Frizzlife Vs Waterdrop Vs Aquasana: Which Is Right For You?

A water filter is essential to your health and quality of life. We can't always be assured about water quality, and if you're strict about what you wash with or consume for health reasons, you need to determine which water filter would be right for you. So, if you're choosing between Frizzlife, Waterdrop, and Aquasana, we've laid out everything about them for your convenience. 

The following are the pros and cons of Frizzlife:


  • Easy installation
  • Offers two-stage water filtration
  • Sleek design; suitable for small spaces
  • Excellent filtration while retaining good minerals


  • It gives off a vibrating sound
  • Some models are not NSF-certified, such as Frizzlife MK99.
  • The bottom can leak water.

The following are the pros and cons of Waterdrop:


  • Offers three-stage water filtration
  • It does not easily leak
  • Compact; good for small spaces. 
  • Some models are twice certified by NSF.
  • Offers best-tasting water


  • More expensive
  • You may need to wait a little longer for clean water to come out

The following are the pros and cons of Aquasana:


  • Healthier quality of water
  • NSF-certified
  • Filter doesn't require frequent changing
  • It has built-in UV light for cleaner water
  • It has a multi-step filter process


  • Difficult installation
  • It needs to be installed by a licensed plumber to qualify for a warranty
  • Filters need frequent changing
  • Some models have a shorter lifespan

Knowing the pros and cons will make it easier to weigh which water filter is best for your lifestyle. More than the brand, you should be familiar with the factors that make a water filter worth it. Keep reading below to learn more about water filters so you can make the best decisions.

Reverse osmosis water purification system at home. Installed water purification filters. Clear water concept, Frizzlife Vs Waterdrop Vs Aquasana Which Is Right For You

Frizzlife Vs. Waterdrop Vs. Aquasana: Which Is Right For You?

Frizzlife, Waterdrop, and Aquasana are all reputable brands, but each is suited best for different needs.

You need to consider which one has the best filtration system and weigh it with the one that can save you the most time, energy, and operating costs.

The one that's right for you will both be technical and subjective. It'll still depend on your preferences, but some brands will offer better functionality based on their features. 

Here are things you need to consider when choosing between the three brands. 

Water Filtration System

One of the top things you should consider is the water filtration system. A good filter should eliminate chlorine, trace minerals, hard metals, harmful sediments, and other elements that contribute to the water's smell and taste. 

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Aquasana has a multi-step water filtration system that removes hard minerals and chlorine. It also removes traces of chemicals that may have accidentally contaminated the water. 

It also competes with more high-end models because of its UV light filter, which kills viruses and bacteria and ensures that your water is consistently clean and healthy. 

On the other hand, Waterdrop has one of the best water filters since it removes harmful chemicals and simultaneously retains all healthy minerals.

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Waterdrop has some of the best technology for this since, although all water filters retain magnesium, potassium, and calcium, you can taste the improved quality with Waterdrop.

Water that has been through Waterdrop's filter tends to taste the best. This is ideal if you want to save on costs and drink clean tap water. 

Frizzlife also has a two-step filter that removes harmful minerals and bacteria in the water. It will eliminate mercury, carcinogens, chlorine, and rust and remove external contaminants such as silt, sand, and rust.

This ensures that you will only be washing with clean water and also consuming a healthy one. However, there have been reports of Frizzlife facing quality issues with its non-certified model, the Frizzlife MK99. Make sure to get a better model, or go for a different brand instead. 


Of course, you will need to balance the quality of the water filter with its price and operating costs. Among the three, Waterdrop has the most expensive purchase price, retailing at around $500.

It wouldn't need a professional's assistance since it is easy to install, which helps save on costs.

Aquasana models would require a professional plumber's installation. Otherwise, it may not work, which is an added cost. It is a mid-range brand, and it would retail for around $200.

There's an added cost of filter replacement, but it shouldn't be that much of a hassle. This will also ensure that you drink clean tap water when you need it.

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Frizzlife is one of the cheapest water filters, retailing at only around $150. However, tankless models can cost about $400. Frizzlife doesn't need to be installed by a licensed plumber, which would help save more on costs. 

You might need to compromise on quality if you choose a cheap model since some low-end models of Frizzlife tend to leak. There have also been reports of Frizzlife not filtering the water as effectively as desired.

Make sure to get more durable models that give you value for money. 

Ease of Installation

Reverse osmosis water purification system at home. Installed water purification filters. Clear water concept

Some brands, such as Waterdrop, will give you a challenging time with installation. There have been reports of the installation taking almost an entire day to complete, which would have you shelling out for labor costs if the plumber charges by the hour.

Frizzlife is the easiest to install, but considering the potential quality issues, Waterdrop is likely your happy middle in terms of installation. You won't need a licensed plumber for the installation, and the quality will still be reliable. 

Would You Need to Change The Filter Frequently?

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One of the questions you will need to ask if you're a busy person is how often you will need to change the filter.

If you think you won't be able to keep track of the filter changes, get a filter you won't need to check now and then.

Either this could be a filter that would only need to be changed once a year or one with a light indicator that signals the filter now needs to be changed.

Most water filters will need to be changed every three months, but it would be best to get models with a light indicator so you won't forget to replace them. 

How Does The Water Taste or Feel?

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In terms of how the water tastes or feels, Waterdrop provides the best water quality.

Granted, you may need to run the water for around a minute to get the best-tasting water, but it is worth it since you can rest assured that the water is free of any taste minerals while retaining its healthiness. 

Maintenance Requirements

If you think you wouldn't have time to constantly clean the machine, you need to get a water filter with one that won't need replacement after a month.

Generally, you should prepare to replace the filter itself after three months since there's bound to be some build-up. If the machine is of high quality, though, it's supposed to be low-maintenance. 

Water Conditioner vs. Water Softener -- What's the Difference?

A water conditioner changes the chemistry of the water through reverse osmosis, wherein it removes the harmful chemicals and minerals in the water. It neutralizes the water, making it safe for plumbing and consumption.

Water softeners soften the water through ion exchange. It replaces the hard minerals with sodium and potassium, making them safer for appliances.

If you're having a hard time keeping them straight, just remember this; Water conditioners are better for consumption, while water softeners are better for appliances, bathing, and the plumbing system. 

Is The Water Filter Brand Important?

Filter system for water treatment with glass on blue background

In most cases, having a trusted brand is important when determining which water filter to use. After all, it should be reliable, durable, and last a long time. 

You should purchase from a brand that positions itself to be competitive by providing high-quality products that are preferably certified. 

However, you should still balance it with the price, so make sure to choose a good model from a competent brand. 

Are Water Filters/Conditioners Worth It?

Water filters are an excellent--and necessary--investment, especially if you prioritize your health. It will also improve the taste of the water, which will motivate you to drink more!

Water filters or Water conditioners become necessary if the water in your area tends to have a funky smell or if it's starting to destroy your plumbing and appliances.

Final Thoughts

Comparing brands is essential if you want the best value for money. The key is to balance the cost with quality and to maintain the machine well so it can last a long time. 

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