How Many Amps Does A Toe Kick Heater Use?

One particular room never quite reaches the ideal temperature. Although the house is well heated, one specific area seems chilly. The remedy is to make use of a toe kick heater. You might be curious about how many amps your toe kick heater uses if you have one in your home, so we have conducted extensive research to provide you with accurate information, 

The majority of electrical wall plugs and the wires leading to your toe kick heaters have a maximum amp rating of 15. This means that no other electrical devices, not a computer or other appliances like a television, should be connected to the same circuit because they could blow a fuse or trip a fuse box.

A toe kick heater might be the best heating option for drafty spaces such as older kitchens. You can avoid having ice-cold surfaces thanks to their reasonable ease of installation. This article goes into great length on the most popular types of toe kick heaters, heater sizing, and any other concerns you might have. Read on to discover more!

small toe kick heater on the wall of the bathroom with big mirror, How Many Amps Does A Toe Kick Heater Use?

Different Types Of Toe Kick Heaters

There are two different kinds of heaters, namely, hydronic and electric models. But first, let us explain a toe kick heater in greater detail before we explore how each one differs.

A low-profile heater known as a "kick space heater" is a toe kick warmer. It is typically mounted beneath wall cabinets. They are small in size and so are challenging to see.

Toe kick heaters add extra warmth to the home and are frequently put in frigid rooms. It is not as strange as it sounds--a few rooms remain chilly even with standard heaters.

This is where toe-kick heaters shine--they provide the room with additional heat. So, how do these two varieties of toe kick heaters differ? Here is how each one is unique:

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Hydronic Toe Kick Heater

Since hydronic toe kick heaters collect heat through your water heaters, purchasing a water heater is a prerequisite for having one installed.

Before being delivered to the incoming air, the hot water from the boiler will first pass via a heated coil. The machine's internal fan will then force the air outward, dissipating the extra heat in the space.

You might wish to think of the process as steam heat as it involves both heat and water.

Electric Toe Kick Heater

Electric toe kick heaters use electricity directly to generate heat. The design, heating element, and fan power all impact the heating aspect.

It is more affordable than a hydronic unit because it doesn't require a pre-installed water heater to function. Electric heaters are smaller than other devices, which is another distinction.

How to Choose the Right Toe Kick Heater Size for You

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Determining the proper size of the room where you will put a toe kick heater is essential since it can only heat a small area. That is just one consideration. So, how will you determine whether your heater has the appropriate size for your room? Follow the instructions we've written below.

1. Recognize the Size of Your Space

Finding out how big your room is should be your first step. Before deciding on the size of the heater you will purchase, it must be imperative that you are aware of this information.

You might measure the space in square feet or by the length and width of the room. If your room is, for example, 15 feet long and 18 feet broad, you can determine that 10 x 16 is 160 square feet.

2. Determine the Heater’s Wattage Power

Now that you are aware of the room's dimensions, you need to decide how powerful of a heat source is necessary to adequately warm the space.

According to a rule, you require 10 watts of electrical power for every square foot of space. According to this rule, you can estimate that you'll require at least 10 times the square footage of your space.

Using our step-one example, the power needed for the heater is 10 x 160, or 1600 watts.

3. Selecting the Ideal Heater

As toe kick heaters just heat an area of your space, you don't necessarily have to reach the heater once you've determined the right power for it. You can think about using heaters with similar wattages or ones that are slightly close.

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Some Considerations When Choosing Toe Kick Heater

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A toe kick heater can be installed in little-used locations because it is inexpensive, adaptable, and practical in both warm and cold regions. A heater with a toe kick has far more benefits than downsides. Now let's talk about some things to consider before making a toe kick warmer purchase.

1.) Energy Consumption

Another critical aspect that needs to be examined is how much electricity a toe kick heater consumes. A British Thermal Unit (BTU) score is sometimes employed to indicate energy output.

If a product's BTU evaluation is not provided, it can be quickly determined using the formula provided below.

Wattage score x 3.413 equals the BTU amount produced.

For instance, a 1,600-watt heater will generate about 5,460.8 BTU and an 800-watt machine will generate 2,730.4 BTU. Better heating performance is guaranteed by higher BTU ratings.

2.) Efficiency of Heating

It is advised to compare heater efficiency to keep cheap heating bills. Toe kick heaters don't have the same modern AC systems' level of efficiency.

It is crucial to get an energy-efficient toe kick heater that is appropriate for the space. Some toe kick heaters also offer energy-saving settings to guarantee little energy use when not required.

Others feature programmable thermostats that keep the room at the ideal temperature. Modern toe kick heaters include eco-modes to maintain the right temperature and won't use energy when the space is sufficiently heated.

Toe kick heaters also have multiple heat settings which can help you save energy by letting the heater run on low mode. They can also be purchased with programmed timers that range from minutes to hours.

It is possible to configure heaters to run for a predetermined period before turning off using this feature. Some of these elements will be found in a toe kick heater, which will aid in lowering electricity costs.

3.) Security

Security is the most important consideration while using an electrical item. A great system is secure. If not properly maintained, portable heaters will lead to a variety of issues, with fire hazards being the worst-case scenario.

So, safety must be taken into account. Manufacturers have included unique features to guard against serious issues.

Excellent safety switch, one type of irreplaceable overheat prevention, acts as a sensor and shuts off the electricity if it detects an unsafe temperature.

Given that it is a need for the majority of electrical products on the market, this functionality is a must-have. The dual overheat prevention also makes heaters more reliable.

Another popular modern safety feature that cuts off the heater's electricity if it is knocked over is the internal shutdown switch, which is found in the majority of toe kick heaters.

4.) Cost Evaluation

Before choosing a model, it would be a good idea to find out how much a heating system costs to operate every month because this is an important factor to take into account when purchasing a heater.

Operating costs will vary depending on the heater's type and the room's dimensions. Even so, some computations are straightforward to complete.

Examples include the machine's anticipated operation times and daily kilowatts of power use. The price per kilowatt-hour is used to multiply that amount by 30 to determine the heater's monthly use.

5. Sound Intensity

Toe kick heaters make noise while functioning, just like the majority of electrical appliances. A wise decision in terms of quality of life would be to proceed and select the model with average sound levels.

Wrapping Up

small toe kick heater on the wall of the bathroom with big mirror

Now that you have read the entire text, you no longer need to wonder what a toe kick heater is. A toe kick heater, to sum up, is a covert space heater that heats a room while occupying less space than other space heaters.

You can choose between hydraulic and electric toe kick heaters. Both deliver quality performances to one another, but they have key differences that can affect you.

The majority of electrical wall plugs and the wires leading to your toe kick heaters have a maximum amp rating of 15. The suitable size and a list of important considerations for toe kick heater purchases were also covered in this article.


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