier
  • Avoid Carpeting
  • Install roller blinds
  • Change your bedding regularly
  • Vacuum Your Home
  • Sweep and mop

Your house probably has some dust in it, no matter how clean. Everybody must deal with it daily because it is a widespread issue. Therefore, read on to learn more.

Air Purifier

It can be incredibly upsetting to experience severe allergy or asthma symptoms, which can make daily life very challenging. Getting an air purifier is strongly advised if you suffer from severe allergies. 

Skip Carpeting

Removing the carpet from bedroom

Although getting rid of carpet may sound extreme, carpeting traps a lot of dust and releases it into the air every time you move. If you're considering renovating, you might consider putting in a hard-surface floor. Hard-surface flooring like vinyl is considerably easier to keep dust-free than carpets and makes a fantastic substitute for carpeting.

A number of past research have demonstrated that carpets contain more dust and allergens than non-carpeted floors. In addition, it was noted that those with allergies and asthma experienced exacerbation of their symptoms when their carpeted flooring were present.

Roller Blinds

Although roller blinds won't eliminate dust, they'll help you keep less of it inside your house. Consider roller blinds as an alternative to curtains. Try using cloth curtains instead, which are much simpler to take down and clean and can be laundered in a washing machine.

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Bedding is a specific location for the dust to accumulate because dust, outdoor debris, and particles such as dust may readily accumulate there. It's crucial to wash your bedding at least once a week to prevent this issue.

There are mattress covers that completely wrap your mattress to shield it from allergens, helping persons with allergies avoid allergic reactions like asthma.

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Cleaning wooden floor with wireless vacuum cleaner

A high-efficiency particulate air filter on your vacuum can help you get rid of as much dust as you can from your house. We advise vacuuming at least twice a week, particularly in high-traffic areas, to help reduce the dust in your home. One of the best ways to reduce dust in your home is to vacuum, and you'll probably see a difference immediately.


Person sweeping mess on hardwood floor

It's crucial to sweep your wooden floors as frequently as you can if you have them. Wooden flooring makes dust quite visible, and it is simple to trail it throughout the rest of your home. If you have the time, try to dust your floors at the end of each day, and give them a good cleaning with a damp mop at least twice a week.

In Closing:

Air purifiers from Blueair and Shark are stylish, practical, and simple to operate. The Shark air purifier will provide the efficiency you need, while Blueair  gives you an updated, digital-connected design. Before making your decision, consider the location of the air purifier, the size of the area you'll need purifying, the potential noise level of the unit, as well as other factors.

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