Trane Air Conditioner Not Turning On – What To Do?

Did your Trane air conditioner stop working on a hot summer day? Don't fret! We have researched everything you have to know about troubleshooting a Trane AC unit.

A Trane air conditioner may not turn on if there was a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. To fix this, change the burned-out fuse and reset the circuit breaker. You'll also need to inspect return grills for any stoppage that could restrict the airflow in the system.

An inoperable air conditioner unit can be quite troublesome, especially during summer days. It is important to know the things you could do to keep your Trane air conditioner working properly. We're here to help you learn more about Trane AC units!

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How to tell if an AC Fuse is blown

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The summer heat can be quite unbearable, especially if your air conditioner won't turn on. This happens because AC units are prone to a system breakdown when temperatures are unusually high. The air conditioner's fuses are vulnerable to blowing out due to extreme heat. 

To check your Trane air conditioner unit for a blown fuse, you can use a voltmeter; however, using this equipment can be quite dangerous because you are working with live electricity. 

Now, if you do not want to use a voltmeter, you can always choose to purchase a new fuse by going to your local hardware. Make sure you know the size of the fuse you need. Replacing your AC's fuse is quite simple; nonetheless, you can call for an air conditioning technician to get the help you need.

How to replace your AC unit's fuse

  • Some fuses are fully exposed and some can be found in the wiring. Others are within the handle itself. If your fuse box is located within the "T" handle, you will have to pull this out first before you can do the next step.
  • Pull the handle to stop the flow of power so that it will be safer for you when you replace the fuses. Shut down the breaker of your AC unit to ensure safety.
  • Remove the fuses by hand if they are found in the handle, and if not, you can use a pair of pliers with insulated handles. Keep in mind that you can never use bare metal handles when repairing something electrical.

Why isn't my Trane air conditioner blowing cold air?

Air conditioning units can stop working properly because of several reasons. As a homeowner, you may want to know how to fix a damaged AC before deciding to replace it or throw it away. You would be surprised that some issues can easily be fixed.

One reason that your air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air is that the outdoor cooling coil is clogged or blocked. This may happen if tall grass, leaves, or sticks surround your outdoor unit. Dirt and debris can easily get into the side of the cooling coil of your air conditioning unit.

It is also important to check your indoor air handler coil because it may be blocked. Keep in mind that dust and debris like pollen and grime can eventually block the indoor air handler coils. Be sure to clean any buildup of dirt on the coil and regularly change the air filter.

Another reason that your AC unit stopped blowing cool air is that the filters may be clogged with dirt. Regular maintenance will ensure that your Trane air conditioner will start cooling your room in no time!

You may also want to check if the thermostat is set correctly. You can try turning the thermostat off and on again. This action will reset the system, making it possible for you to set your air conditioner to your desired temperature.

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What can you do if a Trane thermostat is not working?

A thermostat is a significant part of every HVAC system - it manages the cooling and heating system of your unit. This device is responsible for telling the other parts of your AC unit what to do. Without it, your air conditioning unit would not be able to function. 

Common thermostat issues and how to fix them

HVAC system unexpectedly stops working

This issue happens because your HVAC's thermostat is not able to properly relay the information regarding the temperature you have set.  Troubleshooting the system is one way that you can alleviate this problem. 

To fix this problem, inspect the main power source in your home to see if there's a blown fuse. You can reboot the system by turning the circuit breaker on and off. However, if this does not work, the breaker is not the source of the problem. 

Your thermostat may have some intricate electrical mishaps or there might be a malfunctioning component within the HVAC system. It is best to call in an expert to repair your HVAC system because they will be able to diagnose the problem and guide you in fixing the issue.

The HVAC system is short cycling or continuously running

If you encounter either of these problems, you might want to change the batteries in your thermostat. You should also clean off the dust in your AC unit, and check if there is trouble with the circuit breaker. 

However, if your HVAC system is still short-cycling or continuously running, the thermostat is not the cause of the issue.

It is most likely that your air conditioning unit is the wrong type or has the incorrect size. The best way to know if you need a full system repair job or an air conditioning unit replacement is to contact a professional repair technician.

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The thermostat is not working

Tried turning the thermostat on but still it won't open? The cause of this problem is usually dead batteries. All you have to do is to change the batteries and see if the issue has been solved.

If this solution does not work, check the main power source of your home. Try switching the circuit breaker on and off to get your Trane air conditioner functioning again.

However, if neither of these solutions work and your thermostat still won't turn on, it's time to call for a professional.

Thermostat settings do not match with the room temperature

The main source of this problem is an unclean thermostat. A dirty thermostat will have a difficult time regulating the temperature in your room. All you have to do is to carefully take the cover off and gently brush the surface with a cloth to get rid of dirt and dust that accumulated inside the thermostat.

Your air filters can also be the cause of the issue. If that happens, you can remove and clean the filters with running water. Allow your air filters to dry before reinserting them into your air conditioning unit. After doing this, check to see if the problem has been solved by adjusting the thermostat.

Another thing you can do is to perform a thermostat calibration using a thermometer.

To do this, tape the thermometer on the wall beside your thermostat, then wait for at least 15 minutes. See if the two pieces of equipment have the same reading. If the thermostat is displaying a different reading than the thermometer, then the issue lies with the thermostat.

You are not able to change the temperature

The thermostat won't let you change the temperature because it is locked. One technique you can do to unlock a Trane thermostat is by pressing the plus and minus buttons at the same time for at least three to four seconds. 

If doing this does not solve the problem, you can try to reset your thermostat.

It may also be time to change your batteries. Dust and dirt buildup can be the reason why cause why your thermostat won't let you change the temperature. If the problem still persists after doing all these troubleshooting tips, there might be an electrical or display issue. 

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In Closing

Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance for it to last longer, and for it to work properly. If you need to troubleshoot issues with your Trane air conditioning unit, just remember to try out all the tips mentioned above.

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