Founded in 2010 by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, Nest Labs, commonly known as Nest, revolutionized the smart home market with its introduction of the Nest Learning Thermostat. The brand, renowned for its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, emphasizes the merger of aesthetics with cutting-edge technology.

Nest’s products, from thermostats to smoke detectors and security cameras, aim to make homes more energy-efficient, safe, and connected. Their self-learning thermostat adapts to user behavior over time, promoting energy savings and ensuring optimal comfort.

Google acquired Nest in 2014, bolstering its position in the smart home industry. This acquisition paved the way for further integrations with the broader Google ecosystem. Committed to a vision of creating a thoughtful home, Nest continues to innovate, setting industry standards and redefining how technology can serve households around the world.