Goodman AC Fan Not Working – What To Do?

Goodman air conditioners are reliable, affordable, and durable. But, what do you do when the fan malfunctions? What could be the reason it is not working, and how can this problem be fixed? We've consulted the experts to bring you the answer to this problem.

The following are the problems and how to troubleshoot when the fan in your AC stops working:

  • The fan is not spinning, but the compressor is humming
    • Check the circuit breaker
    • Check the voltage
  • The compressor is working, but the fan is still not spinning
    • Test the capacitor
  • The fan is spinning slowly
    • Examine the air filter
  • The fan still spins slowly and produces a loud noise
    • Check the fan for debris
  • The fan irregularly turns on and off
    • Inspect the wiring, control board, or another electrical component within the system

Keep reading to understand why your AC fan blade is not working and the solutions to this problem. You'll also learn ways to take good care of your Goodman AC and how much it costs to repair the fan, several other parts and the unit.

Residential Air Conditioning, Goodman AC Fan Not Working - What To Do?

What To Do When The AC Fan Stops Working

There are several reasons your AC fan may not be working. Let us go step by step to unravel what the problem could be and how to solve the issue.

The Fan Is Not Spinning, But The Compressor Is Humming

Turn on your air conditioner and check the compressor in the unit outside your house. If you hear a humming sound, the fan is not the problem. 

But, if you do not hear any sound coming from the AC, then the compressor may not be receiving an electric current. It could be a circuit breaker issue or a faulty contactor.

Check The Circuit Breaker

Installation of residential circuit breakers

Go to the circuit breaker and look for a switch that reads HVAC, AC, or compressor. If it is off, switch it back on and check if the AC starts to work again. 

If you find it on, switch it off and wait a few seconds. Turn on the switch and check your AC outside. If there is still no sound, the problem could be a faulty contactor. 

Check The Contactor

The contactor is responsible for regulating the flow of electricity to the compressor like the one shown below.

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The contactor acts like a switch in the AC unit outside and provides electricity to the fan, turning it on and off. A contactor that is not working is probably damaged. You can replace it with a contactor Goodman, 30 Amp, 24 V like the one below.

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To be sure, you can check the voltage in the contactor, which should be between 24 and 29.5. Any deviation downwards from this signals a problem.

However, you should only do this if you have HVAC experience, nor should you attempt to repair an AC without the necessary knowledge. Instead, call a qualified HVAC professional.

The Compressor Is Working, But The Fan Is Still Not Spinning

cooling fan texture as very nice technology

If the compressor is humming and the fan is still not spinning, the problem could be the capacitor.

The capacitor is responsible for jolting the fan so that it starts moving. It stores up energy like a battery does and uses that energy to move the fan.

Check The Capacitor

To find out if the capacitor is the problem, jump-start the fan. Take a long stick or any other material that does not conduct electricity and push it through the fan grate. Turn on your AC, and push the fan hard enough to spin it. 

The fan should start moving if the capacitor is the problem. If you confirm this is the issue call your HVAC professional to replace the capacitor like the one shown below.

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But, if the fan still does not move, despite how hard you spin it, and you can still hear the compressor humming, there could be another problem such as a faulty motor.

This most often occurs in very windy areas, where dirt and debris are blown around and find their way inside the AC unit. It could also be due to a lack of proper maintenance of the AC.

A bad motor will need to be replaced. If your unit is more than ten years old, it may be time to replace the old motor.

The Fan Is Spinning Slowly

Another problem you should look into is when the fan is running slowly, even when you try to jump-start it several times.

In such a situation, check the air filter. A clogged air filter will strain the fan, causing it to slow down. To solve this problem, open and check your air filter, and clean it. 

The Fan Still Spins Slowly And Produces A Loud Noise

If your fan is still spinning slowly and is producing a loud grinding noise, the fan may be blocked by debris.

Turn off your AC from both the circuit breaker and thermostat. Spin the fan with your stick to check for the debris or any other component blocking it.

Remove debris or any other particles blocking your fan, then turn back on the AC. If there is no sound, you have managed to clear the blockage.

If there is still sound coming from your AC, call a technician to give you a correct diagnosis.

The Fan Irregularly Turns On And Off

A fan that keeps turning on and off irregularly despite setting the thermostat may have an electrical problem.

You may also notice a clicking sound. This problem could be because of a faulty control board, bad wiring, or an issue with another electrical component. 

How Do You Keep Your Air Conditioner In Good Condition?

technician repairing outdoor air conditioner unit

It's good to know the steps to take when the AC fan does not work. But, how can you maintain it in good condition to reduce breakdowns, work at full capacity, and last longer?

The following are ways in which you can keep your AC in good condition for a long time:

Clean The Air Filter Regularly

The air filters in your AC stop the dirt and dust from entering a room. If too much gets onto the air filter, it will get clogged, compromising the quality of air blown into the room.

In addition, it will put more strain on the AC. Remove the air filters and clean them regularly.

Have The Coils Cleaned

The coils in your AC help the refrigerant absorb the surrounding heat, cooling the room. Dirt and dust can cover the coils, which reduces their ability to absorb heat.

When this happens, the unit will work harder to maintain the temperature you have set. Therefore, you need to clean the coils regularly.

However, this is a job for professionals, which they can tackle when they come to inspect the unit every year.

Check The Fins

With time, the condenser and evaporator fins may bend causing an insufficient airflow. If you notice this, use fin brushes similar to the ones below to place the fins back in position. Or call a technician to straighten them.

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Schedule A Yearly Maintenance Appointment

The AC is a crucial appliance that needs to be in good working condition, to maintain the comfort in your home. Having a yearly inspection could save you money spent on unnecessary repairs and maintain a higher level of comfort in your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An AC Fan?

professional electrician man is fixing the heavy air conditioner

On average, the cost to repair an AC ranges between $200 and $4,000. To change the air filter can cost as low as $175 while cleaning a condensate drain would cost around $500.

To replace a condenser fan motor costs between $200 and $700 if it is not under warranty and $100 to $300 if it is under warranty. 

Replacing an evaporator coil and refrigerant can be done at a cost between $650 and $2,400 if it is not under warranty and from $400 and $1,000 not under warranty. 

The estimated prices of Goodman AC models range from $985 to $1985.

In Closing

Residential Air Conditioning

Goodman air conditioners are reliable appliances that condition your home efficiently. However, they can stop working if the fan is faulty. There are several reasons for this problem, which can be solved by diagnosing the specific issue correctly.

Keeping your air conditioner in good condition will not only prevent the parts in your AC from breaking down but will also last longer. The cost of repair will depend on the faulty part, but regular maintenance can save you money down the line.

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