Foam Board

Foam board insulation, also known as rigid foam, is a versatile insulation solution often used for exterior sheathing, basement walls, and foundation applications. Made from polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, or polyurethane, these boards offer a high R-value, ensuring effective thermal resistance.

Their rigid nature provides structural strength and, when installed with taped seams, forms an excellent air barrier. Unlike other insulations, this type resists moisture, making it ideal for damp areas. It’s also thin, providing a space-saving solution for areas where bulkier insulation might not be practical.

When used in exterior applications, it can act as a continuous insulation layer, bridging thermal gaps in wall studs. While foam board insulation excels in many respects, it’s essential to protect it from prolonged UV exposure, which can degrade the material. In modern construction, foam board stands as a trusted choice for energy-efficient and robust insulation.