Goodman Vs American Standard: Which To Choose?

When the summer season comes and the temperature rises, good air conditioning can make your home comfortable and cozy. Now if you're contemplating whether to get an American Standard or a Goodman, stay on this page. We've done the research to help you decide which cooling system brand is best for you.

Whether it's Goodman or American Standard will depend on your preference. If you want a high-end AC, American Standard would be more efficient than Goodman, although the latter's top-end air conditioner compressor boasts a longer warranty.

Both brands are reliable. Read further to discover their offerings, features, as well as their similarities and differences. With our detailed discussion below, you will discover the brand and product that cater to your needs and preference.

HVAC heating and air conditioning residential units, Goodman Vs American Standard: Which To Choose?

Brand Offerings

Before we compare and differentiate the two air conditioner products, let's look into how each of the unit work.

Goodman Air Conditioners

This brand offers about the same number of models as the American Standard provides but categorizes them by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). SEER is the amount of energy required in order to provide a certain amount of cooling.

This brand offers units with a SEER rating of 18, 16, 14, and 13. Those with higher ratings do perform more efficiently. They are also the more expensive units in terms of the initial costs.

American Standard Air Conditioners

The American Standard and the Goodman central air conditioning systems are both for homes and light commercial applications. The AC units of the American Standard brand are classified into three categories, Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

The Platinum types tend to be the most efficient, but they also cost the most upfront.

Goodman Vs. American Standard Air Conditioner

Both manufacturers have established a good reputation for providing high-quality air conditioners. Let's explore the offerings from both brands and evaluate these factors below that can help with your decision-making.


To give you an idea, an American Standard air conditioning unit of 14 SEER may incur an average cost of $3,575 to $6,178, including installation fees.

For 2.5-ton models of the two popular brands, price estimates inclusive of installation costs are as follows:

If you are planning to buy an evaporative cooler or a central air conditioner, you can compare the prices of the Goodman and the American Standard units by getting free estimates online.

Although the American Standard obviously looks more expensive with the examples above, it's quite tricky comparing the prices of these two brands of air conditioners.

The manufacturer doesn't publish the specific prices as they sell both AC brands to dealers at different prices. Factors that will affect the price include the number of units purchased and the dealer's location.

Winner: Tie

Energy Efficiency

Next to pricing, efficiency is an important point to consider. Given that home cooling can be costly, it's better to go for a higher upfront cost for a more energy-efficient unit that can save money in the long run.

With the American Standard, there is a broader range of efficient units than the Goodman air conditioners. For example, an American Platinum Z model that has a SEER rating of 20  can possibly reduce energy use by 60 percent compared to a  central air conditioner with only a SEER rating of 8.

The American Standard also offers a unit in the low end. It has the Silver SI with a SEER of 23. On the other hand, Goodman AC units do have a SEER of 18 on the high end and 13 on the low end.

Winner: American Standard


In terms of durability, both Goodman and American Standard air conditioners are reliable. But when it comes to warranty, Goodman has the advantage. There are some Goodman models that come with a lifetime warranty, whereas the American Standard's longest warranty is only 12 years on the compressor.

Winner: Goodman

Other Noteworthy Features of the Two Brands

Here are several features and characteristics of each AC brand, so you can further assess which to choose from the two:

Goodman Airconditioner

Air conditioning system unit installed outside facade of the new house the air conditioner with freon

  • It uses an R-410A refrigerant that is believed to contribute less harm to the environment compared to older refrigerants.
  • Goodman is considered a national brand. Thus, finding a dealer/installer is an easy task, and the parts needed for repair and maintenance are readily available—at least in the continental United States.
  • Single-stage units cool at full capacity and noise whenever running. They tend to cool past the thermostat set point, thus creating noticeable mild temperature fluctuations. The GSX models operate with a universal scroll compressor of average quality, at their best.
  • Most of the time, the two-stage units run at about 65 percent capacity and noise level, making them deliver a gentler, more balanced air conditioning that won't cool past the set point. These models will only boost to 100 percent capacity when you lower the thermostat setting or outside temperatures rises quickly, and the air conditioner needs to catch up.
  • Some Goodman AC models (GSX13 and GSX14) are suited for cool climates. For warm climates, you will need to choose the units with higher SEER ratings (like the GSX16, DSXC16, or DSXC18). If you have extremely hot summers in your place, it's better to opt for the 18 SEER Goodman AC or look for other brands with more efficient models.

American Standard Air Conditioner

Residential heating and air conditioner compressor units near suburban house

  • American Standard's top models offer advanced technological features such as AccuComfort and Acculink.
  • Generic parts fit perfectly with their units, offering better customer support and versatility to users.
  • With their high speed, their single-stage compressors can immediately cool down a room. But it also does mean a higher energy consumption for models such as the following:
    • Silver 16
    • Silver 16 Low Profile
    • Silver 14
    • Silver 13
  • With their two-stage compressors, the American Standard AC units are much more energy-efficient, especially as they are capable of adjusting their running speeds with the prevailing room temperature. Equipped with two-stage or variable speed compressors that save energy but are relatively slow in cooling down the room, these premium American Standard models include:
    • Platinum 20
    • Platinum 18
    • Gold 17
  • The insulating materials of an American Standard air conditioner such as thermosetting plastics and rubber surrounding the compressors make the appliance reduce its noise leakage. Platinum 20 has a sound rating of 42 decibels while the Silver 16 Low Profile has a low sound rating of 35 decibels.
  • The American Standard models are suitable for all climates.

What To Look For When Comparing HVAC Brands?

HVAC heating and air conditioning residential units

When comparing HVAC brands, you will definitely need to look at energy efficiency, price, warranties, features, and sound rating. There are reviews and rankings of the best brands but at the end of the day, the verdict will still depend on your own preference and convenience.

For instance, if you're a tech-savvy type of person, you may prefer an American Standard unit with advanced technological features instead of a Goodman unit that can't even be connected to your WiFi.

How Long Does A Goodman Air Conditioner Last?

A Goodman Air Conditioner may usually last 10 to 15 years. But the good news is you can extend its life expectancy up to 20-25 years! Keep in mind the lifespan of the appliance may be affected by usage pattern, maintenance, your location, proper installation, and if it's properly sized for your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Goodman Air Conditioner?

Latin descent, blue collar air conditioner repairman working at residential home. He prepares to begin work by gathering appropriate tools and referring to digital tablet.

Goodman air conditioners are known to have a cheaper price, but that doesn't mean they're not a good quality brand. If you want to install a Goodman AC unit, you may need to pay approximately $3,188 to $4,275, inclusive of installation cost.

The price may vary depending on the size, performance, and efficiency, specifically based on the unit's SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) together with the full installation of all materials and labor.

Click here to see this 13 SEER Goodman GSX130301 air conditioner on Amazon.

In Closing

Multi-ethnic team of blue collar air conditioner repairmen at work. They prepare to begin work by gathering appropriate tools from their tool box.

Having an efficient cooling system at home is important for your convenience. And so, buying an air conditioner necessitates that you consider the brand, features, and price of the unit.

Both the Goodman and the American Standard brands are winners—being both efficient and reliable with the air conditioners they bring on the market. Which to choose from the two will boil down to your cooling needs and preference.

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