What Does E1 Mean On A Infrared Heater? [& How To Fix It]

Imagine you are relaxing on a cold day when your infrared heater shows an E1 error. You start to panic a little and wonder what that code means. If you're worried, fret no more. We've searched the web for answers, and this is what we've found.

An E1 on your infrared heater means that it is encountering various problems. Here are the main reasons your infrared heater would display an E1 error code.

  1. The infrared heater is overheating.
  2. There's insufficient power to the unit.
  3. The infrared heater has a dirty or clogged air filter.
  4. Poor airflow to the heater.

Now that you know the reasons behind the E1 code, let's discuss how you can fix your infrared heater. We'll also tackle several questions about infrared heaters and include several infrared heaters you could check and try.

Modern electric heater on floor at home, What Does E1 Mean On A Infrared Heater? [& How To Fix It]

E1 Error Code On An Infrared Heater And How You Can Fix It

Sometimes your infrared heaters will stop working and instead show an E1 code error display. There are several reasons why this incident occurs. 

Modern electric infrared heater in the living room


Most infrared heaters now have "cool-to-the-touch" shelves that distribute the heat. Still, infrared heaters get superheated while functioning.

If your heater overheats, unplug the appliance and allow it to cool down completely for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Then, you can safely reconnect the power cord.

Infrared heaters

Insufficient Power

To ensure that your infrared heater is getting the right amount of power, the power cord should be securely plugged into the outlet. The cord should be connected to a 3-prong outlet or grounding receptacle without surge protectors or extension cables.

Clogged Or Dirty Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter can prevent the infrared heater from operating correctly, creating an E1 error. Cleaning it can solve the problem. Remember to completely cool down your infrared filter if you choose to clean it after using it.

a new unused and an old heavily clogged dirty air filters

Insufficient Airflow

When the cause of your infrared heater's E1 error is due to insufficient airflow, you need to do these two things. First, place your heater at least 3 feet away from the wall. Second, check if the fan is running too slow. You need to clean the heater's fan if it's slow and have it repaired if there are defects.

Why Would An Infrared Heater Stop Functioning?

Besides the four infrared heater issues mentioned above, other problems may cause your unit to stop working. Your infrared heater may have:

  • A damaged power cord.
  • Wall outlet failure.
  • A damaged thermostat.
  • Blocked or jammed grill.

How Do You Reset An Infrared Heater?

Modern electric infrared heater on floor at home

If you have trouble with your infrared heater, you may need to reset it. Here's how you can do it.

  1. Disconnect the infrared heater from the electrical socket.
  2. Allow the heater to cool down for around 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Afterward, reconnect the plug to the wall outlet.
  4. Turn on the infrared heater.
  5. Your infrared heater should function again normally.

Is It Safe To Run The Infrared Heater Overnight?

Yes, you can run your infrared heater and leave it on overnight. Most infrared heaters have safety control that protects your unit from overheating or getting too hot. There's also a tip-over safety function that shuts down the heater in case it tips over.

Can An Infrared Heater Burn Out?

There's a possibility of burnout when dirt and dust build up on your infrared heater. The build-up can make the wire run down too soon. This can be hazardous, especially for older infrared heaters. You must clean your device semi-regularly to avoid this from happening.

What Happens If You Sit Too Close To An Infrared Heater For Too Long?

Sitting too close to an infrared heater for a long time can cause several side effects, such as aging, minor skin burns, and eye damage. Avoid sitting near the unit too long and wear safety glasses for protection.

Do Infrared Heaters Need To Be Cleaned?

You must clean your infrared heater, especially the infrared tube heater's reflector, fan, and air filter. A dirty heater reflector can significantly affect the performance of your device. Meanwhile, a dirty fan and air filter can cause an E1 error on your heater.

How Do You Clean An Infrared Heater?

Cleaning an infrared heater is very simple. You only need a damp cloth or rag for this. There's no need to use other cleaning products as they may cause more harm than good to your heater. Just gently and carefully wipe and clean the heater's parts.

Where Is The Best Place To Put An Infrared Heater?

Where you place your infrared heater can impact your unit's overall performance. For example, if you want a free heat flow, place your heater in the area with the slightest obstruction. To receive the maximum effect of the unit, you must put it in the room's most used spot. 

Is It More Affordable To Run An Infrared Heater?

Yes. Infrared heaters cost less to run and maintain than other electric or gas heating units. Other heaters consist of motors and moving parts which are more complex and expensive to maintain and fix. While infrared heaters only use reflective panels which are easier to maintain.

Infrared heaters have prompt and long-lasting heat, enabling them to maintain warmth in areas with less power. It also warms people and things instantly, unlike other heaters, which need to heat the air first. This feature is why infrared heaters conserve electricity costs and use.

Pros And Cons Of An Infrared Heater

Here are several pros and cons of having an infrared heater in your home.

Pros Cons
It has an automatic shut-off and tip-over switch feature when the heater is about to overheat. It can cause slight skin burns when the heater gets too hot, and you accidentally touch it.
Infrared heaters are economical and environmentally friendly. You can experience minor skin health problems like blotchings from infrared heat waves.
You need only minimal upkeep and maintenance with infrared heaters. The infrared heater only heats the unit's target area or line of view.
Infrared Heaters instantly warm everything when turned on. It instantly stops heating anything once turned off.
It has an ultra-quiet feature and has low toxic discharge. You can experience water loss or dehydration if in front of the heater too long, and may be need to hydrate.

Top 5 Must-Try Infrared Heaters

You can check this list if you're looking for infrared heaters that you can place in your home.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

This device has advanced dual heating technology that can provide more heat but with the same wattage. Below are some of Dr. Infrared Portable Heater's best features:

  • It has a high-velocity low noise blower.
  • It has an auto energy-efficient feature combined with low-high options.
  • With a configurable timer and an IR remote control.

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Duraflame Infrared Quartz Set Heater

The Duraflame quartz set infrared heater is one of Amazon's Choices for Electric Fireplaces. It includes a multi-function remote control that allows you to control the quartz heater anywhere in the room.

  • You can operate the flame effect with or without heat.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with realistic ember bed and logs.
  • Zone heating to save you money.

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Trustech Ceramic Desk Space Heaters for Indoor Use

The Trustech indoor ceramic heater is one of Amazon's Choices in Indoor Electric Space Heaters. It has a multi-protection safety control that shuts down and quickly cools down the system to avoid overheating.

  • Fast warm-up and comprehensive heat coverage.
  • Easy to use with three modes and a thermostat.
  • Ultra quiet office space heater.

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LIFE SMART Black 6 Element Infrared Heater

Another choice you can go with is the Life Smart infrared heater. You can have considerable control on the Digital Thermostat and Dual Timer settings.

  • Three heat settings with ECO mode.
  • Keeps air moisturized.
  • Overheat and tip-over safety switch.

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Heat Storm White Mounted Infrared Space Heater

You can also go with the Heat Storm mounted infrared heater as it is one of Amazon's Choices in Indoor Space Heaters. It has an adjustable thermostat and an easy-to-remove, wash, and reinstallation of Lifetime Air Filter.

  • Safe touch grill.
  • HMS technology for the most efficient heat output.
  • ETL safety certified.

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In Closing

Modern electric heater on floor at home

An E1 error showing up in your infrared heater can mean one of these four issues: overheating, insufficient unit power, a dirty or clogged air filter, and poor airflow. Knowing the reasons behind the infamous E1 error in your infrared heater is essential, so you'll be able to pinpoint and fix the problem in no time.

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