How To Reset A Hayward Pool Heater

One great quality of a Hayward pool heater is that it automatically resets after an error has been resolved. However, there are times when the error does not clear immediately and you want to correct it by resetting the heater yourself.

How do you reset the heater when you don't see any reset button on the unit? We did the research and here's how you do it.

To reset a Hayward pool heater, press the MODE button on the interface keypad and put it on STANDBY. Wait a few seconds, then put it back to its original operating setting which is either POOL or SPA mode.

Now that you know how to reset a Hayward pool heater, you might be wondering what common error codes you can fix with a simple reset. Continue reading to learn more about heat pump troubleshooting.

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How Do I Reset My Hayward Pool Heater?

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Hayward is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to pool heaters, but just like any other equipment, you can encounter problems. One of the easiest ways to get it working again is to reset the system.

You can reset a pool heater in two ways, depending on your purpose. You can either reset it from the circuit breaker or from the control panel or interface keypad.

Circuit Breaker Reset

You may need to reset your pool heater from the circuit breaker if you encounter problems such as a tripped or overloaded breaker.

A tripped breaker means you are using electricity that's beyond the breaker's capacity.

Signs that you may have a tripped breaker include an appliance that keeps shutting on and off, grounded surfaces, flickering lights, and buzzing sounds.

Here's how to reset the circuit breaker:

  1. Unplug all appliances and devices connected to the circuit.
  2. Reset the breaker by switching it off and then turn it on again.
  3. Wait a few minutes for it to restore power before plugging everything back.

NOTE: Reset circuit breakers only when necessary. If a breaker trips frequently (more than 4 times), call a professional electrician immediately to assess if it needs replacement.

Check out this video below on how to reset your breaker.

Interface Keypad Reset

Hayward pool heaters have an automatic reset feature. This means that the system can recognize internal errors and automatically resets its programming back to the default setting once the issue has been resolved.

However, there are times when automatic resetting takes too long or does not work. In such cases, you may need to reset your pool heater manually yourself.

How to reset through the interface keypad:

  1. Press the MODE button on the interface keypad.
  2. Put the setting on STANDBY using the light indicator as a guide.
  3. Wait a few seconds then return to its previous setting which is either SPA or POOL mode.

Before you reset your pool heater, you need to identify what type of error you are having. You can check out the meaning of some of the most common Hayward error codes on their website or this Hayward diagnostic manual.

Common Error Codes

Heating system stock

Here are some of the common error codes of a Hayward pool heater:

  • bD - Gas valve error or data retrieval error
  • HF - Flame is sensed but the gas valve is OFF
  • PF - Electrical supply wiring error (low voltage or ground path not sufficient)
  • AO - Blower vacuum switch problems
  • AC - Blower vacuum switch closed when supposed to be open
  • IO - Igniter open error
  • SF - Thermistor error occurs when there is an excessive temperature difference
  • HS - Water temperature sensing error
  • Sb - Keypad button stuck closed error
  • IF - Ignition failure error
  • CE - Communication error between ignition board and display board
  • LO - Limit string open error
  • EE - Detected error in the ignition control circuit board

Automatic Reset Time In Hayward Pool Heaters

Hayward pool heaters have fully automatic features that regulate water temperatures and flame ignitions. Additionally, the system automatically resets after an error has been corrected.

For example, if the control panel shows the error code 'bD' it usually means there is an open fuse or gas valve. When this happens, the heater will go into lockdown as a safety precaution.

Once the valves are closed and the problem is resolved, the system will automatically reset in two minutes.

The reset time varies depending on the error. In some cases, it will reset automatically, and in other instances, it will reset after 60 minutes.

If you cannot wait that long, you can still choose to manually reset the heater by following the instructions discussed above.

How Does A Pool Heater Work?

A pool heater's main function is to pump warm water into the pool. It works like a heating vessel that collects water from the pool, heats it up, and pumps it back out.

Pool water heaters have sensors that help regulate temperature settings at the heat level desired by the user. These heaters allow the use of a pool all year round, even during the coldest seasons.

You can watch this short clip below on how a pool heater operates.

Types Of Pool  Heaters

There are three types of pool heaters: electric, solar, and natural gas. Each type has different uses and you should choose the type depending on your personal usage requirements.


Solar energy. Solar panels on the roof of the house. Electric energy from the sun

Solar pool heaters work by placing thermal panels either on the ground or on the roof. It should be placed ideally in an area where it can catch the most sun.

The water is pumped from the swimming pool and passes through the solar collectors for warming and then pumped back into the pool.

Solar pool heaters are more expensive than other heater options but it is truly a worthy long-term investment. It can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $4,000 to install but it can last up to 20 years and can save you money and energy costs in the long run.


It works by pulling water from the pool and passing it through its heating elements. The advantage of electric units is it heats up the water faster. To give you an idea, it operates similarly to a tankless water heater.

Natural Gas

A natural gas pool heater works just like your home boiler in which water is heated over an open flame through copper coils. It uses two types of gas, propane and natural gas.

Many prefer natural gas because it is more efficient and cost-effective

Hayward carries electric, natural gas, propane, and heat pumps for both commercial and residential use. To learn more about the other features of a Hayward pool heater, check out the product below.

Check out this Hayward H-Series pool heater on Amazon.

Can I Leave Pool Heater On All The Time?

Bubble wrap like pool cover pulled over a swimming pool to keep in heat overnight

It is not recommended to leave your pool heater on overnight or all the time. Aside from the huge waste of energy, you will also put unnecessary stress on its components and cause possible damage.

The best strategy is to cycle it a few hours before planning on using it or cycle it in the morning so you can use it at night when the water is usually coldest.

For more information on how long you can leave on pool heaters, you can check out this article:

Can You Leave Pool Heater On Overnight?

How Long Do Hayward Pool Heaters Last?

two pool heaters, one old and one new situated at the back of a house

A Hayward pool heater should last anywhere around 5 to 15 years, depending on your usage. But according to heating experts, there's no way of telling how long a water heater will last because there are many factors to consider.

Some of the factors that could affect its life expectancy are water pressure in the area where you live, frequency of usage, and the durability of the brand.

It is safe to say however, that water heaters can last a minimum of 5 years because the majority of the manufacturers provide a 5-year warranty on parts.

To prolong its life expectancy, some suggestions include yearly maintenance service and that the water chemistry should be balanced at all times.

To learn more about pool heaters' life expectancy, check out this article:

How Long Do Pool Heaters Last?

Wrapping Up

Hayward pool heaters can be reset through the circuit breaker by simply unplugging all connected devices and turning the breaker off and on.

When resetting through the interface keypad, just press the MODE button and set the heater on STANDBY before returning it to either SPA or POOL mode.

Thank you for reading through and we hope the instructions above were able to help you reset your pool heater and resolve any problems. For more pool heater related advice, check out these other informative articles:

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