Will My AC Compressor Turn On Without Freon?

Freon is a vital component in your compressor's performance. Now you may wonder if the AC compressor will come on without freon. You've come to the right page! We've done extensive research, and here's what we've found below.

Your air conditioner's compressor will still run without freon in its system. However, its cooling efficiency will no longer be able to deliver a satisfactory outcome. Moreover, there's no good effect turning your AC compressor without freon at all, so you must never do it.

Your air conditioning system has various components that work together to successfully serve your cooling demand. Stay with us! We will assist you in exploring this topic more below. In the end, you'll know whether it is good to start your compressor without freon. So keep reading.

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How Does An AC Compressor Function?

The compressor is responsible for increasing the freon's thermal level and pressure. We made a list to give you insights into how your AC compressor cycles the freon inside its system:

  1. The compressor compresses first the freon gas before it pushes into the condenser. The compression process allows the freon to heat, making it an extremely hot vapor while it is flowing in the condenser unit.
  2. Now the condenser cools down the heated freon gas. Right after, it changes to high-pressure and high-temperature liquid when the freon gets through the metering device.
  3. It changes again its pressure and thermal condition, and sometimes low-pressure liquid freon evaporates and emits a "flash gas." All of this occurs during liquid and gas blends while it travels through the evaporator.
  4. The rest of the liquid refrigerant transforms back into a gas when the heat cools down. Then the 100% low-pressure vapor exiting the evaporator returns to the compressor via the suction line.

Will The AC Compressor Start Without Freon?

The AC compressor will keep operating even without freon as the most present compressor cannot cease working when freon is fully out in its system.

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You may want to start your AC, knowing that it keeps working even if freon is presently not available. Regardless, you must not attempt to run it because only serious issues await you if you do so.

What Would Happen In My AC Compressor If I Run It With Low Freon?

The function of refrigerant in an air conditioner is frequently misunderstood. Even running your AC compressor with insufficient freon will cause several serious issues.

This gas is essential and plays a vital role in your AC's cooling efficiency. Besides, this will not only lower the air conditioner's cooling capacity but also cause the evaporator coil to start to freeze. The coil's ability to absorb heat decreases as ice forms around it, setting off a negative effect that eventually results in zero cooling power.

What's more, low freon certainly damages your compressor. If the refrigerant charge diminishes, the compressor, which is made to control it, will begin to work too hard and eventually fail.

What Type Of Freon Does My AC System Use?

Since the 20th century, air conditioners began using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as freon systems. Even so, in 1995, the U.S government prohibited the production of CFC freon. According to experts, CFC freon contains properties that severely harm our earth's ozone layer.

After that, practically all AC systems now use halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) as their preferred freon. This is because the order to ban and phase out the HCFC-22 or R-22 freon in 2010 ended in 2020. Now the R-410A is the new freon that modern air conditioning systems utilize.

The following are the notable producers of R-410A:

  • GENETRON AZ-20®.
  • SUVA 410A®.
  • Forane® 410A.
  • And Puron®.

Can I Refill A Freon In My AC?

Air conditioner repair

In reality, it is possible to recharge your AC system's freon yourself, but it is not advisable. Your attempt to address the issue can end up making your air conditioner's poor condition worse or put you in danger.

Remember that this job is best performed by a professional or qualified person only. As you may not know, freon is extremely harmful and highly flammable. Therefore, improper handling is necessary to avoid major health issues.

Here are some major health concerns you might encounter:

  • Vomiting.
  • Feeling unwell.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • The feeling of heartburn.
  • Inflammation of the eyes or loss of eyesight.

We advise against recharging freon yourself unless you have the necessary expertise, training, or knowledge. If not, dial your nearest HVAC center and ask them to recharge your air conditioner so it can start up again.

What Causes My AC Compressor's Breakdown?

Most technicians agree that your compressor is the heart of the AC system. It is common for homeowners to do our best to keep its functionality all good at all times. However, no matter how much we want to care for our appliances, yet still AC compressor isn't immune to malfunctions.

Follow us below to learn the leading causes of compressors failure:

Low Freon

Your compressor will sooner or later fail if you continue to force it to work without the right amount of freon in its system. Given that the air conditioner can leak makes it more vulnerable to issues.

That said, your compressor must work harder to pump and move condensed air to chill your space. This stress will eventually lead to your compressor's early breakdown.

Poorly Maintained Coils And Air Filters

Dirty air conditioning unit before and after cleaning

The condenser coil and filters in your air conditioner may collect dust and other dirt debris. Sadly, when this occurs, your air conditioner won't be able to remove enough heat from the system.

This will cause the compressor to run continuously to chill your room. As a result of the rising pressure and temperature, your compressor may overheat because of the strain it constantly faces.

Conduct regular maintenance of your condenser coils at least once a year or twice under severe climate conditions. Also, your air filters should undergo replacement or cleaning maintenance every 30-60 days.

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Lack Of Oil Lubrication

The proper quantity of oil lubricant is required for your air conditioner to function properly. Your AC system won't function as supposed if there isn't enough oil lubrication.

This will surely cause your compressor to malfunction as well. We advise you to call your HVAC technician and let them help you lubricate your system.

A Jammed Suction Line

Avoid blocking the freon pipes of your AC system at all costs. If you see any obstruction inside its pipes, clean it instantly. If you disregard this problem for such a long period, then a minor problem will likely become a major one.

Faulty Capacitor And Start Relay

Technician hand with air conditioner capacitor, Checking air compressor capacitor, Home appliances repair service.

Another prevalent reason for compressor breakdown is a faulty capacitor and starter relay, which supply energy to the AC compressor. A booming or humming strange sound is a common symptom of a bad capacitor.

This involves electricity, and this issue will only be fixed by replacing the defective parts. We highly suggest you again ask for professional assistance. Doing so will ensure the job's quality and your safety.

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How Long Do Compressor And Freon Last?

Air conditioner system

Both compressors and freon have a fairly long life expectancy, between 12 to 15 years. This is, of course, if you always perform the recommended service maintenance on your AC system. However, this typical lifespan can change based on how well-maintained your compressor or overall AC system is.

Your AC compressor should last over a decade with proper maintenance. On top of that, following regular maintenance will also prevent the following compressor complications from arising:

  • Electrical issues
  • Improper lubrication
  • Contaminants in the system
  • Freon recharging schedule

To Wrap Things Up

In all appliances in your home, your compressor is like any other; it certainly needs the right amount of freon to effectively serve you satisfactory comfort. It is also critical to apply proper maintenance always to ensure it will run optimally. In this article, we've learned many things, such as the type of freon that your AC system now is using.

You also know what causes and affects your AC compressor's early failure. Upon reading and learning that operating your compressor with low or without freon will damage it. We hope that all of this information and knowledge will be useful to you in the future.

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