What Is The Best Temperature For Inverter AC?

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Who doesn't like comfort and cost efficiency? That's why inverter ACs are so helpful. But one important question is: What's the best temperature for your inverter AC? We've researched this question and have information to share.

The best temperature you can benefit from with your inverter AC is between 75ºF to 78ºF. These temperatures prevent the AC from functioning overtime and keep you from having expensive bills and high energy consumption.

Now that you know the ideal temperature, let's talk more about inverter ACs. We'll cover some of the most frequently asked questions about inverter ACs, as well as advantages and disadvantages. We also included some of the most recommended inverter ACs.

Set of air conditioner ac inverter heat pump mini split system with indoor outdoor unit and remote control isolated on white background, What Is The Best Temperature For Inverter AC?

How Is An Inverter Air Conditioner Different From Other Air Conditioners?

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Inverter air conditioners have several differences from other ACs. The most notable distinction is that inverter ACs are more energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Running your AC at a suitable temperature of 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will decrease your energy consumption without reducing comfort and ease.

The speed compressors of inverter ACs never turn off unless you turn the entire HVAC off, unlike regular window or split ACs. Compressors of inverter ACs work at specific speeds and have modifiable speed features.

Inverter ACs lessen the velocity of the compressor engines to conserve energy when the room cools, while non-inverter machines only operate at maximum speed and turn off upon reaching the preferred temperature.

How Many Hours Should An Inverter AC Run Daily And Can You Run It 24/7?

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The recommended daily operational hours of an inverter AC is eight hours. And yes, it's possible to run your inverter AC 24 hours per day. Air conditioners are designed to operate for long hours, so it's safe to use them for a whole day.

However, with prolonged 24/7 use, even if inverter ACs are cost-efficient, power consumption can still increase.

Daily 24/7 use can also decrease the lifespan of inverter ACs and make them prone to wear and tear. Inverter ACs will then need constant servicing and maintenance.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Inverter AC

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Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of inverter ACs. 

The Advantages

Less Electricity Consumption

Inverter ACs don't consume much electricity because their compressors don't turn on and off frequently. In contrast, standard air conditioners use considerable electricity when the compressor is turned on, increasing your electricity.

Inverter technology is one of the best answers for financial and energy-saving functions. The compressor turns on when you turn the entire AC system, consuming less electricity and saving money on electric bills.

Less Noise, Quieter Sound

The inverter AC runs at an idle speed, making it considerably quieter. The compressor also slows or stops when the evaporator is colder than the preferred room temperature.

In a split or window-type air conditioner, you'll hear a noise from the compressor and engine due to repeatedly turning on and off.

Fast And Even Distribution Of Cold Air

Inverter ACs can operate the compressor at a more increased speed to chill the entire room quickly. No matter the size of the room, inverter ACs will effortlessly cover the space with low energy consumption.

Lower Electricity Bill

The operational process of inverter ACs is unlike standard ACs. Their compressors don't operate at full power, keeping you from expending a substantial amount of electricity unit cost.

Can Operate With Solar Power

Most air conditioners can't function with solar power. But inverter ACs can effectively operate with solar energy.

Sound Sleep

One great advantage of an inverter AC is that it allows you to have a good and peaceful sleep. It keeps the room's temperature the same as the temperature you set on the AC's thermostat.

Good Investment

Inverter air conditioners can be expensive. Given their durability and functionality, you can regard inverter ACs as profitable investments.

Additionally, inverter ACs have a longer lifespan than standard ACs. The inverter ACs features and factors make them a dependable air conditioning system worth their higher prices.

Ozone Friendly

Inverter AC systems mostly use R410a refrigerants. This refrigerant has HFC, whereas  R22 has HCFC. HCFC is a chlorine element that can damage the ozone layer.

You can ask and find out what kind of refrigerant an AC has so that you can avail of the environment-friendly ones.

The Disadvantages


Inverter air conditioners are more costly than split or window-type air conditioners. One reason is that inverter air conditioners have unique and outstanding features.

High Repair Cost

Repairing your inverter air conditioner can also be a bit pricey. Due to the inverter AC's complex structure, you'll have to spend more money compared to a regular air conditioner. It requires highly skilled HVAC machinists to fix it.

Unusual Refrigerant

Inverter air conditioners often use R410A refrigerant rather than the standard and widespread R134A. This refrigerant makes inverter AC repair and service harder in places where R410A is not readily obtainable.

Which Is Better Split AC Or Inverter AC?

Split AC compressors can undergo extreme variations in speed, leading to higher power consumption. Consequently, inverter ACs are more energy-savvy and efficient at lower power consumption.

An inverter controls the speed of the unit's compressor. This is different from split system air conditioners. In those units, the compressor cycles on and off to support temperature control.

With these features in mind, inverter air conditioners are more expensive than split-type ones. Inverter ACs also have a longer life expectancy than the split-type ones.

Is It OK To Use An AC And Fan Together?

Round cooling fan on the wooden floor in room

Using your AC and fan can quickly and effectively cool the room while conserving power. Fans can't produce the cold air that air conditioners can. And ACs can't give the circulation a fan does.

Placing your fan near the AC vent allows for cold air dispersal swiftly and more effectively.

5 Must-Try Inverter Air Conditioners

Below are some of the must-try inverter ACs on the market. These ACs have amazing features. 

Midea U-Shaped Smart Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Click here to see this Midea Inverter AC on Amazon.

This Midea U-shaped smart inverter is an Amazon Choice. It is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from anywhere through the MideaAir app. You can use Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands in your house or office.

Key Features:

  • Ultra quiet
  • More than 35% energy savings
  • Flexible window opening
  • Robust Installation

LG DUAL Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner

Click here to see this LG dual inverter AC on Amazon.

This LG dual inverter has LG ThinQ Technology that allows you to manage your LG AC anywhere. You can also use Amazon Alexa and Hey Google to modify settings with voice commands.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 15% more energy efficient
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Can cool rooms up to 450 square feet

Pioneer Wall Mount Ductless Inverter+ Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Click here to see this Pioneer Inverter AC on Amazon.

This Pioneer Ductless Inverter is also Amazon's Choice. It comes with an LCD screen wireless remote and a complete 16' installation kit.

Key Features:

  • Ultra silent and beautifully built
  • 4 Operating modes (heating, cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation)
  • Safety tested and approved by ETL
  • Efficient ductless mini split inverter and heat pump system

Dreo Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Click here to see this Dreo Inverter AC on Amazon.

This Dreo wall inverter AC has 41% faster cooling at start-up thanks to its fast cooling inverter system. It has a removable and washable dust filter to keep air clean.

Key Features:

  • With 42dB quiet operation
  • Energy star certified
  • Burglar proof
  • Has 5 modes: Cool, dry, fan, auto, and sleep

Frigidaire Inverter Quiet Temp Smart Room Air Conditioner

Click here to see this Frigidaire Inverter on Amazon.

This Frigidaire inverter AC has an Eco Mode that keeps your room comfortable and cool. It has an easy-to-clean, washable filter with an alert to inform you when it’s time to clean the filter.

Key Features:

  • Awarded with the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient award
  • Extra quiet performance at 42dBA
  • Optimum air circulation with Auto Swing Louver
  • Wi-Fi connection with the Frigidaire app

Choosing The Best

Inverter ACs are truly helpful and useful in conserving energy and money. These amazing air conditioners can also provide you with safe and sound sleep. Inverter ACs can also last for a very long time with proper maintenance and use.

If you still don't own an inverter air conditioner and are planning to get one, then keep in mind the necessary information such as the material and features, so you'll obtain the best one. Have fun shopping! 

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