York Vs. Rheem: Which AC To Choose?

Choosing the best air conditioner from two great companies such as York and Rheem is very challenging. Given that these AC producers have been around for so long, each manufactures reliable and durable air conditioning units.

So which is better between the two AC producers? Explore the answers we've found below!

In terms of overall performance and quality, both brands are fairly on par. Although York has a few AC models to choose from, its AC units can rival Rheem's AC features. Also, York has good warranty offers. So this might influence your selection, knowing that this could be beneficial in the future.

Meanwhile, Rheem offers the market a wide lineup of reliable and durable air conditioner models. However, its price tag per unit alone is notably expensive.

Stay with us! This article will help you narrow down your selection between York and Rheem AC brands. Below is the information about both brands' key AC features.

We also provide each company's per unit and average installation cost along with their warranty offers. That said, let's start discussing them below!

Comparison between York and Rheem air conditioner, York Vs. Rheem: Which AC To Choose?

York And Rheem Historical Background

Let's start our comparison by touching on both brands' historical milestones. Although York company debut originally dates back to 1874. York's ground-breaking production of the "Air Washing" AC system started in 1914.

A decade later, in 1924, York's first revolutionary air conditioner became the choice in some recognizable office buildings globally.

Here are the following structures that utilize the York AC system:

  • Capitol building
  • Empire State Building
  • The English Chunnel
  • U.S Canberra Opera House

Moreover, in 2006 YORK® joined Johnson Controls, also a big HVAC producer worldwide. Johnson Controls established the Ducted Systems Academy in Oklahoma City for the sole purpose of constantly dominating the HVAC industry.

This Academy serves as a worldwide, hands-on training ground and even offers online classes about commercial and residential HVAC unit concerns. This opportunity will lead YORK® to always develop and serve their products with top-notch quality.

Meanwhile, Rheem enjoys a positive reputation not only for HVAC products but throughout various industries. The company's milestone began in 1925 with the idea of brothers Richard and Donald Rheem in Emeryville, California.

Rheem produced a wide range of equipment in several businesses during its almost 100-year history.

Still, Rheem is currently the only company in the world of industrial refrigeration products. Furthermore, it is also North America's top producer of water heating equipment.

Among Rheem's variety of product lines includes:

  • Water heaters
  • Pool & spa heaters
  • And HVAC appliances

York And Rheem: AC Quality

Comparing both air conditioning brands' quality is common when purchasing an AC unit. Knowing that York's has a dedication to keep enhancing its air conditioner appliance is perfect for your selection.

Also, York obtained an award that highlights the most effective, unique, and contractor-friendly HVAC units.

The YORK® Affinity™ YXV air conditioning split system was a Gold awardee as a high-efficient residential appliance in 2017.

In addition, in 2021, YORK® Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System is also a Bronze placer in the residential controls category.

In contrast, Rheem's outstanding effort to provide you with the highest degree of air conditioner products is beyond unrivaled.

As a testament to Rheem's nearly century of success, all of their HVAC products are ENERGY STAR® rated. Besides, Rheem's is on top in Forbes' most recent survey of the best air conditioning brands in 2022.

York And Rheem: Best AC Features

Undoubtedly, York is also a leader in producing high-class air conditioner units. Their AC units are surprisingly energy efficient and can save your budget in maintenance costs throughout their service life.

Like their closest rival, York Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System also offers voice support.

This feature simplifies the control of airflow demands in several rooms in your house.

What York's company technology highlights is its variable-speed drive (VSD). This innovative invention is the first ever AC technology that York served as a commercial installation in 1979.

Rheem showcases its ductless split air conditioner with precise comfort technology to satisfy your airflow needs. As a result, you can expect to cut down your power bills up to four times in overall power usage.

Moreover, EcoNet® Smart systems enable you to regulate and monitor your thermal desire remotely and easily.

This streamlines monitoring, accurate controls, and security to notify you in advance during upcoming system service. Additionally, with this function, you can use the SmartConnect Thermostat via Apps to give voice commands to your AC unit.

Both Brands Sound Levels

Another aspect that's essential for you to consider when investing in an AC unit is its sound or noise value. You certainly don't want the irritating noise of your air conditioner unit to haunt you all night long while sleeping.

