How To Keep Nest Thermostat From Changing Temperature

Are you bothered that your smart Nest Thermostat changes the room temperature every so often? Do you want it to stay at a particular level, but it does otherwise? Well, you can keep it from doing that, and we'll teach you how. We've done the research for you, and here's what we found out.

To stop your Nest Thermostat from automatically changing the room temperature, you need to:

  1. Go to the Nest Thermostat Menu from your Nest App. 
  2. Turn off the Auto-Schedule, Eco Mode, Home/Away, and Early On features.
  3. Input your desired temperature.
  4. Press "Confirm" to save your new settings. 

Keep on reading so that we can tell you more about how to hold the temperature in your Nest thermostats using the Nest app and even without it. This article will also talk about why your Nest thermostat keeps changing the temperature in your house and if Google Nest can be trusted. Let's get down to business!

Person setting up the temperature on a smart thermostat, How To Keep Nest Thermostat From Changing Temperature

How to Stop Nest Thermostat from Auto Adjusting Temperature

Homes are getting smarter these days. You can manage different facets of your home with the help of smart appliances. You can control them right at your fingertips no matter where you are, as long as there's an internet connection.

This smart home technology not only makes it convenient for you to manage your home settings. It also makes your home safer, and more energy-efficient and allows you to save on energy costs.

A white nest thermostat used to save energy and cut costs on your electric bill

The Nest thermostats are one such example of a smart device. They have the capability to learn the optimal temperature for your home as you continue to use it. It has a built-in technology that determines the algorithm of your thermostat usage based on various factors such as the time of the day and the presence of people in the house.

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As such, you will notice that your Nest thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature inside your house from time to time in its attempt to optimize the use of your HVAC system.

Your Nest thermostat can do this because its smart features are turned on. It could be the Auto-Schedule, Home/Away, Eco Mode, or Early On features -a combination, or all of the above.

So, to stop your thermostat from changing temperatures, you just need to turn off these features from your Nest app. Here's how you do it:

1. Go to your Nest app and choose "Nest Thermostat." 2. Disable the Auto-Schedule, Eco Mode, Home/Away, and Early On features. 3. Enter the temperature level that you prefer. 4. Save your new settings.

That's it! Your Nest thermostat will follow your new settings and won't adjust the temperature on its own.

How to set Nest thermostat to hold temperature without app

The steps mentioned above require that you make the changes from the Nest app, which is only accessible when you have an internet connection. But the good news is that even if you cannot access the Nest app, you can still change the settings of your thermostat unit.

Here's how to do it.

How to start a temperature hold without the Nest app

How to start a temperature hold without the Nest app

1. Select "Hold" from the Menu. 2. Choose "Eco" or "Current Temp." 3. Input the time that you want your thermostat to hold your chosen temperature. You can choose from 30 minutes to 24 hours. But if you're using Eco mode, pressing "None" will hold the temperature indefinitely until you change the settings. 4. Select "Confirm" to save your settings.

Take note, however, that this is only applicable to Nest Thermostat models and not to other models.

If there's a previous hold or you already want to change the room temperature, here are the steps on how to end the hold.

How to end the temperature hold without the Nest app

1. Select Hold from the Menu. 2. Choose Stop.

That's it! Your thermostat will be back to adjusting the temperature inside your home to help you optimize your HVAC system while you save on energy costs.

Why does my Nest Thermostat keep changing the temperature?

A Nest thermostat

Let's discuss in detail why your Nest Thermostat changes the temperature in your house from time to time. No, your thermostat isn't defective. It just reacts to its environment as it sees fit.
As mentioned earlier, Nest Thermostat comes with Eco-mode, Auto-Schedule, Home/Away, and Early On features. These are the features that enable it to do so. This is what each feature does.


Hand adjusting thermostats on eco mode

This smart feature turns off the thermostat when no one is home. It'll only turn on when the room temperature drops or exceeds your preferred temperature.
Your Nest thermostat is able to do this because of its motion sensors. Once it detects no movement in the house, the Eco-mode kicks in. The Nest app also reads your GPS location on your smartphone, so it knows whether you're home or not and adjusts the temperature to conserve energy and help you lessen your electric bills.
You can change the default settings on your Nest Thermostat's Eco-mode so that the temperature range is compatible with your comfort level.


Smart home thermostat

As a smart and learning device, your Nest thermostat can adjust the room temperature based on your preferences and daily activities. Its built-in technology studies how you use your HVAC system and how you want your temperature to be at certain times of the day.
Given this information, it establishes your cooling and heating pattern and sets a schedule of temperature changes based on the variables you've exhibited.


As mentioned above, your smart Nest thermostat knows when you're home or not through its motion sensors and the data from your GPS location.
When no one is home, it'll instruct your HVAC system to relax a bit and conserve its energy until such time when someone arrives. When you or your family members are home, it will again adjust the temperature to make you feel comfortable.

Early On

A Nest thermostat

This feature is convenient so that you can have your HVAC system work on achieving your preferred temperature level even before the set time. This way, you can come home to a cool or hot home, depending on the weather.
This eliminates the need to wait until the temperature gets cool or not enough. The same applies to other circumstances when you'd want to use the Early On feature.
In other words, you get yourself a smart and learning thermostat so that you won't have to mind your home temperature all the time. Let your Nest Thermostat do the job for you so you can focus on more important tasks or on relaxing after a hard day's work. You optimize the use of your HVAC system, and you get to save on energy costs -who wouldn't want that?
But again, the good news is that you can always turn these features off when you don't want to have fluctuating temperatures at home. This can be when you've got guests at home or when your schedule suddenly changes.
Whatever your reason is, the Nest thermostat makes it so easy for you to change the settings according to your preference and need.

Can Google Nest be trusted?

A package of Google Nest learning thermostat and Nest temperature sensor

As a smart device, the Nest app learns a lot about you - your behaviors and whereabouts, among others. Since Nest partnered with Google Home, some Nest Thermostat users are worried that their personal information can be easily accessed by third parties.
Google Nest assures its users about their privacy so that they can continue to use the app with peace of mind. They are committed to keeping all the services and connected devices safe in line with their core principle of privacy and security. They say that all data gathered from home sensor readings won't be used for sending personalized ads to its users.
Google even takes the necessary steps to prevent fraud or account takeover. They send notifications when the system detects unusual or suspicious activities in the app. They also conduct regular security checkups and ask for a two-step verification to improve your home security.
However, there are still people out there with bad intentions, so users are still advised to be vigilant, especially against WiFi router hackers and being manipulated by third parties to share their passwords with them.

Final Thoughts

To keep your Nest Thermostat from changing temperatures, just turn off the features that enable it to do so. You can do this from the Nest app or on your thermostat. This way, you can enjoy your preferred temperature for as long as you like.

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  1. All of these features are off in my app, and the temperature keeps resetting. I have it set to 65. Then when I look at it in a few hours, it will be set to 67 or 68. I will again set it to 65, and a few hours later, it’s decided on its own temperature again.

  2. From the Nest app, click on your thermostat then click Schedule at the bottom of the page. Remove all unwanted schedules.

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