How To Drain A Black & Decker Portable Air Conditioner

As a homeowner, you may need to drain your Black and Decker portable air conditioner but wonder how to go about it. Fortunately, we have researched the topic for you, and here is what we found.

The following is a step-by-step procedure for draining a Black and Decker portable air conditioner:

  • Turn off the AC
  • Locate the drain plug
  • Remove the plug

Draining a portable air conditioner is an easy-to-do task that you should be able to take care of without the help of a professional. Keep reading to get detailed information.

How To Drain A Black & Decker Portable Air Conditioner


Here are steps to follow if you want to drain a portable Black and Decker air conditioner:

Turn Off The AC

Turning off your Black and Decker air conditioner is the first thing to do before draining. Owners must do this to prevent getting shocked or causing damage to the unit.

You can stop the flow of electricity to your air conditioner by switching off the circuit breaker that supplies it. Omitting this step could result in a severe life-threatening accident. 

Locate The Drain Plug

After turning off the unit, the next thing to do is locate the drain plug. You can find the drain plug at the back or side of the unit. It's the ideal place to connect the hose before draining.

Remove The Plug

The next step is to remove the plug. Water will rush from the appliance as soon as the plug is removed, so make sure you take your portable air conditioner to a safe location for draining. Redo the process if required.

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Alternative Method Of Draining Black And Decker Portable AC

With this method, you will need to connect a drain hose to the port on your unit. You can leave it connected to the unit if it is positioned downward.

It is better if your portable AC has a drain hose, but if it doesn't, you can purchase one from an online store at an affordable price. But make sure to check the dimensions so you can get the one that fits your unit.

After buying the hose, put one end in a drain or sink. Make sure to drain the water thoroughly.

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Why Is My Black And Decker Portable AC Producing So Much Water?

There are many reasons why your Black and Decker air conditioner may be producing a lot of water. However, the most common is excess humidity.

It is important to note that a portable air conditioner fills up with water because it is functioning correctly. Conditioning includes both cooling and removing moisture from the air. 

So, humidity is directly related to the amount of moisture in the air. As the relative humidity of the air rises, so does the amount of water your AC produces. 

A portable air conditioner's condensate pan will fill up with more water in a humid climate. As a result, you should expect your air conditioner to accumulate more water if the air is exceptionally moist.

When the humidity is low, condensation from your portable air conditioner is less likely to form. You shouldn't worry too much about issues with draining, even if you use a portable air conditioner that does not include self-evaporative technology.

Other reasons why your Black and Decker air conditioner may be producing a lot of water include the following:

  • Clogged air filter
  • Small condensate pan
  • Defective AC blower fan
  • Clogged evaporator coils
  • Defective condensate pump 

How Long Can You Run A Black And Decker Portable AC Continuously?

Black mobile air conditioner in a room

There is no time frame for using your portable air conditioner. You may even leave it on all day or night without any problems.

However, as with any other electrical gadget, you may end up putting unnecessary strain on its components, which can lead to damage.

The prolonged usage of your Black and Decker portable air conditioner won't likely cause damage. Instead, frequent switching between on and off modes can lead to problems.

The start-up process demands a great deal of energy from the device, while continual use does not deplete the system to the same extent.

Most of the warranties offered by manufacturers emphasize the number of times the air conditioner has been turned on rather than the total number of hours it was used.

What Temperature Setting Should I Use With My Black And Decker Portable AC?

Studio closeup product shot of a portable air conditioner

When your home needs cooling, the optimal temperature for air conditioners, as per the Department of Energy, is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature strikes a balance between maximizing energy efficiency and comfort. 

How Often Should You Drain A Black And Decker Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable air conditioners should be drained since they remove humidity to cool a space, and condensation forms throughout the unit. Even if the water partially evaporates, some moisture might remain if the drainage is not regularly emptied.

Also, water can seep out of the machine if the condensation does not drain properly. The humidity levels in your area will determine how often you may need to drain your AC. The frequency will vary, ranging from once per month to once every eight hours.

High temperatures and humidity make your air conditioner work harder, causing it to produce more condensation and necessitating more frequent draining.

Residents in high-humidity areas may be required to empty their portable air conditioners every two to eight hours. In other regions, drainage is not required as often. It would help if you did so once a day or every few days.

How Long Will A Black And Decker Portable Air Conditioner Last?

Portable air conditioner

A Black and Decker portable AC can last for up to 10 years. But this is based on how well the unit is maintained. Since portable air conditioners can be moved around, they tend to get damaged easily compared to conventional AC systems.

However, regular maintenance can make your unit last longer than expected. Do the following if you want your portable AC to last a long time:

Clean The AC

It is essential to clean the device often. You can do this when cleaning the furniture in your home. Using a damp cloth for the outer part is okay, but avoid using detergents as they can stain the casing.

Replace The Filters

Another way to maintain your portable AC is by replacing the filter if it isn't washable. You can clean washable ones regularly.

Replacing the filter in a portable air conditioner

Check The Condenser Coil

This is an integral part of maintenance. Over time, the condenser coil can become dirty, so you should check it often and clean it if the need arises.

Use a cleaning solution to clean the coil. Doing this can save you from more complicated issues in the future.

Is The Water From A Portable AC Drinkable?

The water produced by your portable air conditioner is not suitable for human consumption. The water accumulates when the heated air inside your home interacts with the cold AC coils above the furnace.

When condensation occurs, the resulting water is routed to a drain pipe connected to your heating system. The coils and pipes inside of the AC are typically dirty.

As a result, the water ends up containing a lot of dirt and germs. There may be dangerous compounds in the water, making it unsafe for human consumption. 

To Wrap Up

It is easy to drain a Black and Decker portable AC. You should start by turning off the AC, locating the drain plug, and removing it. If you can't do the job by yourself, ask for assistance or call a professional.

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