How To Set The Timer On A Sharp Air Conditioner

Setting the timer is the best solution if your goal is to save energy bills or if you want your AC to function only during specific hours. But if you're still new or perhaps unsure about this function of your SHARP AC, no worries! We've done the research, and here's what we found.

To set your SHARP AC timer, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your AC using your unit's remote control. Ensure you are near enough or that the remote is pointed towards your AC.
  2. Next, press the 'Timer On' button. If your remote doesn't have this, just press the 'Timer' button and choose 'On' on display.
  3. Then, press the plus (+)/minus (-) button or Up/Down button to adjust the time you'd want your unit to turn on.
  4. Just wait for 3 seconds, and your chosen timer setting will be activated.

Most SHARP air conditioners are controlled using wireless AC remotes. Remember that the remote and button design may differ slightly according to your SHARP AC model/unit. Keep reading because we have more information to share with you about your Sharp AC timer!

Sharp air conditioner mounted on reinforce metal bracket, How To Set The Timer On A Sharp Air Conditioner

How To Set Timer Off Function On Sharp Air Conditioner

Now that you know how to set your timer on, you may also want to use the Timer Off function. This allows you to schedule a time after which your system will automatically turn off.

Woman adjusting the air conditioning unit using the remote

The steps to set your Sharp AC's Timer off are as follows:

  1. Turn on your AC.
  2. Press the 'Timer Off' button. If this button isn't present on your remote control, then just press the 'Timer' button and choose 'Off' on display.
  3. Next, press the plus (+)/minus (-) button or Up/Down button to adjust the time you'd want the AC to turn off.
  4. Again, wait for 3 seconds for the Timer Off function to be activated.

Can I control my Sharp AC without a remote?

In the event that you want to turn your AC on but can't remember where you left your remote or if it's damaged or the batteries run low, yes, you can still control your unit without the aid of an AC remote. You may choose from the following options:

AC Dashboard Buttons

Use the power/auxiliary button found near the display panel, AC dashboard, or inside the front cover. The location of the built-in AC buttons depends on the manufacturer's design. Refer to your SHARP user manual to check its location.

Mini split air conditioning unit mounted on the wall

Smartphone App

Another feature that the latest ACs can have is that they can be controlled through a smartphone. There are applications such as SHARP Air App than can be installed on phones to control your AC and air purifier.

Moreover, it's free of charge and can function on iOs and Android. Just download it through Play Store or App Store.

Adjusting the living room air conditioning unit via smartphone

Home Control Center/Smart Home

If you have existing Smart Home technology like Google Home, Apple Homepod, or Alexa, you can also connect your AC to these home software. They are connected through a smart controller or a Wi-Fi-enabled modem. Check if your unit is compatible and choose whether this works best for you.

AC Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are safety components that are built-in switches to your home's electrical system. These prevent damage to your AC caused by overloading or electrical short circuits. So if the remote is not available, you can use the breaker to turn on or off your AC.

However, if your AC keeps on tripping the circuit breaker, get the wirings or your system checked by a certified technician.

Circuit breaker with indicators on the side

What air conditioner setting is best?

Energy Star suggested 78 °F temperature settings during summer. However, this would depend on your preference, location, and the weather/season.

Aside from setting the timer or turning your AC on/off, other modes or settings are available on your unit. So let's check them out:

Air conditioning control remote hanged on the wall

Cool Mode/Operation

The cool mode is one of the most basic operations of an AC. It is often indicated with the snowflake symbol. The compressor produces cool air in this mode; the compressor produces cool air and stops after reaching the desired temperature.

Here are the steps to do this on your SHARP AC:

  1. Press MODE on your controller.
  2. Then, select COOL mode.
  3. Next, set the temperature using the  +/–  or Up/Down button.
  4. Press FAN to set fan speed.
  5. Finally, press the ON/OFF button to start the AC.

Dry or Dehumidifying Mode/Operation

This feature lowers the moisture level in your room. This is favorable for areas with high humidity, like coastal regions or places that get a lot of rain.

Do the following to set the Dry mode:

  1. Press MODE on your remote.
  2. Then select DRY.
  3. Next, set your desired temperature using the  +/–  or Up/Down button.
  4. Finally, press the ON/OFF button to start the AC.

Fan Mode/Operation

If your home don't need cooling, this is a great option. During this mode, the compressor is off and only the fan runs. The power consumption is very low when using this operation. However, if your goal is to save more energy and money, it's better just to use your ceiling or electric fan.

Sleep Mode/Operation

This mode is best to use during nighttime. It increases the temperature by around a degree or a half as the hours pass. Since you may be asleep during this period, the changes probably won't bother you. Activate this function via your AC's remote control.

Super Jet/Turbo Mode

This mode allows your AC to function at its maximum power and optimum AC blade direction to make your room cool much faster. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Press JET on your remote. You can also select the TURBO feature in COOL mode.
  2. Wait for the temperature display to go off.
  3. Then the vertical airflow blades will be set obliquely downward.

Self Clean Operation

This function reduces the growth of mold and fungi around the heat exchanger of your AC. When you activate this setting, your system automatically cleans itself.

Just press the CLEAN button to start the cleaning. Note that this will stop operation for around 40 minutes.

Follow Me Operation

Woman adjusting the temperature inside the living room via smartphone

This operation depends on your AC's manufacturer. Some ACs in this mode detect the presence of people using inbuilt sensors. This also directs airflow to a particular orientation.

Meanwhile, other ACs need a remote to activate this setting. Some SHARP ACs have this mode on their remote control. This mode measures the temperature at its present position and sends this signal to the AC every 3 minutes.

Baby Mode Operation

If you have a baby in the house, you may be lucky because some SHARP AC models have this function.

This mode cools the room while maintaining a soft, quiet, and clean operation. It also ensures that the AC's performance is well-optimized for babies or infants. To activate this mode, just follow these steps:

  1. Press the BABY MODE on your remote.
  2. Afterwards, the fan speed will set automatically to Low or Soft.
  3. Then the blades or louver will be set to Gentle Cool Air operation.
  4. If you want to cancel this mode, just press the BABY MODE button again.

Eco Mode

This mode allows your AC to run the compressor slower than the normal mode. This means that less energy is needed to run the system.

  1. To set your AC in Eco Mode, do the following:
  2. Press ECO on your remote. This enters the 1st step of power consumption mode. There should be a 'one leaf' symbol on display.
  3. Press ECO for the 2nd time to enter the 2nd step of the mode. 'Two leaves' symbol should be on display.
  4. To cancel, just press ECO again.

Tips for Saving Energy

Here are some other ways to save energy when using your AC:

  • Select the proper temperature settings. As much as possible, balance comfort and consumption. If you set the temperature lower than necessary, this will result in higher power usage. So just select what you need at the given time.
  • Block direct sunlight. Doing this during the cooling operation will reduce energy use.
  • Be sure to close doors and windows when the AC is on.
  • Keep the filters clean so that your AC will run smoothly and have a longer life. The Public Utility Commission recommends filters with MERV 11 rating or higher.
  • Disconnect the plug or cord to the power outlet or switch off the circuit breaker if the system is not in use for an extended period.

Final Takeaways

Sharp air conditioner mounted on reinforce metal bracket

Once you familiarize yourself with the modes or operation settings of your AC, you'll get the most out of it!

Setting the timer on/off and using other AC modes can save energy and money! By following these tips, you'll make your home and your family more comfortable.

We hope that you've found this article informative! If you want to learn more, check out these posts related to air conditioner systems.

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