You will find York's AC unit machine has a minimal sound effect which is quieter than Rheem's. York's decibel rating starts from 53 to 74 value. This is considerably silent, knowing that its compressor utilizes VSD technology.

By contrast, Rheem is also renowned for its quiet operation, in addition to being one of the best AC manufacturers in 2022. Rheem's has a good air conditioner product line with a decibel rating, which ranges from 55 to 72.

SEER Rating Comparison

SEER Rating

York's unwavering commitment to their valued clients led to the creation of some intricate pieces of AC equipment. The recent models of York air conditioners have an exceptional variety of SEER ratings from 15 up to 21.

On the other hand, Rheem is also one of the best and has the latest cutting-edge technology air conditioners on the market today. You can choose from their AC unit with a SEER level between 13 to 20.5, a good lineup indeed.

It is good to know that both brands' SEER ratings meet the U.S standard for central air conditioners. For this reason alone, you will not regret selecting your AC unit to install either of these two great brands.

York And Rheem: AC Product Profile

York brand's downside is that they have a limited AC collection in their arsenal, if you opt to select a variety of AC units to fit perfectly in your home. That might not be possible because York currently only sells five AC units.

Here are the following of York's reliable and efficient AC units:

  • The YC2E Single Stage AC unit
  • York's LX Series
    • The YCD Single Stage AC unit
    • The YCG Single Stage AC unit
  • York's Affinity™ Series
    • The YXT Two Stage AC unit
    • And the YXV Variable Capacity AC unit

What sets Rheem's apart from York is you can pick out an AC unit in many different product ranges. They have a high-end selection that is ideal for most residential applications and mid-range and low-cost type series.

The following are three primary AC profiles of Rheem:

  • Rheems Classic Series
  • Rheem's Classic Plus Series
  • And The Rheem's Prestige Series

York's AC Unit Average Cost And Installation

York air conditioner

Knowing that York has a few choices for new air conditioners, the LX series is the company's low-end AC model but has several certified Energy Star models.

In addition, the Affinity Series is a premium lineup of AC units, which is the company's top model. The price for a new air conditioner in York could range from $3,067 to $5,200, including installation charges.

Rheem's AC Unit Price Tag Along With Installation Cost

Rheem air conditioner

The price of Rheem air conditioners will always depend on the model of the AC unit. Given that, Rheem's built their AC with supreme quality and features. You can't expect the company to offer cost-effective air conditioner units.

As the company's air conditioner's price tag per unit alone will vary from $3,300 to $6,460. Moreover, an additional installation charge will cost you around $1,200 to $2,800.

Both Brands Best Warranty Offer

Warranty concept

York has a simple policy to qualify for its various warranty offers. According to them, you should register your residential equipment online within 90 days.

Failing to do so will otherwise qualify you for voiding your warranty or changing it to shorter terms. So kindly comply with York's specific warranty registration online.

York's Limited Warranty Coverage

Nothing is more important than providing and protecting us with reasonable warranty coverage. Fortunately, this is exactly what makes York a good investment choice if you opt for favorable warranty offers.

  • You can enjoy a 10-year limited parts warranty for your Affinity™ Series AC and heat pumps.
  • Also, a lifetime limited warranty is guaranteed for your AC compressor unit.

Rheem's Limited Parts Warranty Coverage

In contrast, Rheem’s air conditioner, as well as heat pump systems, have a limited 10 years of Conditional Unit Replacement. Rheem doesn't cover any labor fees or charges for unit service, as well as for taking apart and reinstalling parts.

Of course, except if a service labor agreement between the client and Rheem already exists. You must take full responsibility for all labor costs or expenses incurred during the servicing.

For further details on your Rheem's products warranty, you may visit their website.

In Closing

A comparison between York and Rheem air conditioner

Choosing between York and Rheem is already an advantage to you.

Remember that when buying an air conditioner, it is always a good idea to select from top companies. This will assure you to get the best AC unit that perfectly works in your house.

Also, making a decisive conclusion to this matter will always depend as well on your airflow requirements.

So wisely choose whichever brands you may want, to ensure the AC unit will bring you the cooling comfort you will always desire.

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