Panasonic Whispergreen Vs. Whisperceiling: Which Is Right For You?

The right bathroom fan makes your bathroom experience comfortable. Of the various models of bathroom fans, is the Panasonic Whispergreen or the Whisperceiling right for you? Make the best choice after reviewing our research.

Panasonic Whispergreen and Whisperceiling fans have a six-year Energy Star warranty. They are built with Smart Flow technology which caters to more air movement. However, the Whispergreen has a delay timer and runs quieter at 0.3 sones. Though, Whisperceiling is quick and flexible to install. 

These two Panasonic bathroom fans have a lot of similar technology under the same series. Targeting their differences and looking at them in detail will lead you to the right choice. Find out more of the details as you continue reading.

Panasonic Whispergreen Vs. Whisperceiling

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Panasonic is a widely known brand for electric gadgets, appliances, and bathroom fans. It is also considered one of the best bathroom fan manufacturers due to its high quality, affordable price, and durability. 

Other outstanding product qualities of their fans are quietness, energy efficiency, and reliability. It also offers an extensive warranty period compared to other brands.

Panasonic Whispergreen developed into two more models in 2012 due to the high customer demand. There are other models under the Whisper series, such as WhisperFitEZ, WhisperWarm, and WhisperSense.

Panasonic Whispergreen Features

Find out the features and technology built in Panasonic Whispergreen. They have similar characteristics to the Whisperceiling. But, it has its distinct advantages. 

  • It is personalized. And you can use it as ventilation in different rooms in your house, not limited to your bathroom.
  • You can pick the airflow from 50 to 110 CFM with the convenience of SmartFlow technology.
  • It comes with a stylish grill with a 10-watt LED light that can be dimmable.
  • The new casing is environmentally friendly and has zinc-aluminum-magnesium or ZAM materials. It has 26 gauge.
  • It guarantees quick and easy installation. It is with a newly upgraded Flex-Z Fast, which performs more flexibility using the single-hinge bracket.

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Panasonic Whisperceiling Features

Panasonic Whisperceiling also has features that are similar to the Whispergreen. But, it has its quality and attributes that you like. 

  • It is equipped with SmartFlow technology to maximize CFM results.
  • You can pick the airflow up to 150 CFM.
  • It has flexible brackets built with Flex-Z Fast for smooth installation.
  • It has a 10-watt LED light that is dimmable and a one-watt LED night light.
  • It has a grill with a classic design.

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Customer Reviews 

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Knowing the features can wow you. But learning how pleased users are about the quietness and simplicity of this fan can prove helpful. Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans can blend seamlessly into your home, providing quality ventilation.

You can install the Whispergreen and Whisperceiling in other areas, such as the kitchen, laundry room, or basement.

Price Of The Fans

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Price is also one thing to check in choosing a product. Panasonic Whispergreen is more expensive than Whisperceiling. The difference alone can affect your decision. The Whispergreen costs about $240, while the Whisperceiling costs about $237 or more.

Safety Tips On How To Use The Fans

Bathroom ventilator for new apartment, Panasonic Whispergreen Vs. Whisperceiling: Which Is Right For You?

Installing and keeping your unit well-functioning needs maintenance. Be familiar with your fan parts and their features. Always read your manual and keep it for further use. Taking care of your fan is essential.

Read these tips on how to keep your fan going for a long time.

  • You should not install the fan in a location where the indoor temperature could reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The electric service voltage should be 120V.
  • Adhere to all electrical protocols, including the National Electric Code (NEC).
  • Shut off the power supply before fixing or dealing with the fan. Follow the same procedure when working near it, especially the motor or wiring.
  • Keep the power cord away from sharp borders, grease, oil, chemicals, or hot surfaces.
  • Never curl or twist the power cord.
  • Make sure the ducts are not bent or damaged before installing the fan.
  • Supply air for correct ventilation.

How Do I Size A Panasonic Bathroom Fan?

Fans are sized by using their CFM rating, or the ability to clear the room of air by cubic feet per minute. The best fans can replace the air in a room up to eight times per hour. So, to determine fan size, you should follow these steps:

  • Divide the room's total cubic feet [length x width x height] by 60 minutes. 
  • Then, multiply it by 8.

Can A Bathroom Fan Be Too Big?

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Yes, you can have a large bathroom fan. Though, watch out for a high electric bill as it consumes more energy due to its size and power. It is advisable to fix a bathroom vent that matches your bathroom area. 

Is Higher CFM Better For Bathroom Fans?

A higher cubic foot per minute or CFM is suitable for larger bathrooms. CFM measures a fan's ability to move air. An efficient fan should be capable of removing the air in the room approximately eight times per hour.

Can I Replace My Bathroom Fan With Any Fan?

You can change your bathroom fan with any fan making sure that it's the same size for less hassle-installation. You can use the switch, ductwork, and wires that are already there.

However, if you purchase a different size or have a bigger or smaller than what you will replace, you will have to modify your ceiling hole, which calls for more work time and money.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Fan Work Better?

Make sure you have a thoroughly open vent fan in your bathroom. Regularly clean your vent fan and remove any debris. It hinders the powerful and smooth movement of the fan.

You would rarely have trouble using an internal damper. However, you can pull out the grill to check and open the damper with a firm wire.

How Long Can A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Run?

Run your vent fan for 20 minutes while taking a bath or afterward. Keeping your vent fan on for more than the recommended time can cause issues, or it could cause a fire. Also, never leave it on during the night. 

Where Should Exhaust Fan Be Placed In A Room?

You should install your exhaust fan facing the door of your bathroom. The placement helps to dispel the stale air more aggressively. Once the clean or fresh air gets in, your bathroom has good air circulation. 

Do Exhaust Fans Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Exhaust fans in the home use electricity up to 35 watts, while commercial fans use up to 60 watts or more. Your fridge, for example, can use electricity of up to 120 watts or more, but it doesn't cost much for residential use.

Do I Need A Bathroom Fan If I Have A Window?

No, you don't. But you can install it in your bathroom with a window for better ventilation. It expels the extra moisture in your bathroom. The fan works more effectively and quickly than only having an open window.

Summing Up

Bathroom ventilator for new apartment

Choosing between Panasonic Whipergreen and Whisperceiling may be a little challenging. They have a lot of similar technology and features. However, knowing precisely what you want for your bathroom helps you purchase the right fan. Nevertheless, Panasonic is already an established brand for bathroom fans.

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