How Much Water Does The Dyson Humidifier Hold? [And How To Fill It Up]

Battling air pollution in urban cities can be challenging. With a Dyson humidifier at home, it can help filter dust and other pollutants while keeping your space cool. If using a humidifier is new to you, you might wonder how much water the tank can hold and how to go about the process to fill it. We've asked the experts, and they have the answers for you.

A Dyson humidifier has a capacity of 1 gallon or around 5 liters of water. The device can give at least 36 hours of humidification. You might need to refill the water after several days of use. To fill up the water tank, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the humidifier.
  2. Push the release buttons on the sides of the tank.
  3. Remove the water tank out of the machine.
  4. Open the tank cap and fill it with water up to the MAX level.
  5. Close and secure the cap back into place.
  6. Slide back the tank to the machine until it clicks.

It is also essential to fill in the tank with suitable water. After doing so, you can place your humidifier in the right area of your home. With the right amount of water, the device can cover a specific room in the house well. Read further to get the most out of your Dyson humidifier.

Modern Home Appliances And Beauty Tools Dyson, How Much Water Does The Dyson Humidifier Hold? [And How To Fill It Up]

Dyson Humidifier Water Tank Capacity

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The Dyson humidifiers have a large water tank that will hold 1 gallon or 5 liters. The water inside is for air humidification. With a full tank, the humidifier can run for 36 hours. Frequent and continuous use of the humidifier can consume the water faster.

You should set the device at 40 to 70%. If you set the humidifier to "Auto Humidify" mode, it will adjust the settings according to your room's humidity level. The device's onboard sensors will pause when it reaches the room's target humidity, then turn on when the humidity drops.

It is best to change the water at least once a day, not when the tank has no more water. In effect, you allow a breeding place for mold to grow. If that happens, the air coming out of the machine will have mold spores.

How To Fill Water On Your Dyson Humidifier

According to the Dyson humidifier manual, follow this process to fill in the water tank:

  1. Be sure to turn off the humidification modes of the device.
  2. To remove the water tank, press down the tank release buttons on both sides of the machine.
  3. You can easily slide the tank out of the device because it has a handle.
  4. Carry the tank and open the cap.
  5. Then fill the tank with water up to the MAX level.
  6. Put back the cap of the tank.
  7. Lastly, slide back the tank to the machine. You will hear a click when it is already secure in place.

You can also refer to the instructions you can see on top of the tank.

What Kind Of Water Should I Use In My Dyson Humidifier?

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There is a recommended water for your Dyson humidifier. You should add cold tap water to the machine based on the manual. It is best to treat the water in advance to get rid of bacteria. If you forgot to do so, the humidifier has a UV-C light using a PTFE tube to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the water through radiation.

Instead of tap water, you can also use distilled water, the safest water to add in humidifiers. According to Healthline, distilled water has fewer minerals. In that way, you can avoid mineral buildup in the machine that causes limescale and calcium deposits.

The device has biostatic silver strands to capture the small particles when the water evaporates. In that way, the device prevents bacterial growth inside. Hence, it is a must to clean the tank often. The device will pump the water-borne bacteria into the air causing unpleasant odors and health issues.

How To Clean A Dyson Humidifier

Here are the steps to clean the humidifier so that it emits clean air:

  1. First, create a cleaning solution. Mix parts of citric acid, bleach, and white vinegar. You can spray or place the solution in a bowl. Use a cloth to wipe the humidifier.
  2. Disassemble the machine carefully.
  3. Clean the water tank. Remove it from the machine and drain the water out. Leave the tank upside down, then wipe it with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  4. You can also fill the tank with the cleaning solution and let it sit for several minutes. Rinse by filling the tank with water.
  5. Afterward, remove the chimney of the humidifier. Unlock by turning it 90 degrees and lifting it. Wipe the dust away. Also, remove the seal under the chimney to clean it.
  6. Spray some solution in hard-to-reach parts.
  7. Besides the tank, check other parts of the machine with excess water. Drain the water by turning the machine upside down over the sink.
  8. Rinse the machine using a damp towel.
  9. Completely dry out the machine through air drying. You can also use a dry cloth and wipe on the wet parts.
  10. Once everything is dry, reassemble the parts of the machine and refill the water tank.

You should clean your Dyson humidifier once a week to maintain its condition.

Deep Cleaning

If you did not use the humidifier for quite some time, you should run the Deep Clean Cycle function. The machine will notify when the deep clean button lights up or through the Dyson link app.

The machine sets the deep clean cycle based on the usual water hardness. By default, the setting is for hard water. In that case, you should run the deep cleaning once a month. If the water is soft or medium, cleaning is not frequent. You can change the water hardness in your app.

To commence the cleaning, just press the deep clean cycle button. You should also push down some parts to release the shrouds and set them aside. Afterward, remove the water tank from the device. Then remove the evaporator and place it in the tank.

Where Should I Place My Dyson Humidifier?

Shallow focus of the hand controller seen atop a floor standing

Depending on the model and size, you can place your Dyson humidifier where you need to control humidity. It is best to place it on the floor, but wooden floors are prone to water damage. Smaller devices are fine in the dresser or the bathroom.

Regardless of where you put the humidifier, allow at least 2 to 3.50 feet clearance from walls and furniture.

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How Many Square Feet Does The Dyson Humidifier Cover?

Another thing to consider if you want a Dyson humidifier is the space it can cover. As much as possible, you want each part of the room to be cool. Different humidifier models have varying coverage as follows:

  • Dyson AM10:  172 sq ft.
  • Dyson Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde: 290 sq ft.
  • Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool: up to 400 sq ft.

So if you are planning to buy a humidifier, you should check how much you need for your rooms.

Is A Dyson Humidifier Worth It?

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Dyson is a premium brand for home appliances such as air purifiers, fans, dryers, and vacuum cleaners. The large price tag is attributable to the technology used in their product. Their profits go to their extensive research and product design to continue innovating.

Some benefits of a Dyson humidifier include:

  • Automatic detection of pollutants and air particles
  • Smart sensors to regulate humidity and temperature
  • HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of allergens, dust, pollens, and gas
  • Compatible with smart devices for easy controlling and monitoring
  • Quiet oscillation of the fan
  • Hassle-free deep cleaning
  • Continuous humidification up to 36 hours
  • Awarded with the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) approval
  • First humidifier purifier recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation

However, negative customer reviews about the Dyson humidifiers also exist. Some experienced difficulties with part replacements and a short life span. As a result, the company has discontinued the Dyson AM10 model.

Other humidifier brands offer a bigger water tank and wider coverage. You might find a more affordable machine that has the same benefits. In the end, Dyson is a top brand you can trust if you want to splurge for humidifiers.

In Summary

Modern Home Appliances And Beauty Tools Dyson.

Dyson humidifiers have water tanks with a capacity of 1 gallon. You can easily refill the water by sliding out the water tank from the device. The type of water you should use is tap water or distilled water. To avoid mold after the water runs out, you must clean the tank.

After all, a Dyson humidifier is an excellent investment to keep your home cool as long as you maintain its good condition.

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