Can You Open Up A Fireplace On Both Sides?

A fireplace is essential to distribute the heat inside the house. It can also add beauty to your home and make you feel cozy during the cold months. But is having a two-sided fireplace an improvement? Can you open the fireplace on both sides? We've researched this to get the answer for you.

You can open up a fireplace on both sides if you have the two-sided kind. It's much safer than other fireplaces since it's designed to have the flames enclosed for safety purposes. This feature is beneficial for families with small children. Fire guards are available for open fireplaces but are less visually appealing. 

However, if you already have an existing fireplace, it's hard to decide whether to convert it to double-sided. It's easy to convert, although it will end up being more expensive, a two-sided fireplace has its advantages. Aside from looking fancy, it's also the safer option to heat your home. Stay with us as we take a closer look at double-sided fireplaces.

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Opening a Fireplace On Both Sides

Two-sided fireplaces are meant to be open as they are designed to enclose the flames from each side. This means you don't have to worry about the fireplace burning up the house. This style of fireplace can warm and awe from either side, making it an essential feature of the home.

The two-sided fireplace can also be a striking centerpiece. Most people want to make sure that their furniture will add appeal to their home. If you have a two-sided fireplace, it will become a great conversation piece. This fireplace is stylish and uncommon which makes it unique. 

When you have a two-sided fireplace, it will evenly distribute the heat on both sides of the house. The traditional fireplace is normally placed against the wall. It means that it can only heat one area of your home rather than dispersing it around. That makes the two side fireplace a better choice.  

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What Do You Call a Fireplace that is Open On Both Sides?

The fireplace that opens on both sides is also called a double-sided fireplace. It's also known as the see-through fireplace which allows you to see the flames from two sides. The relaxing ambiance of the double-sided fireplace can be seen in two different areas of the house instead of just one.

The double-sided fireplace offers supplemental warmth to your home. It's also an ideal option for your vacation house or cabin. This will keep you warm and comfortable. The natural warmth and cozy smell of burning logs will create an ideal environment for your home. Using the outdoor air combustion will avoid feeling stuffy inside. 

Can You Make a Wood-Burning Fireplace Two-Sided?

Yes, you can make a wood-burning fireplace two-sided. Converting the one-sided into a double-sided fireplace can be complicated. The cost will also depend on how much work is needed to convert your old fireplace to double-sided. Cutting the damper and parging the chamber are included in the process.

The complexity of the work will determine the cost of the project. Even if you have a brick fireplace, it can become double-sided. It can be a challenging job but hiring a qualified mason will do the trick. This project may end up complex but once it's done, it will all be worth it.

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Large bank of windows hints at exterior view

How Do Two-Sided Fireplaces Work?

The two-sided fireplaces work better with distributing the heat in two areas of the house. It can heat both sides from where it's located. The traditional fireplace is usually placed against a wall which can only cover one area to heat up. The two-sided fireplace can heat a bigger area while traditional fireplaces only cover one side. 

Most two-sided fireplaces on the market use gas but a double-sided fireplace uses wood. The double-sided fireplace can be used as both an indoor and outdoor fireplace. It allows you to see it in two views while heating two areas as well. The two-sided fireplace can be placed inside the house.

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How to Make a Double-Sided Fireplace More Efficient?

The double-sided fireplace is already efficient when it comes to heating large areas. Keep in mind that the open rooms inside the house will be hard to heat up. If you have a big room, it usually has a cold spot if it's far from the fireplace. The double-sided fireplace can solve this concern. 

Here are the ways to make your double-sided fireplace more efficient:

  • Set the thermostat to the maximum value.
  • Ensure the flue damper and fireplace are well sealed to avoid warm air from escaping.
  • Use a blower to spread warm air evenly around the room.
  • Convert the gas fireplace to a gas insert to eliminate draft and increase efficiency.
  • Install a heat exchanger to recycle the heat that the fireplace produces.
  • Place a fireback behind the fireplace to reflect the heat into the house

What Are the Benefits Of Having A Double-Sided Fireplace?

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1. Heat Two Areas Simultaneously

The double-sided fireplace can warm up two spaces simultaneously. It may be more expensive to have it installed but it can save money over time. Using a double-sided fireplace will keep two rooms warm and it also looks great. It can provide additional aesthetics to your house while heating it.

2. Best Choice for Large Rooms

If you have a large room, it means that you also need to have a big and powerful fireplace. It's the best way to keep the large room warm. However, using a huge fireplace to heat a large room can be expensive. The double-sided fireplace will do the trick. Just place it in the middle of the room to warm up the large room more efficiently.

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3. Cheaper Option

It's so much cheaper to install a double-sided fireplace than to get two fireplaces. The double-sided fireplace can be installed in the middle. It should disperse the heat for two rooms without additional costs. It's also more energy-efficient and it will also save space.


Beautiful living room in new traditional style luxury home. Features vaulted ceilings, fireplace with roaring fire, and elegant furnishings.

The only time you can open up a fireplace on both sides is if it's a double-sided fireplace. That means that this type of fireplace can also provide warmth in two areas of your house simultaneously. It can also add up to your home's aesthetics and keep everyone warm as well. If you want to get a double-sided fireplace installed, do it now before the winter comes.

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