Where Is The Fuse On An Electric Fireplace?

If you're wondering where is the fuse in your electric fireplace located, we've got you covered. We've done in-depth research on this topic and gathered all the necessary details for you.

The fuse shields your electric fireplace from overheating and starting a fire. You can locate a blown fuse quickly in your electric fireplace if you want to change it. Look for the power switch of your electric fireplace because the fuse is typically placed near it.

Warming up a space is environmentally friendly when using an electric fireplace heater. We will tackle what fuse types go with an electric fireplace, where it is located, and how to replace it. Continue reading to learn more about the fuse in your electric fireplace.

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What Fuse Goes In An Electric Fireplace?

Safety device for overcurrent protection with fusible wire in transparent glass tube with two metal terminals. Active electronic component

Where a conventional fireplace is not an option, you can heat a room with a portable fireplace. It also enhances any space's ambiance, aesthetic appeal, and warmth.

It has a fuse, a safety feature, that safeguards the device when it overloads. The circuit's purposefully weak link will break if your electric fireplace consumes too much current. 

The blown fuse turns off the electricity to prevent the device from overheating and catching fire. The electric fireplace won't operate if the fuse blows, so you'll need to replace it.

Electric fireplaces typically use 1,500 watts, resulting in a 13 amp fuse for this device.

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Where Is The Fuse On The Electric Heater?

Fuses for electric fireplaces are essential because they prevent damage to the device. It is most likely placed at the start of the circuit. Check the rear of the fireplace and near the power switch. That's where you'll find the fuse. A small panel typically conceals the fuse. 

If you cannot locate the fuse, see the owner's manual for the fireplace model number.

How Do You Change A Fuse In An Electric Fireplace?

Electrical Fireplace Installation

When an electrical issue occurs, the fuse immediately cuts off power to the circuit to stop additional harm. You will save money by changing the fuse yourself rather than getting a technician.

To change your fuse, follow these simple instructions:

1. Disconnect the Power

You must turn off the main power before troubleshooting your electric fireplace. This action will prevent the replacement fuse from overloading and keep you safe against shock.

Ensure your hands are dry, use rubber gloves, and wear rubber-soled shoes when working with electricity.

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2. Pull Out Your Electric Fireplace

Pull out your electric fireplace carefully from its place. Most devices are fragile so take good care of handling them.

3. Remove the Top Cover

To remove the top cover of your electric fireplace, unfasten the screws on both sides using a screwdriver. Then, pull it out. You may see there right away the fuse on a circuit board.

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4. Take Out the Fuse

Pull out the fuse from its section.

5. Replace the Fuse

Replace the fuse of your electric fireplace with the correct amperage rating for your electric fireplace. It is also crucial to substitute a fuse that is identical in terms of size and type.

Suppose you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring and safety procedures. In that case, you should wear heavy rubber gloves and avoid touching any electrical wires or connections inside.

A higher amperage replacement attempt can be risky and seriously harm the wiring in the panel.

6. Reassemble the Cover

Install the top cover of your electric fireplace together with its screws.

7. Power Your Device

Restore the primary power of your electric fireplace by plugging it into the socket. Check its functionality after you've reorganized everything.

How Can You Tell If An Electronic Fuse Is Blown?

Blown defective fuseinstalled on electronic green circuit board macro

If your device overloads, the current will break, cutting off your access to electricity to keep you safe. 

The metal filament inside the fuse will melt if there is an overload of current. You can identify a blown fuse by its discolored or hazy appearance or by a broken or burned metal piece.

You could also use a multimeter in the "ohms" mode to check the fuse's continuity quickly. If the multimeter shows infinite resistance, then your fuse has blown.

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You can fix this by changing the fuse with the same type, rating, and size. There are some fuses with ceramic tubes. However, the majority of fuses used nowadays are in glass tubes.

Common Causes of A Blown Fuse

Electric fireplaces are susceptible to sporadic problems that are out of our control, just like any other household item. One of the problems with an electric fireplace is a blown fuse.

A fuse blowing alerts you to an excessive current flowing through a line. The wire can become hot and ignite nearby items if the fuse isn't present to shut off the power to the circuit. It is necessary to replace the fuse if it appears to have blown. 

Finding the source of this issue is a challenging process. If you're wondering what are the principal causes of a blown fuse, here are the reasons why:

Damaged Wiring

Any damaged electrical cables risk a power fault which can blow a fuse. Sometimes, the problem is just a loose wire to the power supply. 

  • Check for damaged plugs or cords, as they frequently cause shorts. Either swap them out or fix them.
  • Look for defects in the wiring beneath the power switch, such as frayed wires or exposed insulation.

Inappropriate Fuse Type

The device mechanisms can malfunction and generate more amperage if it requires more than its fuse can handle. Because of this excessive current, a metal strip on the fuse melts and snaps.

Even though they all appear to be relatively similar, fuses come in various shapes and sizes. Always make sure to have a fuse that is compatible with what your device requires.

Short Circuit

Short circuits can also cause the fuse to fail. A short could occur when there is a hot wire to the ground. It might blow a fuse, leading to its failure.

This can be brought on by various causes, including moisture, insects, and broken wiring and accessories.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is probably not distributing heat adequately. Replace it immediately if it is defective.

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If you're unsure what to do, you might want the assistance of a qualified electrician to access your device and have it troubleshoot to find out the reason behind your blown fuse.

Can A Blown Fuse Start A Fire?

Blown defective fuseinstalled on electronic green circuit board macro

The electrical fault of a fuse within a device is the most frequent cause of fire hazards. If you see any arcing and smoke from your electric fireplace, pull the plug out immediately and keep your distance from it.

It's time to call the emergency services when things like this happen. Always remember never to use water on an electrical fire, and don't take any risks with your safety.

It is essential to replace any damaged components as it can increase the risk of electrical shock and create a fire hazard. Fuses are vitally crucial for your safety and the safety of your house. Thus, regular inspections verify that the device is in good functioning order.

In Closing

People frequently choose electric fireplace heaters because they provide the warmth of a fireplace with no upkeep. However, there are issues specific to electric fireplaces. Knowing where each component is located will help you solve problems quickly and get your fireplace back to working correctly. 

Preparing before problems with your home's devices occur is always wise. If your circuit breaker or fuse keeps tripping, you may need to address a more significant electrical issue. It's crucial to get in touch with a qualified electrician immediately to rectify these problems before they get worse. 

An expert electrician can also assist you in deciding what improvements you need to make to your device. Keep reviewing safe electrical practices to prevent future fuse breaks. Before you leave, we have these other interesting posts that you might want to take a look at:

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