Do I Need A Regulator For My Buddy Heater?

While using your Buddy heater, have you ever wondered if it needs a regulator? We did extensive research on this topic and came up with an answer.

There is a regulator built into the systems of all Buddy heaters. However, the following are Mr. Heater's Buddy hose options, and some of them don't need filters:

  • Mr. Heater Buddy Series Hose assembly
  • Mr. Heater Big/Tough Buddy 12-foot RV hose
  • Mr. Heater 12-foot hose with the regulator
  • Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU 12-foot propane hose assembly

This article will delve into why (or why not) you need a filter when using Mr. Heater's hose assembly. Keep reading as we'll also tackle issues related to the different types of Buddy heaters, which Buddy heater is best for you, and safety tips for using them.

A heater that can warm the air at home, Do I Need A Regulator For My Buddy Heater?

Erectric heater in the room, Do I Need A Regulator For My Buddy Heater?
Modern electric infrared heater in the living room, Do I Need A Regulator For My Buddy Heater?

A Buddy Heater’s Built-in Regulator

According to Mr. Heater, there is a built-in regulator in all the company's portable heaters.

Any appliance using propane needs a regulator. You'll find it on the tank next to a supply line, while a Buddy system's regulator is on the heater itself.

Using a detachable regulator will only over-regulate the gas supply. Over-regulation during high-pressure gas flow can squeeze the rubber. It pulls oils and plasticizers, which are contaminants.

The built-in 10-foot buddy hose has no plasticizers or oil that can pass out during high-pressure propane flows. Some other hoses need filters because they contain oils and plasticizers.

Check out this Mr. Heater Fuel filter on Amazon.

Is There A Difference Between A Regulator and A Filter?

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For the Buddy heater, the built-in regulator maintains the propane gas flow. If you are using gas tanks, other than the one-pound cylinder, a hose assembly is required, which serves as a fuel filter.

Buddy Heater Hose Assembly Options

Currently, Mr. Heater manufactures three hose assemblies that require no filters. The only hose assembly that needs a filter is the 75,000 BTU 12-foot propane hose assembly.

Mr. Heater Buddy Series Hose assembly

Check out Mr. Heater Buddy Series Hose assembly on Amazon.

This 10-foot-long hose assembly is high-pressure with no filters needed. It is used with Mr. Heater's portable Buddy and the Big Buddy.

It can be attached directly to propane tanks. Hose model F273704 comes from a different chemical compound of rubber. It does not have the oily substance that can get into the fuel flow.

Mr. Heater Big/Tough Buddy 12-Foot RV hose

Check out Mr. Heater Big/Tough Buddy 12-foot RV hose on Amazon.

This 12-foot hose assembly is used for RVs and does not need filters. You'll find it connected to a camper or motor home to the Big/Tough Buddy's regulated propane line.

It has a quick connect function and solid brass fittings for durability. Hose model F271802 attaches to a low-pressure line.

Mr. Heater 12-Foot Hose With Regulator

Check out Mr. Heater's 12-foot hose with a regulator on Amazon.

This hose assembly is low-pressure with quick-connect, and no filters are required.

Designed only with Mr. Heater's Big buddy indoor/outdoor heater, this propane hose assembly is made of solid brass fittings and connects directly to 20-pound propane tanks.

It reduces the high pressure of 1.3-gallon and higher tanks to low pressure. Hose model F271803 is a regulated hose.

Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU 12-foot Propane Hose Assembly

Check out Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU hose assembly on Amazon.

This hose assembly is high-pressure and needs a filter. Measuring 12 feet, it connects to disposable cylinders and has swivels on both ends for hand tightening.

Hose model F273702 fits 5-20 lb cylinders.

How Often Should I Replace My Buddy Heater Fuel Filter?

How often should I replace my Buddy heater fuel filter, Do I Need A Regulator For My Buddy Heater?

Mr. Heater recommends using a new filter at the start of the heating season and disposing of it at the end. Some practice ice fishing and recommend replacing a filter once a year. 

What Are The Different Types Of Buddy Heaters?

The video above showcases these three Mr. Buddy portable heaters:

  1. Big Buddy Heater - This indoor-safe model MH18B heats up to 450 square feet with low, medium, and high heat settings. It has a 4,000 and 9,000 to 18,000 BTU capacity. It uses two 1-lb propane cylinders. It comes with an auto-shut system when tipped off or with a low oxygen level.
  2. Portable Buddy Heater - This model MH9BX heats up to 225 square feet for indoor and outdoor activities. It has a 4,000 to 9,000 BTU capacity. It shuts off automatically when it detects low oxygen levels, when tipped over, or if the pilot light goes out.
  3. Little Buddy Heater - This model MH4B heats up to 95 square feet and is the smallest of the Mr. Heater portables. It has a 3,800 BTU capacity. It's indoor safe and recommended for emergency heat, sporting events, ice fishing, decks, garages, and storage buildings. It features a low-oxygen sensor and tip-over switch in case of accidents.

If you are in Canada or the state of Massachusetts, you must purchase a different version (F274865-Massachusetts/Canada).

Safety Tips For Using Buddy Heaters

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According to Consumer Reports, portable heaters are responsible for an average of 1,700 house fires annually. Fires by portable heaters result in about 80 deaths per year.

About 50% of home heating fires occur during December, January, and February. The fires happen because the portable heaters are near curtains, upholstered furniture, and bedding.

The National Fire Protection Agency and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers offer these safety tips:

  1. Set up the portable heater on a hard, non-flammable surface.
  2. Keep the portable heater at least three feet away from flammable and combustible materials like furniture and curtains.
  3. Children and pets should maintain three feet of distance from the heater. You should never place or leave a portable heater in a child's room.
  4. Never use a portable heater in a garage or workshop where paint, matches, and gas cans are stored.
  5. Turn off the heater when leaving the room.

Buddy Heater Safety Features

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Mr. Heater Buddy portable heaters are equipped with specific safety features such as the following:

  1. Safety tip-over switch - This is a small device inside the heater that turns off the heater when the unit tips more than a certain number of degrees from the proper upright position.
  2. High limit safety shut-off - This is another small device that will turn the heater off if the internal temperatures of the device rise above a specific level.
  3. Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) - As a detection system, it accounts for low oxygen levels and turns the portable heater off.
  4. Altitudes over 7,000 feet above sea level will auto-shut the portable heater.

Mr. Heater certifies its products for indoor use. Canada and the state of Massachusetts do not allow the use of propane heaters indoors. That's the reason why there are different models for these locations.

In Closing

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A Buddy Heater is a durable portable heater with specific safety features. It has a built-in regulator which maintains a steady flow of gas.

Most of the hose assembly options require no filters. Depending on your needs and requirements, there are five available models to choose from.

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