Where To Buy Lennox Furnace Parts

Lennox is a reputable manufacturer of HVAC products. And chances are, you use one or more of these products in your home. However, if you've needed replacement parts for these units, you may have found that they are not readily available. So, where can you find Lennox furnace parts? We did the research to answer this question. 

To purchase Lennox furnace parts, you can order the parts from the Lennox company directly, or use the website's search engine to find a Lennox dealer in your area. These Lennox dealers are HVAC professionals and service companies. 

Now that you know where you can find Lennox furnace parts, you probably want more details. Furthermore, you may also have more questions about the Lennox company and its products. So, keep reading to learn more.

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Finding Lennox Replacement Parts

Maybe your Lennox furnace is on the fritz, and you suspect that there is a certain part to blame. Replacing the part may be an easy task, especially if you have experience working with HVAC products. But, finding a genuine replacement part may be less easy. We'll give you details on how to find and obtain these products.

Direct Order

The first option for obtaining a replacement part is from the Lennox company directly. This may be the best way to go if you are sure that you have pinpointed the problem, and if you have HVAC experience. 

Visit the Lennox website and click on 'Contact Us.' The website will prompt you to answer a few questions to determine your needs. Once this is done, the webpage will give you a few options to choose from. The options include, how to find a dealer, email an associate, or call to speak with an associate.

You can email or call an associate to speak with them about ordering a replacement part directly. They will help you with your issue. 

At A Lennox Dealer

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Another option is to get the part through a Lennox dealer. Sometimes, the Lennox company associate may determine that this is the best way for you to fix your furnace.

You can find a Lennox dealer by using the company website's search engine. On the Lennox website, press 'Find a Dealer' in the upper right bar. Once on the search engine webpage, you will enter your zip code and press 'Search.' You can adjust how many miles from your zip code you would like to expand the search to, up to 50 miles. 

On the left side of the page, you will see a list of Lennox dealers. On the right side of the page, you will see where dealers are on the map, in relation to your location. These dealers are HVAC professionals. 

If you already have an HVAC company or technician that you use and trust, you can call this company to ask if they are a Lennox dealer. They may provide you with the replacement part that you need.

What About Home Improvement Stores?

Lennox replacement parts are not available at home improvement stores, such as Lowe's or Home Depot. While this may seem inconvenient, it's a deliberate decision by the Lennox company.

They want to be sure that the parts are being distributed by the company itself, or by reputable dealers that are vetted by the company. This reduces the risk of misuse of parts and safety issues arising from furnaces being repaired haphazardly. 

Lennox Furnaces

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Now that we've answered your question about Lennox furnace replacement parts, you may have some related questions about the furnaces themselves. We'll answer a few of the most common inquiries. 

Is Lennox A Good Brand?

Yes, Lennox is a trusted heating and cooling brand. Here are a few of the most important reasons you can trust this company.

First, Lennox has the longest warranty on its products in the HVAC industry. Some products have a warranty for up to twenty years, which is quite a long time! This shows the quality of the products, and that the company is sure that their HVAC units are designed and built well enough to stay in order. 

Second, Lennox boasts high energy efficiency ratings. Some furnaces have a 25 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). This means that your Lennox HVAC units will keep your energy usage low, which means more savings. 

Third, Lennox ensures that every detail of its products is of high quality. There are no cut corners, which is also why they can place such long warranties on their products. They're built to last! 

Where Can You Buy A Lennox Furnace?

To find a Lennox furnace that fits your needs, go to the Lennox website, click on 'Products,' and then 'Furnaces' in the search bar. There, you can review types of furnaces, and read their product specifications and reviews from consumers. 

Once you've decided on the furnace that you would like to purchase, either contact the company directly by phone, or purchase the furnace through a dealer in your area. Lennox does not allow you to make orders for their units online.

Once again, this is to make sure that the customer is purchasing the correct product for their home or business, and it ensures against improper installation. Lennox furnaces are not available for purchase at home improvement stores. 

How Do You Change The Filter On A Lennox Furnace?

A person changing an clean air filter on a high efficiency furnace

To change the filter, first, locate the filter on your specific unit. This can vary widely depending on your product, so it's best to refer to the manual if you aren't sure where it's located. 

Take a look at these replacement filters for Lennox furnace on Amazon.

Next, you need to remove the old filter. Open the return and pull the old filter from the area. This is when you should determine the size needed for a new filter. In most cases, this information is printed on the filter. 

Once you have a new air filter that is the correct size, simply slide the new filter into the filter frame. There will be arrows on the filter which show which way to insert the filter. Be sure to follow the instructions printed on the product.

To finish up, make sure the filter is secure and replace the access panel if you had to remove one, and replace the filter. Now, you're done!

How Much Does A Lennox Furnace Cost?

The cost depends on the capabilities of the gas furnace being purchased. Though all manufactured Lennox furnaces keep quality in mind, some are simple, while others are more complex.

The simplest of these are 80% standard efficiency gas furnaces. These will provide reliable and efficient heat, but they are single-stage with one blower speed. These cost least of all, about $1500.

The Lennox furnaces with the next-to-lowest price tags include 90-94% efficiency gas furnaces, low-emission gas furnaces, and a standard efficiency oil furnace. These run at about $1700.

Next on the list include ultra-low emission gas furnaces, variable-speed gas furnaces, and a variable-speed oil furnace. These cost around $2000. 

The highest of Lennox furnaces is the variable capacity gas furnace of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. This furnace totes a 99% efficiency rating, variable speeds, and a fully insulated cabinet. It costs about $2500.

In Closing

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Typically, a Lennox furnace is a highly efficient and quality appliance. But if an issue arises, you'll discover after a few trips to home improvement stores and searching online, replacement parts aren't easy to come by. 

To get replacement parts for a Lennox furnace, contact the company directly by email or phone, or contact a Lennox dealer in your area. We discussed how to do so and answered some common questions about Lennox furnaces. We hope that this information was helpful to you.

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