How To Replace Batteries In An Emerson Thermostat

An Emerson thermostat is easy to navigate. But what if the batteries suddenly ran out of power? What might happen to the thermostat? Worry no more! We've researched this problem to bring you the answers (and the steps) you need to know.

Replacing the batteries on your Emerson thermostat refreshes its settings and enhances the displays. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Turn the power off.
  2. Flip to the back and unscrew the cover. The battery port will be revealed at the top portion of the thermostat.
  3. Pull out the old batteries. Make sure the port is dry.
  4. Insert two new "AA" batteries based on the positive and negative terminals.
  5. Put back the cover, then turn on the thermostat before you mount it again on the wall.

By the end of this article, you'll learn how to change the batteries in an Emerson thermostat. You'll realize the significance of having a thermostat and what could happen if the batteries are drained. There's more information to know ahead. Let's keep reading!

HVAC Technician Installing Batteries in Digital Heating and Cooling thermostat, How To Replace Batteries In An Emerson Thermostat

About Replacing Batteries In An Emerson Thermostat

It's recommended to replace batteries at least every two years, or when you see the battery bar going down to two bars. This is an indication that you need to replace the batteries soon. Otherwise, the temperature will automatically change by 10 degrees if you haven't replaced the battery within two days.

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Emerson thermostats use two "AA" alkaline batteries. Use good quality batteries for better performance.

See this set of "AA" batteries on Amazon.

However, some models can use lithium-ion batteries. The brand of battery does not affect the thermostat's performance that much. Just be sure that the size is correct. You may refer to the user's guide about this.

Watch this short clip about replacing the batteries on an Emerson Thermostat:

Emerson thermostats usually have a C-wire or the common wire. It allows at least 24 volts of electricity to power up the thermostat. It's highly recommended to connect the C-wire and use the batteries as a backup source of power.

How to Unmount an Emerson Thermostat From the Wall

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If it's your first time changing the batteries, then you might find it difficult to unmount the thermostat from the wall. Don't poke the side of the thermostat with a sharp object as other homeowners do. This may scratch the motherboard and cause it to malfunction.

To help you unmount the thermostat, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Find the carved lines on the side of the thermostat, then place your fingers in them.
  2. Hold the opposite side of the thermostat with your other hand to balance the force.
  3. Add a bit of force, then slowly squeeze and pull the thermostat.
  4. To put the thermostat back on, gently press it against the wall using your palm.

You can watch a short clip here for your guide:

The Emerson Thermostat Does Not Work

If your Emerson thermostat won't turn on after changing the batteries, then there might be problems somewhere else. See below for some ways to troubleshoot an Emerson thermostat.

Inspect the Wires

You can check the internal wires of a thermostat by unscrewing the cover. These wires are associated with a code depending on their letter and color. You'll want to read the user's guide to find out what these wires are for. But most probably, they are for functions like cooling, heating, and other features.

Check the AC

The thermostat may not respond to the settings of the AC. This is common if the two don't communicate well through sensors. You might need to test the AC if it's not performing well.

Consider changing the AC settings with a remote if it will respond to the command buttons you press. Try setting the temperature or even switching to different modes. You may also restart the AC by turning it off and on. If the AC doesn't respond, then there might be a problem with the sensor. You may need to ask a technician to resolve this issue.

Check the Circuit Breaker

It's important that the circuit breaker is working properly. A circuit breaker prevents an electric overload or shortage. So, make sure the thermostat is compatible with the voltage requirement and wire size. You can check the thermostat's specification, and compare it with the circuit breaker's electrical power.

Does Emerson Thermostat Offer a Warranty?

You can enjoy a warranty of 3-5 years on selected Emerson models. Emerson also offers a 30-day return policy, during which you can refund the full price of the product if you're not satisfied with its features. However, you should return it in good condition with all the accessories and parts. Also, the warranty may differ based on your agreement with Emerson.

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What Temperature Should Be Set In Thermostat During Summer and Winter?

Room temperature is crucial to our health. It's important to set the temperature to the recommended range. Refer to the things you should know about setting the temperature during summer and winter.

Summer Season

Summer is a hot season where we can sweat a lot and make us feel uncomfortable. You would want to set the temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to balance the heat and keep the air cool through the season. You may set it lower depending on how extreme the heat is.

There are ways you can prevent heat from entering your home, such as pulling the curtains down, sealing the windows, and reducing the use of heat-producing appliances like a furnace. Turning on your mechanical fans can also help by spreading the cool air throughout the area.

If you have a ceiling fan, you should reverse its spinning direction to counterclockwise. This is to lift the hot air up and drop the cold air down.

Winter Season

On the other hand, the temperature should be set at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. It's enough to keep you warm, and it even has the potential to lower your bill.

To increase the warmth in your house, you can open the curtains during the daytime, clean the vents, and turn on the furnace. You can also switch the ceiling fan into clockwise rotation since cool air is denser than hot air.

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When to Replace a Thermostat?

You should know when it's time to replace the thermostat itself. There are possible issues that replacing the batteries can't fix. See below some signs to replace a thermostat.

The Mode Won't Change

Switching from one mode to another is a crucial function of a thermostat. If you can't switch from cooling to heating mode or vice versa, the thermostat needs to be replaced. It's quite impractical to continue using it without such an important feature.

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

The thermostat may not give you an accurate reading of the temperature if it's placed in the hot part of the area. Be sure that you put it away from sunlight and heat-generating appliances. However, if the thermostat changes temperature and it seems inaccurate, then there might be a problem with the sensor.

You can seek help from a technician, but you should estimate the labor cost. You will want to purchase a new thermostat rather than conduct an inspection that may be more expensive than the actual product.

The Thermostat Is Too Old

If the thermostat is more than 10 years old, then you're lucky to have kept it that long. However, you should consider replacing it because an old thermostat may not function properly once the limit is reached.

See this Emerson's Sensi thermostat on Amazon.

How to Prolong a Thermostat's Lifespan

A long-lasting thermostat is such a good investment. But you can still extend its lifespan with some of the maintenance tips below.

Clean the HVAC Unit

The AC or heat pump unit plays a role in the quality of your thermostat. Consider cleaning the filters so that an accurate status of the unit will be seen on display, specifically the temperature.

Relocate the Thermostat

It's ideal to relocate the thermostat to a safer place. For instance, there is water leaking from the ceiling down to the wall where the thermostat is mounted. You should relocate the thermostat to a safer spot or even fix the leak.

You can also use a clear box to protect the thermostat from external impact and damage.

See this Emerson protective box on Amazon.


HVAC Technician Installing Batteries in Digital Heating and Cooling thermostat

In this article, we discussed how to replace an Emerson thermostat and how long the batteries usually last. You also learned to unmount a thermostat from the wall.

We talked about troubleshooting a thermostat after you replaced the batteries. Of course, we talked about what temperature to set in the summer and winter.

Lastly, we mentioned signs you need a new thermostat and even provided tips for prolonging its lifespan. Just remember the warranty before you completely replace it.

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