Where Is The Air Filter On A Bryant Air Conditioner?

All air conditioners have an air filter installed into the cooling system. However, it may be a bit difficult locating one on your Bryant air conditioner. In this post, we have carefully researched the question to provide you with all the information you will need. 

You can find the air filter in most Bryant air conditioners in the blower compartment or air return duct, close to where the air passes through the air handler. This arrangement enables the air coming into your room from your air conditioner to stay clean.

As you read further down this post, we would explain in more detail all you need to know regarding air filters in a Bryant air conditioner.

A HVAC system for a new home under construction, Where Is The Air Filter On A Bryant Air Conditioner?

Bryant Air Conditioner - What To Know?

Charles Bryant established the Natural Gas Regulators Company in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1904, marking the official start of the business.

The company had a name change in 1908 and was called the Bryant Heater & Manufacturing Co. By the middle of the 1920s, the business had already established a track record of reliable performance.

The DuraGuardTM protection package comes with many Bryant systems. It shields the outside unit from harm caused by weather extremes, sports equipment, and lawn and garden tools.

Bryant is a pioneer in environmental conservation whenever it comes to HVAC systems. Bryant started releasing hardware with R-410A refrigerant in 1996.

This substance is better for the environment than R-22 because it wouldn't add value to ozone depletion. Before the government required the progressive phase-out of ozone-damaging refrigerants, it had been over ten years.

Does a Bryant Air Conditioner Have a Filter?

Cleaning the air conditioner in the house, with dust and germs on the air filter

Yes, there is a filter in your Bryant air conditioner. Most Bryant air conditioning systems include two or more filters. As your system switches between inside and outdoor air, these filters maintain good air quality and clean the air.

You will frequently see the filters all along the return duct of an outdoor unit. If the filter isn't there, you might discover it in the unit itself, a wall, or a ceiling.

The size of this vent varies, although it will be greater than the air vents. You can place a piece of paper against a vent while it is on to determine if it is a return vent. The paper will gravitate toward the return vents.

Where is The Air Filter on a Bryant Air Conditioner?

The Bryant air conditioner is an example of a vertical HVAC system, which you see frequently in basements. An up-flowing vertical system can have the air filter at the bottom, while a down-flowing vertical system can have it at the top.

Systems with a horizontal airflow direction are typically in big basements, garages, or closets. In a slot just on the side of the device, where the air filter would most probably have a vertical placement.

How Do I Change The Air Filter In My Bryant?

Dirty air conditioner filter and dirty finger

Here's how to change the air filter in your Bryant air conditioner.

Switch Off The Power

There are two reasons this is crucial. You should put your safety first. Avoid risking contact with live volts! The security of your apparatus is the second justification.

Dust and debris may get into the unit if you remove the blocked filter while the device is still running. Take away the old filter, which you can remove easily from the slot that is holding it in place.

Examine The Filter

Check the condition of the AC filter after removing it. Is debris and dust obstructing it? It probably doesn't let in much light when you hold it up to the light. Depending on the filter you're using, it needs cleaning or replacing.

Clean Up The Filter

Use reusable or disposable filters. A reusable filter usually has a paper or fiber net surface and a cardboard frame. A more sustainable material with such a steel frame and a specific treatment to make it washable makes up a permanent, reusable filter.

Check the washing directions provided by the manufacturer if you're cleaning a reusable one. Most likely, all that is required is a simple water cleaning and thorough drying.

Fix In The New Filter

It just needs to be reinserted correctly now. Air should always pass through the filter with the air handler mechanism and away from the air return duct, as shown by an arrow on the filter's frame.

Make sure the arrow on the filter points upward toward the air handler rather than the return when you reinstall it in the housing.

How Do You Service a Bryant Air Conditioner?

HVAC system for a new home under construction, Where Is The Air Filter On A Bryant Air Conditioner?

To service a Bryant air conditioner, follow these steps: 

Power Off The Bryant Air Conditioner

When cleaning the appliance, ensure that no electricity is flowing through it. Either take out the breaker/block or push the button to the off position to accomplish this.

Clean The Condenser

Most of the dirt will become lodged on the condenser fins, therefore, you must gently remove it. The easiest way to get rid of the easily removable debris would be to use a coarse paint brush.

Straighten The Conditioner

Fins can sometimes gather a lot of dirt and muck that is difficult to brush off. Instead, try effectively scraping any stuck-on particles between the fins with an old dinner knife. You can also use this method to straighten any bent fins.

Clean The Fan

A lot more dust and dirt can collect here over time, so it needs cleaning frequently. Also, there is a risk of debris becoming caught there. Cleaning it off with a moist cloth and allowing it to dry outside the sun is the simplest way to clean it.

Clean The Fins In and Out

Spraying water over the fins with a garden hose, or better yet, one that has a hose nozzle, is the simplest way to clean them. This gets rid of the rest of the dirt that wasn't loosened using earlier techniques. You must take precautions to prevent having water on the fan.

Do All Furnace Have Filter?

 A furnace filter works as a boundary that attracts dust, dirt, and debris entering the recovery duct to stop it from entering further into and blower fan to cause further damage. It preserves the furnace and leaves the air pollution free, since the HVAC system is no longer distributing allergens into the air.

All furnaces, including heat pumps, have filters. Depending on the type of heat system your home uses, for example, the boiler, which uses water to heat the home, a filter will not be required. But if it uses a furnace or heat pump, you will certainly need a filter.

Why is My Bryant AC Not Cooling?

Here are possible reasons your Bryant AC is not cooling.

Clogged Air Filter

When the air filter has a clog damage, or is weak, it prevents the proper flow of air through the air conditioner and this affects the rate at which air passes and the air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

To worsen this, a clogged air filter will frost the evaporation coils. A replacement or thorough cleaning will remove debris found in the air filter.  

Dirty Condenser Coils

clean dirty condenser coils on an air conditioner system

Heat spreads through the condenser coils as refrigerant passes through the coils as well. A dirty condenser coil will stop the effective flow of heat.

Clogged dirt will cause harm to the coils and can equally reduce its effectiveness, causing it to be even more difficult to cool down. Debris filled in the coil will significantly lead to an unstable temperature. Always check the condenser coils for dirt and clean the affected area.


The compressor may be impaired. Before replacing the compressor, always watch out for defective parts, especially the overload protector and compressor capacitor. When the compressor is defective, have a professional technician make an immediate replacement.

Issue From Main Control Board

The main control board is the part that regulates the compressor’s voltage and the fan motor. If the main board is at fault, it may affect other parts and eventually hinder it from working properly. Ensure you check for defective parts before replacing the main control board.  

Run Capacitor

Aluminum capacitor

The run capacitor is attached to the compressor with electrical leads. If the run capacitor becomes worn out, it will lead to a burnt-out compressor, causing it not to work. Before changing the capacitor, test and burn it with a multimeter.

How Do You Reset a Bryant Air Conditioner?

  1. Step 1: Locate your home's electrical service box. Typically, garages, laundry rooms, and basements are where you can find these service boxes. Look for metal boxes in the color brown to quickly locate them.
  2. Step 2: Once you have located the electricity supply box, go to step 2 immediately. Locate the circuit breaker by opening the service box. The circuit breaker for your Bryant air conditioning system must be located.
  3. Step 3: You must be careful because you must dip the correct circuit breaker to the off position after finding it. If you accidentally tripped another circuit breaker thinking it was for your air conditioning units, other electrical appliances in your house could suffer. Turn it on. 

To Wrap Things Up

You'll see two or more filters frequently in indoor units. The box that houses the components of your unit is called an air handler, which is typically in an attic or basement.

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