Spacepak Vs Unico: Which High Velocity System Is Right For Your Home?

Consider a high-velocity HVAC system if you're looking for a new heating and cooling system that covers your whole home. These systems provide improved efficiency at a lower expense compared to traditional counterparts.

A few popular brands include Spacepak and Unico, but which is best for your home? We've gathered what you need to know and have the answers in this post.

Spacepak and Unico present exceptional performance in high-velocity HVAC units, but each brand may benefit you differently. Unico is the better option for homeowners who prefer a model with higher availability, quick installation, and quiet operational noise.

On the other hand, Spacepak is suitable for homeowners looking for neater designs and more humidity control.

Finding a high-velocity system that suits your needs takes time, so you should carefully consider each brand and type of unit.

Keep reading to learn more about each perk from Spacepak and Unico, including a guide of factors to consider when picking a high-velocity system.

A collaged photo of high velocity systems, Spacepak Vs Unico: Which High Velocity System Is Right For Your Home?

Spacepak vs. Unico High-Velocity SystemWhich To Choose?

While it's true that Spacepak and Unico units have a lot in common, each has distinct points that make it more suitable than the other. Here's a brief comparison of their features.


Generally, high-velocity systems offer more energy and cost-efficiency compared to other units.

Unico relies on mini ducts and insulated supply tubing to minimize air loss and maintain temperature, while Spacepak uses a larger condenser coil to improve efficiency. As a result, they can produce significant cost savings in the long run.

And so, both brands perform well when it comes to efficiency ratings.


Unico offers a quicker and easier-to-understand installation process compared to Spacepak. It features a twist-and-fit system that allows you to connect one component to another with the help of lock-and-release tabs, simplifying the installation significantly.

For Spacepak installation, you no longer have to demolish your walls to add ductwork. Although it takes some work, the system's structure simplifies the overall process.

Design And Size

Design-wise, Spacepak takes the crown for its neat design, made to blend in with your home and décor naturally. On the other hand, Unico tops in size, as it usually comes with minor variants.

However, you can install either brand invisibly to preserve your home's interior aesthetic. You can also alter them to match different materials on flooring, walls, and ceilings.

Climate Control

Both brands present similar structures with climate control, with options for hydronic or electric coil heaters or simple cooling. It works like older HVAC systems but with air pumped through a high-velocity air handler.

Higher air pressure allows air to circulate better, achieving your desired temperature faster than standard models.

Sound Rating

The sound rating of high-velocity systems usually depends on their installation. While both brands promote a quiet operation, Unico performs better in the field because of its insulated tubing.

Unico's high-velocity system is one of the quieter options, so there could be a problem with installation or parts if it gets too loud.

Despite this, Spacepak still provides a good enough sound rating to prevent disturbance and disruption within the home.

Comfort Level

Unico and Spacepak claim to remove up to 30% more humidity than other systems through aspiration, allowing even temperature distribution.

Spacepak pioneered the idea of the process to achieve uniform, draft-free air comfort around your home.

If your system runs in an environment with low humidity, it will likely result in less energy consumption and quieter operation.


The brand's availability is one of the most crucial factors when weighing your options. Unico usually appears more frequently than Spacepak in some locations, making it easier to repair and maintain.

Regardless, if both brands are available near you, it's best to consider each of their benefits or get advice from an HVAC professional to understand your home's needs.


Manufacturers market high-velocity systems to cost cheaper than conventional systems. Although it's true, it's vital to note they are expensive at first purchase but considerably cheap in the long run.

Compared to usual geothermal systems, it costs about 30% to 50% less to install Spacepak. When comparing price ranges, Spacepak is also considerably cheaper than Unico.

An air conditioning unit with a motor propelling the cold air to the air ducts

What To Consider When Choosing A High Velocity System

If you're still having trouble deciding which brand to purchase, here are a few essential factors to consider when weighing your options.

Hvac system of an industrial complex

1. Climate Control Level

High-velocity systems offer better humidity and climate control, providing maximum efficiency.

A system that provides temperature control throughout the home is preferred, but it's just as essential to have settings catered for different room conditions.

Look through your chosen brand's climate control settings to see how it works and how much control you can get when setting temperatures.

2. Total Efficiency Rating

If you're buying a high-velocity system, it maximizes efficiency better than other systems. Most models can help you save on costs throughout the year, so check their efficiency ratings.

Consider how much energy they may consume and the possible savings you can receive from each brand. Remember that more efficient units generally cost more upfront, but the savings over time can more than make up for that.

3. Installation Processes

Some high-velocity systems may have more installation requirements, but others are generally easy to accomplish. They also blend well with different house interiors and can be installed discreetly.

If you want a system that looks good in your home, check how customizable it can be during installation. At the same time, you should also consider how much space it takes up.

Should I Get A High Velocity System?

Now, if you need help deciding whether or not you should switch to a high-velocity system, here's a brief of its pros and cons to guide you.

The Benefits

Listed below are a couple of reasons to consider getting a high-velocity system.

Hvac system of an industrial complex

Easy Installation

Installing a high-velocity system takes less time and effort, especially in homes with no existing air conditioning units. They are flexible enough for installation anywhere around your home, from closets to basements, without ripping out walls or flooring.

Humidity Removal

One of these systems' exceptional features is their efficient humidity control, which reduces more than usual due to increased air pressure.

Discreet Design And Size

Some homeowners prefer high-velocity systems because they take up less space and come in easy-to-blend designs or styles. And so, it keeps the system discreet without disrupting its efficiency.

Less Operational Noise

High-velocity systems tend to be quiet, especially with insulation but can get louder with higher operation or installation lapses. However, most models present good sound ratings compared to standard HVAC systems.

Higher Efficiency

Their operation design lets them maximize cost, energy, and cooling efficiency by spreading cool air faster. It results in reaching desired temperatures quicker without incurring additional power costs.

Even Temperatures

With higher efficiency and faster air circulation, the temperature throughout your home will likely stay even and consistently managed.

The Drawbacks

On the other hand, the following are some drawbacks when getting a high-velocity system.

Installation Location And Errors

Ductwork and wiring differ in every home, which could lead to further complications if your installer has trouble figuring them out.

Some houses may also not be ideal for installing high-velocity systems, so get a professional to evaluate your home before switching.

High Upfront Costs

High-velocity systems guarantee higher long-term savings but can be expensive to buy and install initially. For scale, Unico systems can go as high as $25,000 to $30,000.

Although these prices may vary on the size and installation required, they tend to cost more than other HVAC units.

Possible Discomfort

Air vent for an air conditioning system

Air moves at higher speeds with a high-velocity system, so you may feel blasts of air when you're close to vents. It's essential to keep this in mind if you find it uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

A collaged photo of high velocity systems

Spacepak and Unico present excellent performance with their high-velocity systems, making both brands a great choice for homeowners who want to switch.

To make it short, Unico is suitable for individuals who wish for easier installation and quiet operation. At the same time, Spacepak is favorable for homeowners interested in better designs and more efficient humidity control.

If you don't have a particular preference, both brands offer quick installation, long-term savings, and higher efficiency. So, you can pick whichever is closer to your home's needs!

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