Mineral Wool

Mineral wool insulation, derived from basalt rock and steel mill slag, offers robust thermal and acoustic protection. When these raw materials are heated to high temperatures and spun into fibrous strands, they create an insulation product adept at trapping air.

Available in batts, rolls, or boards, mineral wool boasts a high R-value, ensuring strong thermal resistance. A notable quality is its excellent fire resistance. Mineral wool can withstand temperatures exceeding 1,800°F, making it a valuable ally in fire safety.

In addition to thermal properties, it effectively dampens sound, contributing to quieter indoor environments. Water-repellent and non-capillary characteristics mean it resists moisture, safeguarding against potential mold and mildew. While it’s denser and heavier than fiberglass insulation, its resilience, combined with its eco-friendliness–often containing a significant proportion of recycled content–solidifies mineral wool’s place as a favored insulation choice.