Should AC Be Serviced Every Year?

Air conditioners are a simple luxury for many people, and they need occasional service to keep working well. But how often should you have your AC serviced? We have done our research to get the answers for you. 

It's a good idea to have your air conditioner serviced every year, ideally twice a year, before and after the summer.

Most air conditioners are durable enough to stand the summer season even when you use them every day. Your air-conditioning system should need regular maintenance and attention especially before it hits the due season.

At the end of this article, you will know the importance of proper AC maintenance and service. You will learn more about aircon-related topics. Just keep reading!

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Why Should Your AC be Serviced Every Year?

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Even if you have the best AC, it still requires maintenance and service. If service is skipped, your AC will struggle to function, resulting in energy issues and durability problems. Below are some reasons why you should check your AC every year.

Repairing is costlier than maintaining

This is the same with your car’s preventive maintenance service. If you have ever had your car repaired, then you will know how costly it is compared to doing its yearly tune-up and check-up.

This same principle also applies to your air conditioner. Air conditioner repairs can get pricy, sometimes more expensive than purchasing a new unit.

You'll save yourself a lot of money and headaches by having regular service to avoid expensive problems.

Getting tuned up ahead of summer 

Get your air conditioner checked before the summer knocks at the door. You'll be able to catch any problems that may have occurred while it sat during winter.

Since you want your AC unit to be fully functional in summer, get it ready ahead during spring. 

If you are in a place having a long summer season, the AC unit should require special care before getting all the heat. You would not want it to be dead and break down during summer.

Tune up for a maximum efficiency

Yearly check-ups and tune-ups are essential to maintain your air conditioner's energy efficiency. Otherwise, it will degrade over time.

There are many things that contribute to this loss of efficiency.

One is the accumulation of particles around its coils. Wherever the HVAC is located, anything that is coming from the dirt down to the soil down to the dust can get into the holes.

When all of these accumulate, the coil won’t allow heat transfer and won’t do its job efficiently. This is so because the particles will block the heat and the aircon will not attempt to cool.

The unit can also become clogged. If this happens, it creates water damage and unexpected humidity.

The AC motor will also deteriorate and requires lubrication. The blowers should be clean regularly or else there will be no air to flow.

If you can prevent these problems ahead of time, you can save money on repairing them down the line.

Warranty depends on the maintenance

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Most appliances have a warranty. But for some air conditioner brands, the warranty requires regular maintenance. In many cases, replacement parts can only be granted if the unit has been given regular maintenance by professionals.

This may seem unnecessary but will ensure the AC unit won’t break down given the best possible maintenance. This is the best time to remember that repairs are more expensive than buying a new one.

Increase AC's lifespan 

Keeping your air conditioner in top condition will lengthen the unit’s lifespan.

We've seen that small problems can grow into large ones over time. This not only means you'll need to invest in repairs but also means you will need to replace your unit sooner than if it is maintained.

The same is true with maintaining maximum efficiency. If your unit is running less efficiently, this will increase your energy bills and also wears down the components faster. This will shave years off your unit's lifespan.

How Often Should You Service Your AC? 

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In general, air conditioners should be serviced twice a year. In the fall and in spring. This is to ensure that your air conditioner is clean and the parts are in good condition and it operates at its optimum level.

During the fall season, HVAC contractors focus more on furnaces or heaters so you will be ready for the cold. In spring, HVAC technicians are scheduled for tune-ups so it will be ready for the heat and humidity.

Now, this does not mean that you will not do anything to maintain your AC. In fact, it is essential that you should. When it comes to professional maintenance, twice a year is a must.

How Do You Maintain Your Air Conditioner? 

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As a homeowner, an air conditioning system is one of your greatest investments for your home. While it is one of the most expensive, you must make effort to preserve and care for it. Apart from yearly maintenance, you should also furnish your AC unit with additional maintenance all throughout the year. Here are some tips.

Change the filter

Air conditioners and furnaces take all sorts of dirt and dust coming from the air. HVAC filter is responsible for these deposits. It will stop the residue,  but it is also overwhelmed with the process.

The air filter should be changed regularly. If you want your air conditioner to operate at its optimum capacity, the HVAC filter should be replaced every three months. If you have pets, the filter should be replaced more often because of their hairs and dander.

The media filter is located inside the ductwork next to the air handler or in the furnace and it should be replaced every nine to twelve months.

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Your vinegar to your condensate drain

The condensate drains may start to clog especially when fall and spring come. This happens because it works less often.

When the air conditioner runs at full speed on hot days, it removes water constantly from the air. When it seldom operates and the temperature is mild, this means that the condensate drain accumulates mold, algae, and gunk. It builds faster than you might think and a clog can be a big problem.

To avoid this situation, you might want to use vinegar and pour it down the condensate drain when the season change. You can ask your technician on your next visit and take the time to seek for best solutions to this problem.

Keep it clean

The condenser is located outside your home. It is exposed to the elements and is vulnerable to debris. This can lead to jams and mechanical damage.

Ants, mice, and other critters sometimes cause damage to the electrical wiring. This is hazardous and may damage the outside unit. You should seek professional help in this situation. Check and spot issues so you can address to your technician the main root of the problem.

One more thing, to avoid different sorts of collateral damage, keep the condenser area clean. Keep a 5 feet clearance on both sides. Excess branches of stem or leaves must be trimmed so jamming of wires and other electrical materials will be prevented.

In Conclusion 

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Generally, your air conditioner must be serviced twice a year to ensure that the unit will function effectively, especially during the summer. Otherwise, dirt and dust will accumulate in the unit and it will affect the overall function of your AC. For sure, you will need more money for repairs and you don’t want to do that.

This time, we hope that we have answered all your doubts and questions in mind. While every air conditioner is different, you must have a better understanding of the proper care and maintenance of the unit.

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