How Often To Change AC Filter In A Home With Pets

It's nice to have proper ventilation. But keep in mind that pets also need fresh air. You might be wondering how often you need to change AC filters if you have pets at home. Worry no more! We've researched the answer for you.

It's recommended to replace AC filters at least once every two months to maintain the safety of air circulation. Bacteria may grow on air filters simply because they absorb atmospheric pollutants. Replacing AC filters will release healthier air across the room.

We hope that by the end of this article, you'll realize the importance of changing AC filters both for pets and humans. We'll talk about the steps and other factors to consider. You'll learn more about AC filters and related concerns. Keep reading!

Technician changing the filter of the AC, How Often To Change AC Filter In A Home With Pets

How AC Affects Pets

Your pets are also inhaling the air in your room. They do not have a way to tell us if they experience unpleasant odors or stuffy, stale air. That's why it's important to know how they get affected by the AC's air circulation.

Below are some ways in which replacing AC filters affect pets.


Dog sitting on the sofa inside a modern minimalist living room

Pets are seemingly more comfortable in humid areas, considering that pets, like dogs or cats, have fur. The moisture in the air can help them relax and move into a calmer state.

The AC filter blocks the dirt from the outside, giving way for moisturized air to circulate throughout the room. With controlled humidity, your pets can stay safe.


Cute beagle drinking water

The room temperature can affect the water level inside our body, as well as for pets. Dehydration gets faster with hotter temperatures. The AC can help keep us hydrated since the temperature can become cooler.

Our pets become dehydrated faster than a normal person. It's important to consider their health because their fur is thicker and hotter than the human skin.


Cute dog sleeping on his doggy bed

If you're sweating your back while sleeping, imagine what your pets feel. Their body might be heating up a lot more than you do. Because of this discomfort, we might lack sleep.

Turning on your AC can satisfy sleep by beating the hot temperature. It's good for your dogs or cats, as they are most likely to tolerate the cooler temperatures.

The Normal Room Temperature If You Have Pets

The ideal room temperature if you have pets ranges around 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Your pets can find their own way to cool down themselves by panting. If you'll be leaving your pets alone, it's recommended to leave the AC at a cooler temperature not falling below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where Should Pets Stay During Winter and Summer?

Another way to protect your pets, aside from providing sufficient air in a room, is to let them stay safely in place.

See below some areas of your house that are good spots for your pets during winter and summer. Remember that your aim is to find an area where air circulation is tolerable for your pets.

During Winter

A gorgeous log cabin in a rocky mountain

Winter is quite a better season for most of our pets. They do not palpitate easily and are able to withstand cooler places. It's important to keep your pets warm and active during the winter.


The kitchen can be quite a hot place when you are cooking. It's a good place for cats and dogs to feel warm. Don't create thick smoke while cooking, as it may cause them to suffocate. Also, let them out of the fire. Just let them sit on the kitchen floor or counter.

However, you can activate the furnace if you have one. This will be enough to spread hot temperatures throughout the house.

Exercise Room

You may also bring your pets when doing exercises, like at the gym. Your body movements can spread a warmer temperature around the room, letting your pets feel warm too.

During summer

Sunrise beaming in the living room

It's a struggle for most pets to keep cool, as their skin is naturally hot. But here are good places for pets during the summer.


Cute tabby cat sitting on the bed

If you have an AC in your bedroom, that's perfect for your dogs or cats. The bedroom is supposed to be a calm and relaxing area of the house. It should be properly ventilated with a sufficient supply of air. Bring your pets inside the bedroom to feel cooler in the summer season.


A husky swimming in the pool for his training

You can actually bathe your dogs in the pool. It's recommended to keep them cool if the air temperature is too high, even inside the house. Just consult an expert on how to bathe your dog properly.

How To Replace the AC's Filter

Technician changing the AC filter with a new one

Replacing the AC filters improves air circulation. You should know how to do it when you're alone. Also, it's crucial to change AC filters at least once every two months to maximize effective air circulation.

Below are the steps:

1. Remove the filter

Technician changing the filter of the AC

You need to remove the cover of an AC to reveal the filter. You should then use a screwdriver or your bare hands to detach the filter. Just be gentle in removing it, as the AC filter is quite breakable with extreme force.

2. Clean the AC

Cleaning the AC air filter

It's important to remove the dust from it to avoid inhaling harmful particles. Cleaning can also help improve the quality of air.

Before we start, you should prepare the following tools:

Cloth Rag

Use a rag to ensure that the AC unit will not get scratches when you wipe the surface.

See these cloth rags on Amazon.


It's best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt from the corners of AC motors and parts.

See this vacuum on Amazon.

Soft Brush

You should use a soft brush to fully eliminate any remaining dirt.

See this soft brush on Amazon.

Spray Cleaner

You can use a cleaning solution that contains oxygen. Avoid those containing alcohol, acid, or bleach as they can cause damage to internal parts of the AC.

See this AC cleaner on Amazon.

Plastic Wrap

You need to cover the internal motors like fan blades and the thermostat to prevent them from getting wet.

See this plastic wrap on Amazon.

So to clean the AC unit, do these steps:

  1. Turn off the AC, then suck off the dirt with a vacuum.
  2. Use a soft brush to clean the condenser coil and other internal parts of the AC.
  3. Cover the internal motors with plastic wrap to make sure that they don't get wet.
  4. Spray the cleaning solution with a small amount of water on the external parts of the AC unit, then wipe the surface with a rag.
  5. Remove the plastic wrap you used.

3. Install New Filter

Changing the setting of the AC via remote

After you clean the AC unit, you can now insert the new AC filter. Make sure to use the right size for fitting. Refer to your AC guide for correct measurement.

Installing a new AC filter does not end the process. You still need to replace it when the quality has degraded over time, or at least once every two months. It's important to keep our family and pets breathing safe air.

How to Clean AC Filters

Worker removing the filter of the AC

If you don't find any replacement yet for the AC filter, you may clean it for a temporary fix. But remember that you need to replace it at least once every two months for better air circulation.

Prepare these tools for cleaning the AC filter:


Use a sponge to scrub the filter. A sponge can absorb dirt and is softer than brushes.

See this sponge on Amazon.


Protect your hands by wearing gloves.

See this box of gloves on Amazon.

Dishwashing Liquid

You can use dishwashing liquid to soak up the water and eliminate dirt.

See this dishwashing liquid on Amazon.

Water and Basin

You need to prepare a basin with water. It's better to clean the AC filter in a basin rather than in a sink. It's a mistake of many homeowners to clean the sink, which may result in clogging.

Soft Cloth Rag

Use a soft cloth rag, or a recycled cloth, to dry the filter.

Follow these steps to clean the AC filter:

  1. Upon removal of the AC filter, shake the filter over the trash can to remove excess dirt.
  2. Place the filter in a basin with water.
  3. Add dishwashing liquid and soak until you see bubbles.
  4. Scrub the filter with a sponge thoroughly.
  5. Use a soft cloth rag to dry the filter before you put it back on the AC unit.


Technician changing the filter of the AC

We've discussed changing your AC filter to give benefits to your pets, like improving their sleep and keeping them hydrated.

We also tackled the steps of cleaning the AC filter to maximize its efficiency in air circulation.

Also, we provided a list of some good places for your pets to experience better air circulation during winter and summer.

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