Trane, founded in 1885, is a titan in the HVAC industry, synonymous with reliability and cutting-edge technology. Serving a diverse clientele, the brand crafts solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Homeowners benefit from their high-performance air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and indoor air quality systems, each designed to optimize comfort and energy efficiency. For commercial landscapes, the brand offers a robust lineup including chillers, rooftop units, variable refrigerant systems, and advanced building management systems.

Their products stand out not just for performance, but also for durability—earning them the moniker “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane.” Beyond equipment, their commitment to sustainability is commendable, with many products bearing the ENERGY STAR certification. Through continuous innovation and a century-long legacy, the brand has cemented its position as a trusted and pioneering force in the HVAC realm.